5 Luxury Wall Decor Ideas That Make a Timeless Statement

Luxury homes require a designer eye on each element from architectural details, finishes, furniture and let’s not forget high-end wall decor!  We came up with five ways to make a timeless statement with luxury wall decor.

5 Luxury Wall Decor Idea to Achieve Effortless Charm

1. Statement Piece of Art

One of the best ways to dress up a wall and add a boost of luxury is with a statement art piece. Statement art allows one single piece to carry the weight of the wall and the room. The very nature of the piece standing alone allows the eye to read the art as an important statement piece adding to the room’s luxury appeal. With statement pieces, you can coordinate the art with the finishes in the room as we did here in our Lafayette project in Scottsdale, Arizona, which creates a soft calming effect. Alternatively, you can go bolder in the art selection, which equates to more drama and attention.

2. Trim paneling in lieu of traditional art

Sometimes to create a luxury appeal to a home, a wall doesn’t have to have any traditional wall art or decor on it. It simply needs texture. You can see here in our Walnut Court project, we wanted all the attention on the grand piano, but with a large wall, we needed something to add to the home’s luxury feel, so we created a paneled wall treatment. The simple design creates a sense of luxury and beauty, helping to finish the room and still allowing all the piano attention.

3.  The power of a circle

A round, centered mirror is a gorgeous way to add focus and appeal to luxury design. This round mirror centered above a custom-shaped headboard creates texture, shape and interest. Whether it’s above a headboard or centered above a fireplace, there is a beautiful power in a simple single circle in luxury design.

4. Artwork Grouping

Grouping artwork creates a gorgeous curated look to any wall. For the pieces to work well together in a luxury design, the pieces need to create texture and dimension. In this stunning Flagstaff mountain estate, we grouped two framed art pieces with a 3D element along with a piece of petrified wood encased in glass. Each piece speaks to the mountain’s luxury design feel but is uniquely different, adding to that beautifully curated luxury appeal. 

5. Bookshelves 

Whether a bookshelf is built in or a piece of furniture, decor items can be placed in beautiful balance and add to a room’s art and luxury appeal. This built-in bookcase was designed and added to our Porter Street project to fill a huge empty wall. We needed dimension and an opportunity to add texture and color, and a bookshelf was the perfect luxury design solution.

Every luxury home is unique, and within each luxury home design, each room and each wall needs a careful and talented eye to decide what the best design solution is for the space. Walls are so important in luxury design, and there are many solutions that we look at for each space and project.

We love to get detailed when working on a luxury room design, looking at each furniture item, the floors, the ceilings and especially each wall to create that gorgeous luxury appeal our clients want. If you want that personalized luxury design for your home, we’d love to help; call Alisha Taylor Interiors!

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