Thinking of building a new home? You NEED a designer!

Having a home that you love is more important now than ever.  We expect to see a rise in custom home design after Covid-19.   Are you thinking about building a new custom home?  Here’s the top 3 reasons why you NEED (notice we didn’t say want) an interior designer for your new luxury custom build home. Well…you can want us too, we love that!

1.  Interior Designers are Professionals!

With many major decisions we lean on professionals, as we should! If you need surgery you wouldn’t watch a you tube video and say you could do it on your own, you would seek out a surgeon. …why should interior design be any different? A professional focuses on their expertise and education to give you the best service possible, your home deserves the expertise of a professional!

As designers we have a combination of education and expertise in our industry, we are on jobsites and in homes every day, we keep a pulse on the real estate market and home values, we travel around the world to attend conferences, design markets, see new product and gain inspiration. We are here ready to apply everything we know to your home for you to enjoy, how exciting is that?

2. An Interior Designer organizes the vision!

Building a custom luxury home involves countless decisions, meetings with vendors, subcontractors and selecting of materials so if you don’t have the help of a professional where do you start? Do you pick the kitchen backsplash tile first or the cabinet door finish? Oh and your builder wants all your plumbing fixtures picked out first, before the foundation is poured. When the cabinetry manufacturer asks if you want flat, cove or Georgian style crown do you have a clear vision and answer? An interior designer can help with ALL of that!

As designers we help you visualize an entire space as a whole, we utilize 3D renderings and select all the materials and finishes that make up that design to present in a cohesive and visual format. All you have to do is come to a few presentations and you can visualize your entire beautiful home designed just for you! We then document the entire design so that your builder has his plumbing info, the backsplash tile coordinates beautifully with the cabinetry finish and the cabinet shop already knows your kitchen will need cove crown. One vision, beautiful renderings and designs, a professional system and process to document and communicate…voila!

3. Hiring an Interior Designer Saves you Time and Money!

Designers present gorgeous designs and respect any reasonable budget but where the true savings comes in is in less change orders and not redoing or reordering materials.

My favorite line from one of our clients was a husband who after our presentation simply said “Love it, I wish I found you 85 thousand dollars ago!” This was the total he had calculated that he and his wife had wasted in trying to make decisions on their own and losing money in mistakes along the way. As designers we are visualizing and designing your space from the initial paper stage of a project, we get it right on paper first with all finishes and selections decided….then the construction can begin. Changes, redos and mistakes during a construction project are not only costly but they add time to any project. Having a beautiful, cohesive and well documented plan from the very beginning keeps everything on budget and on time!

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