How an Interior Designer Fits into the Construction Process

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Ever wonder how your interior designer fits into the construction process of your new home? A true interior designer does more than simply shop for chandeliers and sectionals—they incorporate your lifestyle needs and aesthetic desires into every step of the process.

Although crafting exquisite looks in your residence is a part of it (and don’t get us wrong, we have a BLAST furnishing homes), there’s more behind-the-scenes work that happens before a hammer ever hits a nail! Most people don’t realize that interior designers handle many areas of the design process from start to finish, whether they are working on a new build or full remodel project.

Including your interior designer during the entirety of the construction process makes it easier to create your home custom to your specifications. Interior design construction incorporates all of the people working on your home, saving you time and ensuring that your specifications are met.

Interior Designers See the Whole Vision

With so many moving parts involved in a new build or home remodel, it’s easy to get lost in the details. The architect is focused on one design aspect, the contractor is focused on another aspect, and an electrician and plumber will be focused on another. But who is keeping the bigger picture in mind to ensure the space is not just liveable but beautiful and functional? Enter a skilled interior designer.

Interior design construction considers all factors of what a client wants when planning out their dream home. These professionals bring a different perspective to the project because they have discussed the home design in detail with the client. The earlier you include an interior designer in the construction process, the more seamlessly the moving parts come together.

Granite or marble countertops? Grand chandelier or pocket lighting? Kitchen island options with a luxury accent wall? These are all questions that the interior designer considers that the architect and builder will not think about.

Interior Designers Ensure Your Needs and Desires are Met 

To bring your dream home to life, an interior designer should be involved at the start of the construction process. This way, nothing about your home design is an afterthought. Intentional design is key.

At the beginning of the design process, interior designers prepare and develop all your personalized interior plans. Then, the designer shares the plans with the architect and builder. From the location of doors and windows to the exact layouts of rooms in your home, the renderings will reflect these specifications. Having these 3D renderings from the interior designer gives you the opportunity to fully visualize your new home.

In addition to ensuring the project comes together according to your specifications, the interior designer lessens your decision load. Your designer will handle the selection process of materials and finishes throughout the entire home. The cabinetry finishes, countertops, plumbing fixtures, decorative lighting fixtures, flooring material, vertical surface materials, tile, paint, and stains are carefully selected using the lifestyle and preference information gathered at the beginning of the project.

Time is a valuable resource. Your interior designer understands this. This is why they do the heavy lifting when it comes to making these intricate and time-consuming decisions.

Interior Designers Work in Tandem with the Construction Team

Interior designers possess a deep knowledge of the construction process. This allows them to effectively communicate with the contractor and subcontractors working on the project. Adding an interior designer allows you to skip the hassle of potential miscommunication that can occur between you and your contractors.

After choosing an interior designer to work with the architect, builder, and construction team, they can collaborate and create practical construction and design plans.

Here are just some of the ways that interior design construction can speed up the process:

  • Decide where to place electrical outlets for lighting fixtures
  • Figure out where plumbing fixtures would be best suited
  • Determine whether a space is too large or small for the desired furnishings and adjust the floor plan accordingly with the architect
  • Choose materials for cabinets, flooring, countertops, and more
  • Consider where specific furniture will be placed and installed

Interior Designers Save You Money in the Long Run

Many luxury home builders wait until their home is finished before hiring a professional interior designer. This mistake can be a costly one. Certain aspects of the home may have to be replaced based on the designs that are presented.

An interior designer can construct and design your home with a specific budget in mind.

Because interior designers handle communication with the contractor and subcontractors, they can fully demonstrate the proposed designs for bidding and convey further details of approved designs. Designers know the correct industry terminology and processes, saving you time and money when negotiating with subcontractors.

Think of an interior designer as your go-to problem solver and resource along each point of the project. Don’t have time to browse through the options? Your interior designer can handle the decisions. Wondering what will best suit your lifestyle? Your interior designer will compile a list of recommendations for you. Need confirmation about a design choice? Your interior designer will let you know if it’s a good option or clues you into downsides risks you might not have considered.

If you hire an interior designer after the fact, you may be spending more money in the long run. The cost (and time spent) of making the wrong decisions can lengthen the project timeline and leave you with a less than desirable result. By starting with the help of an interior designer, you can avoid all those extra expenses and watch your ideal home come together seamlessly.

Create Your Dream Space with Your Dream Interior Designer 

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our expert designers are here to help you through the interior design construction process. We listen to your ideas and then provide you with a plan to design the home of your dreams.

Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle. It will truly become your haven with the assistance of Alisha Taylor. To begin your journey, schedule a consultation with Alisha Taylor Interiors today!

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