How to Work With an Interior Designer: Full Timeline

Home is a sacred environment where you can escape to. Entrusting your space to an interior designer can be a scary thought but understanding how an interior designer works and finding one you trust can be exactly what you need to get that beautiful home you’ve only dreamed of. Learn how interior designers work and how to team up with the right interior designer to achieve your dream home.

How do Interior Designers Work?

Interior designers take your ideas, jumbled pinterest boards and your individual needs and create beautiful cohesive well thought out living spaces.  Using the expertise that’s culminated from countless experiences on job sites, in homes, and at design conferences and markets, interior designers create cohesive designs that enrich an otherwise lackluster space.

Keep reading to learn how to work with your luxury home interior designer and what to expect during each stage of the timeline.

How to Work With an Interior Designer: Full Timeline

No two clients are the same, so no two homes are the same either; therefore, some projects are quick and done in a matter of months and other projects, like a luxury new build, can take years.

Idea Exploration

The idea exploration stage is often the most exciting process. An interior designer will probably ask for any concepts or pictures of homes you like, none of these ideas should be copied exactly, but they do help illustrate your aesthetic. You may not know all the lingo and vocabulary terms to properly communicate your style but pictures speak for themselves and offer a great way to communicate with an interior designer.  The interior designer’s goal is to use their extensive knowledge to interpret your vision and create a functional and comfortable space specific to your home. Often, several renderings are created before finalizing a design that captures your lifestyle & personality.

Professional Rendering

The expertise of interior designers is on full display during this step of the timeline. Your interior designer will create accurate and realistic 3D renderings of your luxury home. In addition to 3D renderings that are great to help you visualize your new space, your interior designer will draw technical and to-scale drawings for builders and subcontractors, creating detailed specification sheets to go with the designs.


Once your design is finalized and all details carefully selected and approved it’s now time to make your dream home a reality. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we value the professional and personalized relationship that we foster with each client as well as with the various other professionals involved on each project.  We communicate and stay in touch during the entire construction process working alongside your builder and the various subcontractors to make sure all conceptual designs become reality the way they were envisioned.  Furniture is also ordered during this time frame with your designer to make sure construction and architectural design are properly partnered with all the finishing touches.


Welcome home! The most gratifying step of the process is your dream home reveal. After much anticipation, your interior designer will walk you through your professionally designed home. With the completion of this step, your interior designer will leave you to indulge in the luxury and this newfound sense of home where you’ll make memories for years to come.

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