Marble vs. Granite vs. Quartz Countertops for New Builds

For a kitchen that’s equal parts functional and photo-worthy, selecting the perfect countertop is essential. With ample options available, how does one uncover the perfect fit?

This marble vs. granite vs. quartz countertop breakdown will help you make sense of the available options. That way, you can select a surface that works best for your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

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Outfit your kitchen with a countertop that’s worth noticing. This section will cover quartz vs. granite vs. marble cost and discuss important aspects, including maintenance and durability.  As we walk through the beautiful counter options, envision each option in your dream kitchen.

Granite Countertops

To start, let’s discuss the beautiful natural stone known as granite. You’ve undoubtedly seen this stunning option while browsing design and architectural magazines.

The natural beauty of granite allows it to transform a space, imbuing the kitchen with timeless elegance. The unique look that granite imparts comes from the fact that it is composed of an array of minerals that are tightly packed together. Because granite is found naturally and mined before being made into slabs, no two pieces of granite are the same.

When designing your luxury kitchen, granite gives you plenty of choices. From understated slabs that enhance the room to eye-catching options that take center stage, granite options abound. The captivating granite countertops from our Gilbert Farmhouse Project showcase just how impactful the stone can be.

Durability: One much-appreciated aspect of granite is its strength. This tough stone is water-resistant and not prone to scratches or chipping. Additionally, granite does not warp or blister when exposed to heat. Thanks to its hardness, granite is a durable choice that lasts.

Cost: Homeowners looking into the quartz vs. granite vs. marble cost will likely find a wide range of answers. This is because multiple factors are at play when determining cost. Typically, granite countertops can range from $45–$200 per square foot. Prices depend on the manufacturer, grade of the stone and the complexity of installation.

Maintenance: For regular upkeep, a nonabrasive cleaner can be used to keep your granite clean. In addition, granite is porous and needs to be resealed periodically—every six months to a year.

Quartz Countertops

Our countertop conquest continues as we explore another sleek and versatile option—quartz. When elegant kitchen fixtures, beautiful backsplash and other delicious details fill the kitchen, an understated quartz countertop is the perfect complement. Our recent Lafayette Blvd Project is evidence of this fact.

In addition to offering clean, understated looks like the one above, quartz can also appear more textured, depending on how it is manufactured. When quartz is coarsely ground, the result is a flecked appearance. When it is finely ground, a smooth-looking slab is the result.

Unlike granite countertops, which are 100% natural stone, quartz counters feature a blend of natural minerals, man-made resins and polymers, and colorings. Typically, quartz countertops are composed of 90–95% quartz and 5–10% man-made material.

Because quartz is blended with coloring and can be manufactured in a number of ways, it offers more options than granite and marble countertops. With the plethora of color and finish options, quartz is helpful when creating a specific look for your luxury kitchen.

Durability: Quartz is the most durable countertop on the list. Scratches, cracks and chips are very unlikely to happen on this surface. On top of this, quartz possesses stain-resistant qualities that marble and granite do not. However, the material does not resist heat as well as its natural stone alternatives.

Cost: The cost of quartz countertops ranges from $55–$155 per square foot. Prices are influenced by the grade of the stone, the source and the complexity of installation.

Maintenance: For a low maintenance and beautiful countertop, quartz is a great choice. Unlike granite and marble, quartz is nonporous. This means that it does not require resealing to stay pristine.

Marble Countertops

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t marveled at the beauty of marble countertops on occasion. The striking stone brings a beauty to a luxury kitchen that is undeniable. Read on as we go below the surface, and discuss marble countertops in detail.

When limestone experiences extreme heat and pressure, it undergoes a change and recrystallizes. The result is marble, a beautiful stone that can breathe life into a luxury kitchen.

Whereas granite displays grains and speckles, marble has a larger “pattern” that gives it a unique appearance. Each piece of marble features veins that can range in color from gray to blue to red and more, depending on the slab.

While gleaming white marble is a popular choice, the natural stone comes in various colors. Other marble options include charcoal, green and tan, to name a few. This means that your color palette is not limited to bright whites as you create your dream kitchen.

Durability: Marble is softer than granite, meaning it is not as resistant to scratches and dents. Like granite, marble is heat-resistant. However, it can be easily stained. Staying on top of messes and spills is crucial to preserving the look of your marble.

Cost: The quartz vs. marble cost is a noticeable difference. While prices depend on the manufacturer, marble ranges from $75–$250 per square foot. The type of marble plays a large role in the price. For example, Calacatta marble offers a dramatic and luxurious look, which accounts for its higher price tag.

Maintenance: As a porous surface, marble requires maintenance to avoid stains and damage. Applying sealant every three to six months is necessary for proper marble maintenance. If regular upkeep is manageable for you, then consider marble as an option.

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