Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator: Key Differences

interior designer vs interior decorator

When it comes to creating your dream home, the decorative elements of your space can make all the difference. However, you may be wondering whether you should be investing in an interior designer or an interior decorator to add the flourish your space needs to feel complete.

That’s right — despite popular belief that the two are interchangeable, there is a difference between an interior designer vs. interior decorator. This difference stems from the process involved in designing the home of your dreams.

Interior design is the process of understanding and creating a functional space from the start, incorporating both the architecture of the room and the decorative details in the design.

Interior decorating occurs after the architectural structure has been created and works with the existing flow of the room.

We’ll discuss the capabilities of an interior designer vs. interior decorator below to help you distinguish between the two and decide which interior extraordinaire to hire for your home.

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator

While an interior decorator has all the industry knowledge to exceed your home design expectations, an interior designer is able to take it one step further. Read on to learn a bit more about the key differences between an interior designer vs. an interior decorator.

Interior Decorator

If you’re looking for a simple room remodel to liven up your space, an interior decorator may be the way to go. But what is an interior decorator? Instead of constructing the architectural design of your space, an interior decorator focuses solely on the room’s existing functionality. Your interior decorator is skilled in the art of choosing the best fabrics for your drapes and essential wall decor that will spruce up your space. They can help you choose the luxury furniture that will fill your home and add a touch of flair to your interior design style. However, an interior decorator is limited in the extent of design they are able to complete since they are not a part of the home building process. Instead, they use their talents to design a home post-build.

Interior Designer

So, what is an interior designer? From the minute you decide to build a brand new home or re-invent your current space, an interior designer is a must-have part of the project. Your interior designer can not only play the role of your decorator, but they also have the knowledge and experience to incorporate the architecture of your space into the design plan.

When your interior designer joins the team, they consider the big picture of your space. They’re taking into account your lifestyle and how your home should function to best fit that. Instead of wondering how the furniture you’ve chosen will fit into a pre-existing room, your interior designer plays a part in designing the architectural layout of the room to increase functionality and match your vision.

Since an interior designer is such an integral part of the entire construction and design process, you’ll want to choose your interior designer right from the start. Working with Alisha Taylor means having access to an interior design guru and her incredible team of architects and builders.

Consider Alisha Taylor for Your Next Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer opens up a world of opportunities to create the home you’ve been dreaming of. Alisha Taylor has the advanced skills and experience to make your home an absolute masterpiece, from the architectural layout to the very last picture frame on the wall. Check out our portfolio for inspiration before you give us a call to get started turning your designs into reality!

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