Make your home a vacation resort

We recently partnered with Redfin and love their ideas of how to create the dream staycation right at home.   Whether your summer vacation plans have been canceled or you feel the need for a vacation but you have to be home…then a staycation vacation is the answer!

As a Scottsdale interior designer my goal with each project is to give my clients something special, a home they love, a home that can be their own oasis or resort to enjoy.  Whether we are working on a primary residence or a 2nd or 3rd winter home for a client here in Scottsdale it’s all about enjoying being home, a place to relax, a place to love.  Here are 4 tips to enjoy that perfect staycation at home.

1.  Create a Resort-like Bedroom:  Luxury linens, beautifully placed accessories on the nightstands and a place to relax, read or talk about your day.  The master bedroom of our Troon project was all about that luxury resort feel.

2.  Create a spa in your bathroom:  Fresh clean towels, beautifully arranged garden flowers, sweet smelling lotions…all ideas to create a spa right at home.  Check out our recent blog, a Master Bath or 5-Star Hotel? 

3.  Change up your living room:  Add new accessories, rearrange the furniture, add new throw pillows, and for a whole new look hire us to completely transform the space with all new furniture, rugs & drapery!  Check out our Silverleaf project that started with a boring, outdated family room and with beautiful new furniture and furnishings the room truly came to life.

4.  Turn your dining space into a restaurant and all the small luxuries you get at a fancy restaurant.  Have fresh flowers set in the center of your table, have beautiful place settings in place even between meals.  Check out the nook space in our Lafayette Project for an example.

We recently partnered with Redfin and love their ideas of how to create the dream staycation right at home.  For more ideas read Mekaila Oak’s Redfin article:   16 Staycation Ideas, How to Create the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Home.   

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