8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Interior Designers

For luxury home builders and renovators, choosing an interior designer is an exciting and pivotal moment in creating a home. An interior designer will influence the entirety of the home project that is likely to have a lasting impact. Before you partner with an interior designer, consider these initial consultation questions to determine if a designer is an appropriate fit.

Style, Management and Service: 8 Questions to Ask A Luxury Interior Designer

The initial consultation is an excellent place to gain an understanding of a designer’s style and workflow. Review these questions to ask an interior designer to guide your consultation.

What kind of clients do you work with?

If you are looking for a luxury home build or renovation, you need to work with an interior designer with competent experience building and renovating luxury homes. While a designer with a different background may create beautiful interiors, luxury home interior designers have the specialized knowledge needed to create a functional and extravagant space that adheres to your lifestyle.

How would you describe your signature design style?

This is the most telling question on our list of questions to ask an interior designer. If the interior designer’s style does not match your ideal home design — whether eclectic, romantic, modern, timeless or other — it may be safe to assume that the partnership is not a fit. Nonetheless, you can continue asking the following questions to glean more information.

What design services do you offer?

You may only need furniture and furnishings, to renovate a single room or design an entire home for a new build. Whatever your needs, it’s essential to ensure that your interior designer has the experience to meet your expectations.

Do you have a portfolio?

Design is riddled with lingo — chinoiserie, feng shui, trompe l’oeil — making visualizing a style or design complex. In this instance, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s best to view their portfolio to get a clearer understanding of design styles and completed projects they’ve done in the past.

Have you worked on similar projects?

What do previous clients with similar projects have to say about the designer’s services? Client testimonials offer valuable insight into the process and working relationship.

How much involvement will I have in the process?

Do you want to set it and forget it or expect to be heavily involved in the process? It’s not uncommon for home renovators to want to play an active role in the renovation or building process; nonetheless, you must find a designer that can accommodate either expectation.

What is your project-management style?

Project management is vital in any major home build or renovation project, especially when it’s your home. Learn about an interior designer’s communication style and their general timeline to avoid potential confusion and anxiety. Additionally, ask if the project management style is flexible to meet your expectations.

How can I live better in my home?

A house isn’t a home until unique touches are added to represent you and your family’s unique personality and lifestyle. Luxury home renovations are a huge undertaking, but one thing remains constant: this is your home, and your home should be just as functional as it is luxurious. Learn how an interior designer can meet this challenge with this interior designer question.

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