What we Believe 

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our goal is to make each one of our clients feel at home in their living space. Through our personalized design process, we work to create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them. 


We believe that your home is the one place you can escape to after a long day, a place to host and gather with family and friends and a place that represents growth, memories, and stability. We do what we do in order to make your home beautiful and livable for the life you want to live within its walls. 

Alisha Taylor Interiors
What we Do 
Alisha Taylor Interiors

Before we start installing countertops and shipping furniture to your door, we first want to assess your unique needs. While we use our expert interior design knowledge to beautify your space, we work hard to make it feel like YOU!  We get to know you and your lifestyle in order to design a home that perfectly fits you. 


In the early stages of the design process, we present you with design boards and renderings to ensure that the design encompasses your vision and passion. While making your home beautiful is the main goal, we also want to make the space functional, livable, and comfortable. Then begins work on designs and making the end product a reality.

What you can Expect 

We believe that luxury and indulgence can be felt in your everyday life, including in your own home. We will work closely with you in the beginning phases of the design process, and then you can turn it over to us to make your dream home come to life. You can expect our lead designer to be in contact with you through the entire design process, to have someone from our studio at every major installation, and at the end of the process, be able to walk into a professionally designed home that meets all your expectations and more. 


We believe in building personalized relationships with every client and having you know that you are our top priority. Because you will work with us over the course of a couple months to a couple years, you can expect nothing but professionalism and care towards every aspect of your home.  

Alisha Taylor Interiors
Hiring an interior designer may seem daunting, but anyone can benefit from having a professional come in and add beautiful touches to your home or help with the process of building or remodeling. Reach out with any questions you may have about what we believe, what we do, or what you can expect from hiring Alisha Taylor Interiors.