What to Expect at Your First Kickoff Meeting with Alisha Taylor Interiors

Congratulations, you’re ready to design with us! Right off the bat, we love getting together for a Kickoff Meeting to determine your expectations, design desires, lifestyle & priorities. This is also the time where we educate you on our procedures and processes, and the expectations of our journey together!

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to be 100% honest with your interior designer about your needs & desires during this process. This is a VERY personal project of yours, and we want you to love the final result and the experience.

Come Prepared

Lifestyle & Day-to-Day Preferences

Look into what your current lifestyle entails. What do you find yourself doing from day to day, weekly, or even on vacation? Do you have a routine? Do you host and entertain guests at your home? Understanding your lifestyle will allow us to formulate solutions, layout & materials that will best fit your home and the way that you live.  We’ll ask you lots of questions about this but if you have thought this through before our kickoff meeting the conversation seems to flow smoothly and we can get at the right info more efficiently.

Describe Your Dream Home

Come to your Kickoff Meeting with your design priorities in mind. We like to ask this right off the bat, so we can make sure your priorities are our focus before designing your home. Perhaps your design priority is to have a personal and cozy feel, or maybe a luxurious sense with custom-made pieces. Or let’s say you prefer to entertain your guests, or your space to be functionally driven instead. It’s important to describe what you would like your home to look AND feel like. We use this information to decide on a creative direction based on your priorities and the vision you seek for your custom dream home.

Inspiration Photos

Although we design custom homes and develop very personalized designs for each client, we still request inspiration photos that you are drawn to. This helps us make sure what you’re verbally describing matches what you visually are attracted to. These inspiration photos can be as broad or as detailed as you like, such as an entire kitchen concept or a specific cabinet handle. These photos can also represent the color palette you are most drawn to. A few great resources for inspiration photos are on Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and our website. Collect as many as you can, we’ll take whatever you have whether it’s 5 or 500.  Having these inspiration photos available at your Kickoff Meeting will get our team started on brainstorming and architecturally visualizing your dream home.

The Kickoff Meeting is nothing to be stressed about! This meeting is just about getting to know you and the expectations of your custom home. Think of it as sitting down with friends having a fun conversation.  We guide the entire meeting so there’s no stress on you. These meetings are fun! We get excited for each and every one of our clients because it’s such a personal and exciting experience, and we love making your dreams a reality!

Our interior design projects are individualized to create a true sense of place, reflecting the desires, personality, and style of the clients that put their home in our hands. Are you ready to see if your project is a good fit for the Alisha Taylor design team? Contact us here!


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