The First Step to the Design Process For Your Custom Home

Hurray! You’ve made the exciting decision to build your dream custom home! Now what?

Before you start picking kitchen cabinet finishes, estimating square footage, or planning your Master Suite bedding, the first step to the design process for your custom home is to select your Dream Team! Your team should have a builder, an architect, a landscape architect, and surprise, surprise, an interior designer!

So, you’re probably wondering, “What does each team member do, and why do I need them?”

To break it down:

• Your BUILDER is going to oversee the full construction of your home from start to finish. Their services go beyond just building your home; they also handle all the financial matters of the build, communicate with an HOA, and work with the city for inspections.

• Your ARCHITECT is in charge of outlining your floor plan and will be the artistic eye while creating the exterior style of your home. They are also responsible for following design guidelines set by your HOA & the city, and coordinating permits for the structural and engineering aspects of the plans.

• Your LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT is going to be necessary when outlining the exterior areas of your home. You’ll need them for patios, gardens, pools, and the aesthetics of all your outdoor living spaces. Many clients involve the landscape architect from the very beginning, while in other projects, the Landscape Architect can be pulled in after plans have been finalized.

• And, of course, your INTERIOR DESIGNER!!! Your interior designer oversees your space’s flow & overall design from the architect adding their professional eye and input. Once plans are finalized with the architect, your interior designer systematically presents and guides you through every single aesthetic decision as it relates to your interiors. Your designer will communicate all designs in scaled drawings, renderings, and specifications to your builder for construction, and will be there through the construction process to ensure design implementation.

Having these particular experts on your Dream Team at the beginning stages is crucial to a well-managed project. Each expert will be looking into your project from a different vantage point. Brad Leavitt, AFT  Construction, believes it is important to have a Dream Team in place from the start of the project because “it allows the home to be built quicker, more accurately, and within budget. The earlier you involve the team, the better. Each of the members can work cohesively to maximize every dollar of the client’s budget and achieve a  beautifully-designed home.”

Although we would love to say, “hire Alisha Taylor Interiors” – in reality, your dream team members must fit into your vision and expectations of the project, and vice versa. According to Leavitt, the best team of professionals is “a team that is proactive, communicative and available. It is so important to have a team that knows each other’s methodology, timing, and style. Having the right team will drive the project and take a  tremendous amount of stress from the client.”

We suggest selecting your Dream Team members wisely, doing your homework & trusting your gut. Building a  custom home is an exciting & extremely complex venture, and we encourage you to pick the team of professionals that you feel comfortable with, that you trust, and that you will enjoy working with throughout your project.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we don’t just design your custom luxury home details, but we focus on the client experience, bringing joy to building a custom home and alleviating the stress. The first step to starting your design process for your custom home is to select a Dream Team that will contribute to your beautiful, luxury custom home, and provide you with a professional, positive home building journey.

Schedule a consultation with Alisha Taylor Interiors today to begin. Happy Designing!

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Marble vs. Granite vs. Quartz Countertops for New Builds

For a kitchen that’s equal parts functional and photo-worthy, selecting the perfect countertop is essential. With ample options available, how does one uncover the perfect fit?

This marble vs. granite vs. quartz countertop breakdown will help you make sense of the available options. That way, you can select a surface that works best for your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Let’s begin!

Browse These Countertop Options

Outfit your kitchen with a countertop that’s worth noticing. This section will cover quartz vs. granite vs. marble cost and discuss important aspects, including maintenance and durability.  As we walk through the beautiful counter options, envision each option in your dream kitchen.

Granite Countertops

To start, let’s discuss the beautiful natural stone known as granite. You’ve undoubtedly seen this stunning option while browsing design and architectural magazines.

The natural beauty of granite allows it to transform a space, imbuing the kitchen with timeless elegance. The unique look that granite imparts comes from the fact that it is composed of an array of minerals that are tightly packed together. Because granite is found naturally and mined before being made into slabs, no two pieces of granite are the same.

When designing your luxury kitchen, granite gives you plenty of choices. From understated slabs that enhance the room to eye-catching options that take center stage, granite options abound. The captivating granite countertops from our Gilbert Farmhouse Project showcase just how impactful the stone can be.

Durability: One much-appreciated aspect of granite is its strength. This tough stone is water-resistant and not prone to scratches or chipping. Additionally, granite does not warp or blister when exposed to heat. Thanks to its hardness, granite is a durable choice that lasts.

Cost: Homeowners looking into the quartz vs. granite vs. marble cost will likely find a wide range of answers. This is because multiple factors are at play when determining cost. Typically, granite countertops can range from $45–$200 per square foot. Prices depend on the manufacturer, grade of the stone and the complexity of installation.

Maintenance: For regular upkeep, a nonabrasive cleaner can be used to keep your granite clean. In addition, granite is porous and needs to be resealed periodically—every six months to a year.

Quartz Countertops

Our countertop conquest continues as we explore another sleek and versatile option—quartz. When elegant kitchen fixtures, beautiful backsplash and other delicious details fill the kitchen, an understated quartz countertop is the perfect complement. Our recent Lafayette Blvd Project is evidence of this fact.

In addition to offering clean, understated looks like the one above, quartz can also appear more textured, depending on how it is manufactured. When quartz is coarsely ground, the result is a flecked appearance. When it is finely ground, a smooth-looking slab is the result.

Unlike granite countertops, which are 100% natural stone, quartz counters feature a blend of natural minerals, man-made resins and polymers, and colorings. Typically, quartz countertops are composed of 90–95% quartz and 5–10% man-made material.

Because quartz is blended with coloring and can be manufactured in a number of ways, it offers more options than granite and marble countertops. With the plethora of color and finish options, quartz is helpful when creating a specific look for your luxury kitchen.

Durability: Quartz is the most durable countertop on the list. Scratches, cracks and chips are very unlikely to happen on this surface. On top of this, quartz possesses stain-resistant qualities that marble and granite do not. However, the material does not resist heat as well as its natural stone alternatives.

Cost: The cost of quartz countertops ranges from $55–$155 per square foot. Prices are influenced by the grade of the stone, the source and the complexity of installation.

Maintenance: For a low maintenance and beautiful countertop, quartz is a great choice. Unlike granite and marble, quartz is nonporous. This means that it does not require resealing to stay pristine.

Marble Countertops

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t marveled at the beauty of marble countertops on occasion. The striking stone brings a beauty to a luxury kitchen that is undeniable. Read on as we go below the surface, and discuss marble countertops in detail.

When limestone experiences extreme heat and pressure, it undergoes a change and recrystallizes. The result is marble, a beautiful stone that can breathe life into a luxury kitchen.

Whereas granite displays grains and speckles, marble has a larger “pattern” that gives it a unique appearance. Each piece of marble features veins that can range in color from gray to blue to red and more, depending on the slab.

While gleaming white marble is a popular choice, the natural stone comes in various colors. Other marble options include charcoal, green and tan, to name a few. This means that your color palette is not limited to bright whites as you create your dream kitchen.

Durability: Marble is softer than granite, meaning it is not as resistant to scratches and dents. Like granite, marble is heat-resistant. However, it can be easily stained. Staying on top of messes and spills is crucial to preserving the look of your marble.

Cost: The quartz vs. marble cost is a noticeable difference. While prices depend on the manufacturer, marble ranges from $75–$250 per square foot. The type of marble plays a large role in the price. For example, Calacatta marble offers a dramatic and luxurious look, which accounts for its higher price tag.

Maintenance: As a porous surface, marble requires maintenance to avoid stains and damage. Applying sealant every three to six months is necessary for proper marble maintenance. If regular upkeep is manageable for you, then consider marble as an option.

A Captivating Kitchen Is Within Reach

Let the expert design team at Alisha Taylor Interiors bring your dream kitchen to life. With over two decades in the design industry, Alisha Taylor brings expert design and project management skills to you.

Your home kitchen should be a reflection of you and your family. Our full-service luxury interior design team is here to ensure each detail reflects that and comes together for show-stopping results. From start to finish, we make the design process one that our clients enjoy.

Schedule a consultation with Alisha Taylor Interiors today to begin.   

Types of Luxury Home Interior Designs

Luxury interior design is a display of style, functionality and extravagance. The components work together in harmony to create an effortlessly charming and livable space.

While there is a definitive definition of luxury, luxury home interiors encompass a range of styles. Keep reading to learn more!

Find the Design That Suits You: 5 Types of Luxury Home Interior Design Styles

Luxury home interior design styles are abundant! Read about these five divergent styles to inspire your design board.


The traditional style may be the most familiar home interior design on our list. The style is characterized as orderly, predictable and cozy. Often, you’ll find detailed woodwork like a built-in bookcase, meticulously carved moldings and matching furniture. You won’t find modern or eclectic elements in this design style.

How might a luxury interior designer make this traditional style one-of-a-kind? The magic is in the details! An interior designer will assess your lifestyle and create a living space that uniquely fits your needs. If you regularly entertain guests, an XL kitchen island may be appropriate. Likewise, if you desire a place to retreat to after a long day, a luxury home feature that your designer may include is a master bath spa. Work with your interior designer to create a home that reflects your lifestyle.


Exposed brick, high ceilings, open floor plans — the industrial style is eclectic and ever-present luxury home interior design style. The industrial style is inspired by the warehouse-style architecture first constructed during the Industrial Revolution. The trademark grid windows that allow plenty of light and exposed brick and ductwork give these spaces an exuberant personality. But it takes the work of a talented interior designer to breathe renewed life into an industrial space.

Instead of adding over-extravagant elements to an industrial space, an interior designer may opt to enhance the unique home. A chandelier can add drama to the neutral palette, while strategically selected wall decor, like a statement piece of art or bookshelf, can dress up a textured brick wall.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design was and still is popular for many reasons. Made popular in the mid-1930s and lasting through the mid-1960s, mid-century modern design is inspired by the Bauhaus style and is characterized as simplistic and functional. What does that mean and how is it a luxury home interior design?

Defining features of mid-century modern design are an excess use of contrasting organic and geometric materials and sleek lines. A luxury interior designer may play up these design elements with a gilded Sputnik chandelier, wide color range — encompassing neutrals and bold colors — and classic Eames furnishings.

Modern Farmhouse

Natural wood accents, vintage furniture and wainscoting are classic elements of this rustic style. The modern farmhouse style is a spin on the classic farmhouse interior design style, but you won’t find cowbells in this luxury home interior. Luxury modern farmhouses rely on neutral color schemes, glossy accents, creative lighting and even stainless steel appliances to bring this archaic style into the 21st century.

If you are building your home, your interior designer and builder may suggest adding traditional farmhouse elements. Structural features like large fireplaces and ample porches pay homage to the classic style.

Art Deco

Art deco is not for the faint of heart. Art deco defines America’s and Europe’s Roaring 20s. Design was rampant with an innovative use of stylized sunburst and exotic materials  — a far cry from the previously popular farmhouse style.

The reason it made it onto our list of luxury home interior designs is because of its bold use of contrasting colors and ornate geometric shapes. Simply put, you will not find this style in any run-of-the-mill home. It takes a talented luxury interior designer to create a functional home and capture the unique details associated with art deco, from geometric motifs to chrome and steel finishes.

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Interior Designers

For luxury home builders and renovators, choosing an interior designer is an exciting and pivotal moment in creating a home. An interior designer will influence the entirety of the home project that is likely to have a lasting impact. Before you partner with an interior designer, consider these initial consultation questions to determine if a designer is an appropriate fit.

Style, Management and Service: 8 Questions to Ask A Luxury Interior Designer

The initial consultation is an excellent place to gain an understanding of a designer’s style and workflow. Review these questions to ask an interior designer to guide your consultation.

What kind of clients do you work with?

If you are looking for a luxury home build or renovation, you need to work with an interior designer with competent experience building and renovating luxury homes. While a designer with a different background may create beautiful interiors, luxury home interior designers have the specialized knowledge needed to create a functional and extravagant space that adheres to your lifestyle.

How would you describe your signature design style?

This is the most telling question on our list of questions to ask an interior designer. If the interior designer’s style does not match your ideal home design — whether eclectic, romantic, modern, timeless or other — it may be safe to assume that the partnership is not a fit. Nonetheless, you can continue asking the following questions to glean more information.

What design services do you offer?

You may only need furniture and furnishings, to renovate a single room or design an entire home for a new build. Whatever your needs, it’s essential to ensure that your interior designer has the experience to meet your expectations.

Do you have a portfolio?

Design is riddled with lingo — chinoiserie, feng shui, trompe l’oeil — making visualizing a style or design complex. In this instance, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s best to view their portfolio to get a clearer understanding of design styles and completed projects they’ve done in the past.

Have you worked on similar projects?

What do previous clients with similar projects have to say about the designer’s services? Client testimonials offer valuable insight into the process and working relationship.

How much involvement will I have in the process?

Do you want to set it and forget it or expect to be heavily involved in the process? It’s not uncommon for home renovators to want to play an active role in the renovation or building process; nonetheless, you must find a designer that can accommodate either expectation.

What is your project-management style?

Project management is vital in any major home build or renovation project, especially when it’s your home. Learn about an interior designer’s communication style and their general timeline to avoid potential confusion and anxiety. Additionally, ask if the project management style is flexible to meet your expectations.

How can I live better in my home?

A house isn’t a home until unique touches are added to represent you and your family’s unique personality and lifestyle. Luxury home renovations are a huge undertaking, but one thing remains constant: this is your home, and your home should be just as functional as it is luxurious. Learn how an interior designer can meet this challenge with this interior designer question.

Design Your Dream Space

Alisha Taylor Interiors is a full-service luxury interior design firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. With years of design experience, Alisha Taylor and her expert team create effortlessly timeless spaces. Schedule a consultation, take a peek at her portfolio or see what previous clients have to say before partnering with Alisha Taylor Interiors and creating your dream home.

Master Bedroom or 5 Star Hotel?

Lots of our clients love to travel and have stayed in some of the most beautiful boutique hotels and resorts around the world… so why not create a dream master bathroom for them to enjoy when they aren’t traveling?

At our recent Walnut Court project it was all about luxury living in the master bathroom.  A private courtyard with a full wall of windows, a soaking tub, his and her vanities in a soft white oak and a gorgeous chenille bench all work beautifully together to create a luxury suite feel.

Beyond that, you’ll find a gorgeous shower with unique tile marble patterns and details.  Just outside the shower a cabinetry built-in dresser, tall ceilings and windows for lots of natural light.

When we design a master bathroom we want to make sure we create a design that is functional for our clients day to day but where the style and curated design of the space makes them feel special, a place where they love to go, a place to get ready for the day and the place to unwind at night.

5 Luxury Wall Decor Ideas That Make a Timeless Statement

Luxury homes require a designer eye on each element from architectural details, finishes, furniture and let’s not forget high-end wall decor!  We came up with five ways to make a timeless statement with luxury wall decor.

5 Luxury Wall Decor Idea to Achieve Effortless Charm

1. Statement Piece of Art

One of the best ways to dress up a wall and add a boost of luxury is with a statement art piece. Statement art allows one single piece to carry the weight of the wall and the room. The very nature of the piece standing alone allows the eye to read the art as an important statement piece adding to the room’s luxury appeal. With statement pieces, you can coordinate the art with the finishes in the room as we did here in our Lafayette project in Scottsdale, Arizona, which creates a soft calming effect. Alternatively, you can go bolder in the art selection, which equates to more drama and attention.

2. Trim paneling in lieu of traditional art

Sometimes to create a luxury appeal to a home, a wall doesn’t have to have any traditional wall art or decor on it. It simply needs texture. You can see here in our Walnut Court project, we wanted all the attention on the grand piano, but with a large wall, we needed something to add to the home’s luxury feel, so we created a paneled wall treatment. The simple design creates a sense of luxury and beauty, helping to finish the room and still allowing all the piano attention.

3.  The power of a circle

A round, centered mirror is a gorgeous way to add focus and appeal to luxury design. This round mirror centered above a custom-shaped headboard creates texture, shape and interest. Whether it’s above a headboard or centered above a fireplace, there is a beautiful power in a simple single circle in luxury design.

4. Artwork Grouping

Grouping artwork creates a gorgeous curated look to any wall. For the pieces to work well together in a luxury design, the pieces need to create texture and dimension. In this stunning Flagstaff mountain estate, we grouped two framed art pieces with a 3D element along with a piece of petrified wood encased in glass. Each piece speaks to the mountain’s luxury design feel but is uniquely different, adding to that beautifully curated luxury appeal. 

5. Bookshelves 

Whether a bookshelf is built in or a piece of furniture, decor items can be placed in beautiful balance and add to a room’s art and luxury appeal. This built-in bookcase was designed and added to our Porter Street project to fill a huge empty wall. We needed dimension and an opportunity to add texture and color, and a bookshelf was the perfect luxury design solution.

Every luxury home is unique, and within each luxury home design, each room and each wall needs a careful and talented eye to decide what the best design solution is for the space. Walls are so important in luxury design, and there are many solutions that we look at for each space and project.

We love to get detailed when working on a luxury room design, looking at each furniture item, the floors, the ceilings and especially each wall to create that gorgeous luxury appeal our clients want. If you want that personalized luxury design for your home, we’d love to help; call Alisha Taylor Interiors!

5 Types of Rooms and Features to have in a Luxury House

Designing dream homes for amazing clients for over 16 years has given us first-hand knowledge and insight into what makes a luxury home. These homes are designed specifically for a lifestyle where comfort and luxury home amenities are matched with high-end finishes and materials.

Aside from quality, opulent finishes, luxury homes usually include one or more very custom spaces. The list of luxury rooms in houses can be quite intriguing in these dream homes!

Inspiration for Designing Luxury Rooms in Houses

What types of rooms are in a luxury house?

We have been asked to design many! We have helped design three different indoor basketball courts, an indoor batting cage with a snack bar, multiple jaw-dropping home theatres, and a two-story master walk-in closet. Even more, many wine cellars, a wine tasting room, an indoor trampoline and gymnastics space, a walk-in refrigerated room in lieu of a normal refrigerator, two elevators, a custom dog’s suite, an Xbox room and plenty of game rooms—just to name a few.

What high-end home features go into a luxury home completely depends on the family that lives in it. Luxury home design is truly custom, focusing on the family’s lifestyle that will move into it. What luxury rooms in houses would you want to enjoy?

Although every home is completely unique and the types of rooms in a luxury house can belong, there are a couple of key rooms that each luxury home has. It’s all about making sure these key spaces are done with quality, unique finishes and creativity.

The Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home! In luxury home design, the kitchen should showcase the most stunning cabinetry, elegant finishes, quality countertops, the highest-end appliances and a design that provides beauty and style!

Check out this luxury kitchen from our recent Lafayette Project. Luxury home amenities such as a sub-zero wine fridge, two separate sinks, stunning decorative light fixtures and a quartz countertop integrated with a wood countertop all work together to create this stunning luxury kitchen.

The Master Bath Retreat

The master bath in any home should be a retreat and a place to relax, but luxury homes master baths feature luxury home amenities. Luxury amenities include air bubble freestanding tubs with color light technology, aromatherapy systems, steam showers, saunas and Bluetooth speaker shower heads. All these luxury home amenities are set within beautiful materials, such as elegant brass faucets, stunning wall treatments and gorgeous countertops.

This high-end home features separate spaces for the tub and vanities from the shower and water closet. This master bath is a true retreat partnered with a private courtyard. A master bath large enough for a beautiful tufted upholstered bench allows for true relaxation and a chance to recharge.

The Bar

Luxury homes are the best homes to entertain in, and you can’t entertain without a bar. A custom built-in bar, whether it’s off a kitchen or designed into a game room, allows homeowners and guests to grab a drink and enjoy the company.

This custom dry bar features an etched shaped glass wall tile, brass metal hardware all set in deep dusty blue custom cabinetry. Cheers!

The Home Theatre
Why not have the luxury of the Hollywood cinematic experience right in your own home? Home theatres have almost become a standard in luxury homes.
This home theatre we designed seats eight in power reclining soft leather chairs, acoustical fabric upholstered walls, intricate details in the ceiling, french lined silk drapery throughout along with the top of the line technology.

The Library

Every classy luxury home should have its own library. Even in this digital age, there is something just simply elegant and sophisticated about a dedicated home library.

This home library features stunning built-in bookcases with lighted sconces, custom upholstered book club chairs with an embroidered shaped ottoman. Layered in abstract art adds an extra layer of sophistication to this library.

Whether your dream home includes a home theatre or library, it should be personal to you and your family. Every client we work with is different and so is each luxury home design. The beauty in custom luxury home design is the level of personalization that can be incorporated throughout the home, creating a one-of-a-kind beautiful living experience!

If you are ready to make your dream home a reality, we would love to work with you. Luxury home design takes a high level of experience and skill. We have designed many luxury homes throughout Arizona and would love to design your custom home, too.

If you don’t know where to even start, call Alisha Taylor Interiors. We are happy to guide you and introduce you to the best luxury home builders in the market and the most talented architects. We help our clients enjoy the best team possible between architect, builder and interior designer that make a luxury home a reality!

Make your home a vacation resort

We recently partnered with Redfin and love their ideas of how to create the dream staycation right at home.   Whether your summer vacation plans have been canceled or you feel the need for a vacation but you have to be home…then a staycation vacation is the answer!

As a Scottsdale interior designer my goal with each project is to give my clients something special, a home they love, a home that can be their own oasis or resort to enjoy.  Whether we are working on a primary residence or a 2nd or 3rd winter home for a client here in Scottsdale it’s all about enjoying being home, a place to relax, a place to love.  Here are 4 tips to enjoy that perfect staycation at home.

1.  Create a Resort-like Bedroom:  Luxury linens, beautifully placed accessories on the nightstands and a place to relax, read or talk about your day.  The master bedroom of our Troon project was all about that luxury resort feel.

2.  Create a spa in your bathroom:  Fresh clean towels, beautifully arranged garden flowers, sweet smelling lotions…all ideas to create a spa right at home.  Check out our recent blog, a Master Bath or 5-Star Hotel? 

3.  Change up your living room:  Add new accessories, rearrange the furniture, add new throw pillows, and for a whole new look hire us to completely transform the space with all new furniture, rugs & drapery!  Check out our Silverleaf project that started with a boring, outdated family room and with beautiful new furniture and furnishings the room truly came to life.

4.  Turn your dining space into a restaurant and all the small luxuries you get at a fancy restaurant.  Have fresh flowers set in the center of your table, have beautiful place settings in place even between meals.  Check out the nook space in our Lafayette Project for an example.

We recently partnered with Redfin and love their ideas of how to create the dream staycation right at home.  For more ideas read Mekaila Oak’s Redfin article:   16 Staycation Ideas, How to Create the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Home.   

Thinking of building a new home? You NEED a designer!

Having a home that you love is more important now than ever.  We expect to see a rise in custom home design after Covid-19.   Are you thinking about building a new custom home?  Here’s the top 3 reasons why you NEED (notice we didn’t say want) an interior designer for your new luxury custom build home. Well…you can want us too, we love that!

1.  Interior Designers are Professionals!

With many major decisions we lean on professionals, as we should! If you need surgery you wouldn’t watch a you tube video and say you could do it on your own, you would seek out a surgeon. …why should interior design be any different? A professional focuses on their expertise and education to give you the best service possible, your home deserves the expertise of a professional!

As designers we have a combination of education and expertise in our industry, we are on jobsites and in homes every day, we keep a pulse on the real estate market and home values, we travel around the world to attend conferences, design markets, see new product and gain inspiration. We are here ready to apply everything we know to your home for you to enjoy, how exciting is that?

2. An Interior Designer organizes the vision!

Building a custom luxury home involves countless decisions, meetings with vendors, subcontractors and selecting of materials so if you don’t have the help of a professional where do you start? Do you pick the kitchen backsplash tile first or the cabinet door finish? Oh and your builder wants all your plumbing fixtures picked out first, before the foundation is poured. When the cabinetry manufacturer asks if you want flat, cove or Georgian style crown do you have a clear vision and answer? An interior designer can help with ALL of that!

As designers we help you visualize an entire space as a whole, we utilize 3D renderings and select all the materials and finishes that make up that design to present in a cohesive and visual format. All you have to do is come to a few presentations and you can visualize your entire beautiful home designed just for you! We then document the entire design so that your builder has his plumbing info, the backsplash tile coordinates beautifully with the cabinetry finish and the cabinet shop already knows your kitchen will need cove crown. One vision, beautiful renderings and designs, a professional system and process to document and communicate…voila!

3. Hiring an Interior Designer Saves you Time and Money!

Designers present gorgeous designs and respect any reasonable budget but where the true savings comes in is in less change orders and not redoing or reordering materials.

My favorite line from one of our clients was a husband who after our presentation simply said “Love it, I wish I found you 85 thousand dollars ago!” This was the total he had calculated that he and his wife had wasted in trying to make decisions on their own and losing money in mistakes along the way. As designers we are visualizing and designing your space from the initial paper stage of a project, we get it right on paper first with all finishes and selections decided….then the construction can begin. Changes, redos and mistakes during a construction project are not only costly but they add time to any project. Having a beautiful, cohesive and well documented plan from the very beginning keeps everything on budget and on time!

Bathrooms to Wash Your Hands In

If you are like us, your hands are getting a little chapped from washing them so much. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is hitting all of us pretty hard. We wanted to share with you beautiful vanity designs from some of our latest projects, that we are sure are getting full use right now.

We want to wish our clients, family, friends and fellow design community with all the health and clean hands right now!  If you are washing your hands and you realize your vanity or bathroom needs a makeover, reach out!  We would love to design you a beautiful new powder room or master bath.

Stay safe and stay healthy… and enjoy these beautiful bathrooms.

Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2020

Oh how wonderful new beginnings can be! The end of another year allows us to create new resolutions, set new goals, and of course, seek out new interior design trends. While we don’t want to throw out all of the old, we definitely want to add to the trends already in place and make way for some new and exciting things in the design industry. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we came up with 3 interior design trends that we want to see more of in the new year:

1. Kitchens and Bathrooms with Some Personality

Although white cabinets with white countertops will always be a classic look, we have been designing kitchens and bathrooms with a bit more contrast and style.

A rich painted cabinet brings depth and life into a kitchen or bathroom.  A deep navy blue cabinet with great contrasting hardware or a moody, dark charcoal cabinet partnered with texture and a contrasting backsplash tile can set the stage for a gorgeous design that looks more custom, layered and full of style.

2. Say Goodbye to Gray and Hello to Warmth!

The drab grays had their turn in 2019… but it’s now time to embrace a bit more warmth.  Natural wood tones, brass finishes, and a welcomed return of creams and tans all help to make a home feel more welcoming and inviting.

Orleans Drive Estate Reveal #2: The Design

Simple yet luxurious living defined the design. Our client loved sleek lines, brass details and simple, starck designs. This style starts at the front door. A simple yet overscaled metal and glass door set the tone and excitement of wanting to see what else lies inside. The dark-painted ceiling in the entryway was a simple way to create extra drama and give a backdrop for the light fixture as you look up. The trim work added a refined and finished touch and balances the tumbled dark brick floor.

Beyond the entry, you will find the family room and kitchen. We made sure to incorporate the newest products in tile and lighting to create a sense of class, sophistication, and style for these key areas of our client’s dream home. The kitchen is quite simple in design but has a show stopper hood design that centers the entire space and we brought in the class by incorporating a gorgeous backsplash tile that is white etched marble with gold paintwork inlayed into the material.

The master bath design from the architect centered the shower so we wanted to play this detail up and incorporated a grid design into the shower glass. This adds contrast and plays into the simple geometric lines seen throughout the home.

The kid bathrooms were a fun place to play up the detail and tile work. For the girls’ bath, we went with a veined gray tile, the request was ‘nothing too feminine and a sleek modern look. Contemporary cabinetry, tile work, and white pendants all work together in this bathroom design. For the boys’ bath we added drama utilizing the stark white and black contrast and then had fun with tile shapes from the penny round on the floor to the picket fence tiles in the shower.

The simple and stately details carry throughout the areas of the home from the mudroom, hall storage cabinetry, and of course the indoor basketball court. Contrast and shape were played up in what could have been a boring hall and mudroom but instead pattern, contrasting cabinetry, sleek hardware adds to the appeal of these spaces creating a whole home design where every corner is thought through and adds to the overall appeal of the house.

This project was not only enjoyable to design but it was fun to see our client follow the designs and be an amazing general contractor. We were honored to be part of creating this dream home for a great family!

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