Orleans Drive Estate Reveal #1: The Process

The pretty pictures at the end of a finished project don’t always show the journey and often the 1-2 year long process of design… so let’s back up a bit. We started working on the design concepts for the Orleans Drive Estate Project back in November of 2017. The architect on the project, Ben Scheier, with iPlan, created a dramatic architectural curb appeal with tall plate lines to disguise from the street view the fact that the home has an indoor basketball court.

Once the final floor plan and elevations were in our hands from the architect, our challenge was to make the home feel livable with the tall ceiling heights and then add to a great floor plan the interior appeal with beautiful fresh finishes. We broke the house down into sections and set up a design presentation schedule, so we could present and focus on one area at a time.

This allows us as designers to think through all the details in one space but is also helpful for the client to be able to focus and understand one room or area at a time and to visualize all the components of the design. We present 3D renderings of each space for the client to visualize and cover our presentation table with the gorgeous samples of cabinetry, tiles, hardware, flooring, etc. Presentations are a blast and we love when our client’s face lights up as they come into our office and see the renderings for the first time.

Floor plans provide a bird’s eye view of the interiors but it’s the 3D renderings that give our clients the first tangible glimpse of their dream home in a way that they can actually visualize. You can see some of the renderings from those first presentation meetings before the house even broke ground throughout this post.

Our client was the general contractor on her own home. This is not common and not something for the faint of heart. Her husband is in the industry and a contractor himself but needed to concentrate his time on his business, so their dream home project was hers to run, manage and oversee… and she ROCKED it!

Our design book (that was created and finished before they even broke ground) became the guide and vision throughout the entire build project. It was key to have direction from day one, something that is integral, even with the most experienced builder is, in a successful build project. Every tile layout, cabinetry design, ceiling design, flooring plan was drawn to scale in addition to the 3d renderings and detailed spec details for each and every product. For all the finished pictures and more about the design details see our next post, The Orleans Drive Estate Reveal #2, The Design.

Alisha Taylor Interiors Voted as One of the Top 20 Designers in Scottsdale!

We are so honored and flattered to be featured on Brightech’s blog as one of the Top 20 Designers in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

We are listed among some amazing companies. It is humbling to look at the other talented designers in Scottsdale and be listed as among the best of the best.

Alisha Taylor Interiors is located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. With a 2,000 sq ft office space in the heart of Old Town, we get to enjoy all that Scottsdale has to offer. We love to draw inspiration from the warm colors of the desert landscape. We get to enjoy watching the sunset from our office balcony as we work on designs. Our office is a within walking distance from restaurants, art museums, and shopping that we get to draw inspiration from as well.

From new builds to home furnishings, we can recreate any space while staying true to the Arizona style. We are so proud to be recognized as one of the top designers in the city we love!

Powerhouse Women, Celebrities, and Yes, Wine Too: A Recap of Fall High Point Market

High Point Fall Market 2019 was, to put it simply, AMAZING! Market was full of inspiration, business talk, celebrities and… powerhouse women!

Before I gush about these women, let me backup a bit… We get asked all the time, “What is

market?” For those of you not in the industry, we’ll explain. ‘Market’ is held in High Point, North Carolina and has been going on for 110 years. 2000 manufacturers from around the world setup showrooms for one week each fall and spring to display their new furniture collections throughout 180 buildings, there’s over 10 million square feet to go through (well, if it was physically possible to go through it all in one week.)

Alisha at Fall High Point Market 2019

In addition to manufacturer showrooms, the design industry pulls in the best of the best to offer seminars, specialized classes and panel discussions where designers and business owners can learn from each other. There are also your ‘design celebrities’ there too, just doing their thing walking through showrooms like everyone else… and it’s fun to pass by Thom Felicia or Barry Dixon looking at the same gorgeous console table you are looking at. Outside of the industry these names may not be well known,  but it’s the same feeling as if an aspiring actress attending an acting class alongside Julia Roberts. Market then adds a night life element as well (which is welcomed after the miles you walk each day.) There are private dinners to be invited to, parties and wine… LOTS of wine!

Alisha and Barry Dixon of Barry Dixon Inc.

So back to these powerhouse women… This fall,  I went to market with a

different intention than usual: business and marketing! I attend market each spring to look for new vendors and to see everything furniture, but this fall, I received a special invite to attend one of those private dinners hosted by the darling Kate Rumson, founder and editor of The Real House of IG (a powerhouse woman herself!) And because I’m still going through vendors we discovered at Spring market, I focused my time at market this fall in every business class, seminar and discussion I could. And all I can say is, WOW!!!

Alisha and Kate Ramson at the Monogram Dinner

As a business owner, I have business mentors, I take seminars, go to very expensive coaching retreats, listen to podcasts, call up my local entrepreneur minded friends and soak it all in… and then there are what I have termed as my ‘silent mentors’… interior design business owners that I follow, read up on, and whether it’s a blog post or an article in a trade magazine, I pay attention to every move they are making in the industry and with their business.

Alisha with Kate O’Hare of Martha O’Hare Interiors, Nicole Heymer of Curio Electro, and Sandra Funk of House of Funk Interiors

Well, I not only got to see them roaming around at market, but I got to literally sit down and

chat with them, attend their seminars where they so graciously gave an intimate and in-depth look into their business, how they hire, how they structure their company, their processes, systems… and I realized that each one of my ‘silent mentors’ that I got to rub shoulders with were women, powerhouse women, a force for so much good, so intelligent, in business and design, so inspiring, so vulnerable and giving.

Alisha and Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors

I came back to my cute little design firm in Scottsdale Arizona recharged and inspired, so blessed to belong to the most amazing tribe of women business owners learning from each other.


Designing a Custom Home That You Can Actually Live In

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and think to yourself, “these houses can’t have real people living in them, it’s impossible!”

You might be right… those houses are probably staged, professionally photographed, with lighting perfectly edited in, but it IS possible to have a beautiful design for your own new custom home!

It’s all about the bones of the house. Yes, your husband may leave his coffee cup out on the kitchen island, you may have make-up sitting out on the vanity in a rush to get out the door, but your home can still be beautiful if done right! It’s more about capturing the right scale, the detail hardware on the cabinetry, the beautifully selected slab for the counters, and all the other finishes that make a home beautiful AND livable.

Fresh flowers and a perfectly placed book on the nightstand can make for a pretty picture, but it’s the finishes selected throughout the construction process that truly make for a beautiful home.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind to achieve that beautiful AND livable home!

1. Scale

Many times here in Arizona, we see homes with 20’+ ceiling heights with rooms that are so large that it’s a challenge when it comes time to furnish them without your furniture pieces looking small and out of place…  If you want a livable home it needs to start with scale! The height of the ceilings and the size of the rooms matter! Bigger is not always better. Understand the scale and volume of each space, ask yourself, is it helping or hurting you to achieve the feeling you want. Just because an architect has 20’ listed as the ceiling height doesn’t mean you have to go that tall, you can frame it down to a more scalable height. to make your home look more like a home rather than a museum. See each space in 3D before

you build is key to make sure you’re capturing the feeling you want and that the scale fits that feeling.

2. Do not skimp on flooring!

Flooring is so important. This does not mean your flooring has to break the bank, but it is the very foundation of any interior look. A beautiful wood floor will always show better than a ceramic wood-look-alike floor. Carpet is fine for a tract home, but an area rug laid on a hard flooring surface will always have a more luxurious feel.

3. Get away from the match-matchy mentality

Many builders will have you work with a company that will just stamp out basic designs… one cabinet finish, one wood floor, one look throughout the entire house and it will all look the same. You might think you want that matchy-matchy look, but be more creative! Incorporate multiple cabinetry finishes, more than one countertop material, change up the hood design in a kitchen, add sculpted legs to an island, introduce a completely different panel style and look in the master bath. The options are endless… the point is to

add some creativity and interest to each room to make it your own.

4. It’s all in the details: Cabinetry hardware

Really spend the time to find cabinetry hardware that showcases the overall style of the home but can also act as a piece of jewelry to finish off a kitchen or bathroom. It

can be simple or ornate, whatever your style is… but the scale, finish and design needs to be

intentional. If you are serious about building a custom home, make the details custom to you and who you are as a person.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we are hired at the very beginning of the design process when one of our clients embarks on building a custom home. We are on the same same team as the architect and builder to help the client understand the livable aspect of their plans. We guide our clients through each step of the design process, so they can visualize each space in 3D and to see all the finishes and details that go into that space. It’s an honor that we take to heart to work with clients to create that livable AND beautiful home.

We are Hiring: Project Coordinator/Office Manager

We are looking for a Project Coordinator/ Office Manager all wrapped up into one fabulous person to join our growing team at Alisha Taylor Interiors! This is a non-design position and does not require a design degree. 25 hours/week If you are interested see the job responsibilities and requirements below.

To apply for the position, please email your cover letter and resume to alisha@alishataylor.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with members of the design team to understand all components of an approved design
  • Organize/ process all the needed PO’s within our project management system
  • Work with vendors and shipping companies throughout the order process
  • Set up order schedules and track progress for design team
  • Communicate with client regarding progress and delivery/install schedule
  • Prepare and update bi-monthly order status reports for both internal teammates and clients
  • Coordinate the delivery of product with vendors and freight carriers to our various receivers
  • Manage claims with freight carriers and/or manufacturers for any damaged furniture
  • Manage and oversee the installation process in client’s homes working with local warehouse/delivery company and various installers
  • Manage client concerns before, during and after an install/delivery
  • Manage warranty or follow up issues after installation
  • Create care & maintenance binders for clients after install/delivery
  • Act as Alisha Taylor Interiors’ Customer Service point of contact
  • Oversee design library organization and returns to design center
  • Maintain and order all office supplies

Job requirements:

  • Degree or equal experience in Business Administration
  • Proficient with typical office software and ability to learn new cloud-based tools
  • Positive, thorough, excellent at calmly solving problems
  • Great communication and client relation skills
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to manage information across multiple systems
  • Reliable transportation

Preferred Job requirements:

  • Knowledge of QuickBooks and/or Ivymark
  • Previous experience in project coordination within the interior design, furniture or retail industries

We are a small boutique firm and love our work culture and are looking for the right person to fit in with a fun, loving group of hard-working employees! For all inquiries, please email alisha@alishataylor.com

Alisha Taylor Interiors: Our Story

Alisha Taylor here, owner and lead designer, and the person that makes Alisha Taylor interiors what it is today.

Some people know me as the owner of IBD Studio, but I wanted to share the exciting story behind our name change and why there is so much passion behind this new change.

All my designs come with a personal and intimate touch. I put my heart and soul into every design I do. While I have a staff of three behind me, we only take on a few clients at a time so I can personally oversee everything as the lead designer. I was already putting my name on everything I was doing for clients, I just wanted to make it official!

This name comes with a lot of meaning and love behind it. It reflects the growth I’ve experienced as a person, a business owner, and a designer.

In 2014, after being a single mom for about 10 years, I met my sweet husband. Meeting him gave me a new perspective on life and a new excitement for everything I do.

When we got married in February of 2016 and I became Alisha Taylor, I wanted that new perspective and excitement to carry over into my business.

I have come so far and learned so much along the way, and I want my business to encompass everything that I have become: an experienced business owner, a creative and devoted designer, a loving wife, and a mom of 7 (4 of mine, 3 of his).

I’m proud of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come and am excited to officially put my name on the business I’ve worked so hard to grow.

We hope you are as excited as we are and support us as we move forward with Alisha Taylor Interiors!

A Thriving Home Market

If you’re looking for a sign to build your dream home, this is it. Now is the time to build, it’s the time to do something for you and to make your dream home a reality.

Valley-wide, luxury homes are selling better than they have in the last 10 years and the new build market is booming!We, as an interior design firm, are ecstatic to watch the luxury market soar as homeowners are looking to elevate their lifestyle with a new home.

An article from the Phoenix Business Journal titled Luxury Custom Come Market Thriving in Rebounding Economy states, “From the traditional hotbeds of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale to more outlying areas, more luxury homes are being built and sold than in the past. It speaks to the growth of the region’s economy and a return to a more normal level of building.”

This new, growing market is the perfect opportunity to make dreams happen. Pinning white, marble counter tops with exposed shelves, wishing your kitchen could look like those pictures should be a thing of past. Meeting with our design firm and having them sketch out the kitchen you’ve always wanted should be the next step in this exciting time.

What’s important is that building a luxury home should not be done without a professional designer’s help. A home is more than just a structure that one would simply occupy. It should be about creating something beautiful that communicates your unique personality, sophistication, and luxury through your home from architectural touches to furnishings.
Styles have changed drastically over the last decade, especially in Arizona. For those able to take advantage of the luxury market right now, building a new custom home gives you the freedom to change up your style, incorporate the newest technology and to invest in real estate that is customized to you.
The current luxury home market is healthy and striving and will continue that way. If you’ve been wanting to build, now is the time!

Why You NEED an Interior Designer

7 Reasons Why You NEED and DESERVE an Interior Design Professional:

HGTV is a magical land where designers make dreams come true overnight with a snap of their fingers with what seems to be no budget.

But like I said, HGTV is a magical land that makes for some good entertainment, lots home envy and no real sense of reality.

If you live in the real world interior design is serious business. True interior designers are required to have a four-year degree, years of experience, and have the right kinds of professional connections to ever make it big in the industry.

In an article from HOUZZ Contributor Yanic Simard, he states “A design professional is often part creator, part project manager and sometimes even part therapist, helping homeowners to determine their dream design and bring it to life while helping them to breathe through the complexities from start to finish. Design professionals have learned over the years to wear many hats to benefit their clients.”

While designers may not be able to snap their fingers and give you a dream home, there are some reasons that you may need one in your life if your dream home is to ever become a reality.

1. Designers give it to you straight.

Yeah, sure, a slide going from your master bedroom down to the kitchen would be so much fun, but is that practical? Have you ever considered the real limitations to something of that scale, like immovable walls and support columns in the home? That’s where a designer can come in. They can help you figure out which goals are realistic and doable and warn you of real potential issues.

2. Designers can shed things in a new light.

It’s easy to get stuck in our habits and only see things a certain way, especially when it comes to the space we occupy and live in. Trained eyes can help you see your space like you’ve never seen it before and open the door to a refreshing new layout or design that will make the best out of your home.

3. Designers can speak the lingo.

No one likes to deal with hiccups or misunderstandings, especially when it comes to the place you come home to every night. Designers can communicate to builders, architects, and subcontractors with drawings, renderings, codes, and certain verbiage that will be easily understood by both parties. Designers will make sure everything you want in your home doesn’t get lost in translation.

4. Designers have the best tools.

Do you know how to work software like Auto CAD and SketchUp to be able to make 3D visualizations of your home?

Probably not. Interior designers are trained in using advanced software and tools to create 3D drawings of your home to ensure that everything is proportional and will fit in the space you are working with. It’s also a great way to put a vision on paper so you, as the client, can get a clear picture of the final outcome.

5. Designers can save you stress.

Like Yanic Simard says, “Designing, building and furnishing a home is a bit like planning a wedding: You don’t realize the incredible number of decisions that need to be made until the process is already underway and the to-do lists start to pile up.”

Just like you’d want a wedding planner to help smooth over the hiccups that are bound to happen with a wedding, an Interior Designer is trained to do just the same. There’s complexities that come with ordering furniture, coordinating installs, and building a home from the ground up. Interior Designers are there to make these crucial moments go according to plan with out any added headaches to the client.

6. Designers think outside the box.

While most of us can click on a picture on Pinterest, order everything in the picture, and set it up exactly the way we saw it, it still might turn out exactly how you envisioned it.

Designers are there to think outside the box! They can take the exact style you’re looking for and make it suitable to the size of your space and add pops of color or certain accessories that you would’ve never thought would look so good in your home.

7. Designers create the magic.

If you wanted your home to just be average, then you could easily do it yourself.

You don’t hire an interior designer to give you average, you hire them to take your breath away with the final product of your home! There’s a reason that HGTV shows draw you in. The final reveal leaves you speechless! The home ends up being breathtaking in every way and you can’t believe they turned the original home into something so beautiful.

I know I said that the magic is only on TV, but hiring the right designer really can give you a sense of living in a fairly tale.

Your home is where you escape from the real world. It’s where you feel safest. It’s where you can relax after a long, hard day. You deserve to make it beautiful. You deserve the wow factor.

You deserve to hire an interior designer.

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