Types of Luxury Home Interior Designs

Luxury interior design is a display of style, functionality and extravagance. The components work together in harmony to create an effortlessly charming and livable space.

While there is a definitive definition of luxury, luxury home interiors encompass a range of styles. Keep reading to learn more!

Find the Design That Suits You: 5 Types of Luxury Home Interior Design Styles

Luxury home interior design styles are abundant! Read about these five divergent styles to inspire your design board.


The traditional style may be the most familiar home interior design on our list. The style is characterized as orderly, predictable and cozy. Often, you’ll find detailed woodwork like a built-in bookcase, meticulously carved moldings and matching furniture. You won’t find modern or eclectic elements in this design style.

How might a luxury interior designer make this traditional style one-of-a-kind? The magic is in the details! An interior designer will assess your lifestyle and create a living space that uniquely fits your needs. If you regularly entertain guests, an XL kitchen island may be appropriate. Likewise, if you desire a place to retreat to after a long day, a luxury home feature that your designer may include is a master bath spa. Work with your interior designer to create a home that reflects your lifestyle.


Exposed brick, high ceilings, open floor plans — the industrial style is eclectic and ever-present luxury home interior design style. The industrial style is inspired by the warehouse-style architecture first constructed during the Industrial Revolution. The trademark grid windows that allow plenty of light and exposed brick and ductwork give these spaces an exuberant personality. But it takes the work of a talented interior designer to breathe renewed life into an industrial space.

Instead of adding over-extravagant elements to an industrial space, an interior designer may opt to enhance the unique home. A chandelier can add drama to the neutral palette, while strategically selected wall decor, like a statement piece of art or bookshelf, can dress up a textured brick wall.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design was and still is popular for many reasons. Made popular in the mid-1930s and lasting through the mid-1960s, mid-century modern design is inspired by the Bauhaus style and is characterized as simplistic and functional. What does that mean and how is it a luxury home interior design?

Defining features of mid-century modern design are an excess use of contrasting organic and geometric materials and sleek lines. A luxury interior designer may play up these design elements with a gilded Sputnik chandelier, wide color range — encompassing neutrals and bold colors — and classic Eames furnishings.

Modern Farmhouse

Natural wood accents, vintage furniture and wainscoting are classic elements of this rustic style. The modern farmhouse style is a spin on the classic farmhouse interior design style, but you won’t find cowbells in this luxury home interior. Luxury modern farmhouses rely on neutral color schemes, glossy accents, creative lighting and even stainless steel appliances to bring this archaic style into the 21st century.

If you are building your home, your interior designer and builder may suggest adding traditional farmhouse elements. Structural features like large fireplaces and ample porches pay homage to the classic style.

Art Deco

Art deco is not for the faint of heart. Art deco defines America’s and Europe’s Roaring 20s. Design was rampant with an innovative use of stylized sunburst and exotic materials  — a far cry from the previously popular farmhouse style.

The reason it made it onto our list of luxury home interior designs is because of its bold use of contrasting colors and ornate geometric shapes. Simply put, you will not find this style in any run-of-the-mill home. It takes a talented luxury interior designer to create a functional home and capture the unique details associated with art deco, from geometric motifs to chrome and steel finishes.

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