Best 5 Luxury Kitchen Islands to Inspire Your Next New Build or Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling or designing a new-build luxury custom home, the kitchen will be the heart of your home. In many kitchen designs, the island takes center stage from a luxury design appeal and the working room you need in a kitchen.

Whether it’s a luxury kitchen island with pull-up seating or a stand-alone island for extra workspace, the design and the material selections certainly add to the appeal but also can be functional. We’ve included five kitchen islands from our recent projects that use different materials, finishes and offer a variety of functions and shapes to inspire your next kitchen!

5 Luxury Kitchen Islands to Feast Your Eyes On

1. Granite & Painted Island Cabinetry

This island from our Gilbert Farmhouse project is topped with a durable granite as it serves as the prep and working space for many meals for this young family. The cabinetry is a beautiful painted blue finish that is wipeable and scrubbable for spills and kitchen mishaps. Granite is a true durable material that doesn’t etch or stain. Home chefs can put a hot pan on it, use it as a cutting board in a pinch without a worry.

2. Quartz & Wood Stained Cabinetry

The light and bright quartz, along with the earthy wood finish of the island cabinetry, are a perfect combination for this luxury kitchen island. This island design offers lots of working space, and the quartz also provides quite a bit of durability to use in a kitchen. Left as is, it can turn into a serving bar on the backside, or counter stools can be added for quick meals and casual seating. 

3. Intersecting Countertops

Our Lafayette project’s stunning luxury island creates a gorgeous intersecting shape utilizing two different countertop materials and keeping the cabinetry matching the perimeter cabinetry. The light and bright, pure white quartz countertop in the working zone gives our clients all the durability they need to prep food and the warmth of the wood where the counter stools create a luxury island appeal that feels more like a formal dining space. 

4. The Freestanding Island

For this remodel project at our Arcadia project, the kitchen space was predetermined, but the client needed additional workspace. Adding a freestanding island in the center that contrasts with the rest of the kitchen adds a gorgeous luxury design appeal factor and creates a very workable space. The small island has a stone top that allows for hot pans and can be used as a cutting surface. The wood countertops around the perimeter offer a gorgeous warmth to the space and allow for contrasting island to stand out as a luxury design factor. 

5.  The XL Island

For our Walnut Court new build project, we had space, so we created one large luxury island usable from all four sides. This island is power-packed with luxury appeal with function and storage on each side and cabinetry and working space along the sink side. A beverage fridge on the side offers a guest or family member to grab a quick drink without interrupting the chef at work. Pull up stools to chat with the chef or eat a snack while doing homework are all options from the island’s seating side. A 12’ x 6’ island allows this kitchen to hold and offer every aspect of a luxury home design.

Whether you want the XL size with all the luxury features or a freestanding surface to use as a cutting board or an interesting shape, kitchen islands in luxury home design are all about creativity and function.

The selection of materials is critical when designing one of these luxury islands. Durability and knowing each of our clients’ lifestyles are factors taken into consideration when designing a luxury kitchen island. Kitchens are the heart of the home and set the style, mood and purpose of each home. Whether it’s a casual kickback appeal to the most luxurious grand appeal, it starts with the kitchen and creating that luxury kitchen island design just right for each client.

If you are building or ready to embark on an extensive remodel, let us worry about each detail, from the luxury appeal to the pure function and durability you and your family needs. Call Alisha Taylor Interiors. We want to make the heart of your home our focus!   

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