Meet Alisha Taylor

Alisha is the magic behind Alisha Taylor Interiors. She has been running her design studio in Arizona for almost 20 years and has been recognized for her award-winning designs locally and nationally. With a B.A. in Interior Design and extensive CAD training, Alisha enjoys combining the technical aspect of construction with the creative side of interior design to create stunning homes incorporate everything from tile designs to gorgeous furniture.

Alisha’s passion for design started when she was in the 6th grade and she ‘redesigned’ her classroom furniture plan on the back of a school assignment. She arrived at school the next day to find the classroom rearranged based on her design. A note was left on her desk from her teacher that read, “You should think about being an architect or designer some day.” She has been creating and redesigning spaces ever since. When not designing, you will find Alisha cheering on her kids in all their activities from baseball to dance and then escaping with her husband to travel the country to architecturally rich destinations.

Meet The Team

Marti Diehl

Junior Designer
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Little did Alisha know how much her (work) life would change when she brought Marti onboard in January of 2015. With a four-year design degree and three years of work experience in the field, Marti dove in at Alisha Taylor Interiors and has never looked back! Her sky-high attention to detail and honed technical skills provide a solid foundation to every project she is a part of, including mentoring new designers who have joined the team. Marti loves a good laugh, the next delicious taco shop, and regularly makes time to visit far away islands and European destinations.

Allie Smith Malinka

In-House Hand Rendering Artist
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Allie joined Alisha Taylor Interiors in June of 2015 and specializes in providing clients with beautiful hand renderings of custom designs. Allie attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in interior design where she studied drawing, watercolor, and hand rendering classes. She has always had a passion for hand rendering alongside her five years of interior design experience and feels blessed to do what she loves.

Mia Schultz

Design Assistant
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Born and raised in Illinois, Mia escaped the snow when she moved here 5 years ago ... and couldn't be happier! She attended Arizona State University (Go Devils!), graduating with a B.S. in Interior Design. Mia joined our team in June 2023 and is the friendly face behind assisting our design team. Mia uses her passionate and proactive thinking to help drive our designs to the finish line. Not only does Mia know the ins and outs of technical skills, but she is devoted to her work and creating authentic spaces for our clients. When she is not at work, she loves the suspense of seeing a new movie, popcorn and slushie in hand and daydreaming of getting a puppy. Mia is excited for the beginning of the rest of her career here at Alisha Taylor Interiors.

Rebecca Phillips

Marketing Director & Office Manager
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Rebecca, the powerhouse behind our branding, marketing & public relations, joined Alisha Taylor Interiors in February 2021 as our Marketing Director. With an eye for design, she tackles every challenge to ensure our brand best represents our creativity & design process. When she's not busy developing content strategies, you can find her embarking on global adventures with her beloved hubby, indulging in the latest culinary hotspots in the Valley, and snuggling her two fluffy dogs. With her innovative input and positive energy, Rebecca brings an extra spark of creativity to our team!

Emma Mauvais

Business & Logistics Director
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Meet Emma, AKA "The Enforcer", and the visionary behind all things Procurement and Logistics at Alisha Taylor Interiors since 2022! With an unwavering passion for luxury interior design and a knack for turning furniture plans into reality, Emma merges creativity with meticulous planning and orchestrates the flow of our installs, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed. When she's not hopping from project to project (never without her trusty clipboard!), Emma enjoys spending time outside, yoga and Pilates, and is a self-proclaimed rooftop restaurant enthusiast.
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