Luxurious Design Upgrades for a Modern Home Office

Home offices should be your quiet sanctuary where you can go to work from home, handle your finances, or curl up with your favorite book. However you use your home office, you’ll want a design that matches the tone. The first step in designing your luxury home office is to hire an interior designer with the knowledge and experience to fulfill your expectations. Professional interior designers like Alisha Taylor know how to work hand-in-hand with you to give you the space you need to get work done.

5 Modern Home Office Upgrades

An interior designer can turn your home office into a luxurious and functional space so you can work from home in a glamorous setting.

Charming Sitting Area

Offices are a space to innovate and achieve insurmountable goals. They are also a space to make connections and build working relationships. A luxury home office sitting area is the perfect place to facilitate these conversations.

You’ll want to invest in high-quality materials and functional pieces that can utilize your space to the max while still maintaining the aesthetic. An interior designer can help you choose the main pieces of the space first so smaller details can fit the design scheme. In addition, choose the furniture that will bring a sense of serenity and productivity to your space.

Elegant Desk

No matter your industry, your worktop or desk is the prime location for productivity. Having a desk that suits your needs is vital to the functionality of your luxury home office.

The desk is a central focus in any office, and an elegant desk and chair set can instantly create a luxurious feel to your space. An interior designer will assess your lifestyle and needs to determine an appropriate desk setup—whether that be a standing desk, an executive desk, or a drafting desk.

Statement Light Fixture

Whether you’re spending the day making connections or working late into the night on your latest project, you’ll want a statement light fixture to brighten your luxury home office. A light fixture or two will keep your space well-lit while adding a touch of custom elegance to your office.

Your interior designer is an expert at choosing the right fixture to match your design aesthetic and fit your needs. Decide with your designer what feel you’re looking for with your lighting, and let them work their magic! Choose from styles such as traditional, contemporary, rustic, and more to fit your functional lighting wants.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is proven to improve mood, energy, alertness, and productivity. With so much time spent working in a home office, an abundance of natural light may be beneficial.

Meet with your interior designer and architect to decide what wall or room may be best to let in the most lighting. They can analyze the space and determine what style and size will fit the space best. A bay window may open up the space and create a perfect nook for custom seating. Picture windows can let in the max amount of sunlight. Work with your interior designer to choose the perfect fit.

Custom Built-Ins

Office spaces are a beautiful blend of functionality and design. An interior designer will help you find balance with custom built-ins.

Your built-in may include a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit for top-tier organization or a wall filled with bookshelves to show off your elegant collection of all the classics. Your interior designer will be able to evaluate the needs you’ll have for your space and design a flawless custom built-in solution.

How an Interior Designer Can Help Upgrade Your Home Office

Upgrading a room in your home can feel like an overwhelming task. It can be a challenge to know where to start, but that’s where your interior designer comes in. Let us walk you through the process of upgrading your space to design the luxury home office of your dreams.

Create Your Dream Design

Once you’ve chosen your interior designer, schedule a meeting to discuss the ideas you have and the best ways to achieve the luxurious home office you’ve been dreaming of. Before meeting with your interior designer, it may be beneficial to scour their social media for inspiration from previous projects to decide on the style you feel will best suit the space.

Home Office Renovations

Redesigning your home office will most likely come with some renovations to make the space as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Your first step is to hire your interior designer, who will work hand-in-hand with an architect and builder to make sure the space meets all your luxury home office dreams. With an interior designer like Alisha Taylor, you won’t have to worry about finding this dream team yourself. Alisha Taylor has established relationships with reputable builders and architects you’ll need to create your ideal space.

Finishing Touches

Your interior designer will know just how to put the finishing touches on your space. Classic wire baskets, a home coffee station, or custom-made paintings can fill your space and add personalized touches. With so much space to decorate in your renovated home office, the possibilities are endless.

Trust Alisha Taylor to Inspire Your Space

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Alisha Taylor has all the knowledge and experience you need to design the home office of your dreams. Alisha Taylor has mastered the ability to complete any interior design project, from glamorous remodels to choosing the perfect piece of furniture to complete your space.

Peruse our expansive portfolio of redesigned spaces, or contact us today to take the first step toward your luxurious home office upgrade.


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