Why You NEED an Interior Designer

7 Reasons Why You NEED and DESERVE an Interior Design Professional:

HGTV is a magical land where designers make dreams come true overnight with a snap of their fingers with what seems to be no budget.

But like I said, HGTV is a magical land that makes for some good entertainment, lots home envy and no real sense of reality.

If you live in the real world interior design is serious business. True interior designers are required to have a four-year degree, years of experience, and have the right kinds of professional connections to ever make it big in the industry.

In an article from HOUZZ Contributor Yanic Simard, he states “A design professional is often part creator, part project manager and sometimes even part therapist, helping homeowners to determine their dream design and bring it to life while helping them to breathe through the complexities from start to finish. Design professionals have learned over the years to wear many hats to benefit their clients.”

While designers may not be able to snap their fingers and give you a dream home, there are some reasons that you may need one in your life if your dream home is to ever become a reality.

1. Designers give it to you straight.

Yeah, sure, a slide going from your master bedroom down to the kitchen would be so much fun, but is that practical? Have you ever considered the real limitations to something of that scale, like immovable walls and support columns in the home? That’s where a designer can come in. They can help you figure out which goals are realistic and doable and warn you of real potential issues.

2. Designers can shed things in a new light.

It’s easy to get stuck in our habits and only see things a certain way, especially when it comes to the space we occupy and live in. Trained eyes can help you see your space like you’ve never seen it before and open the door to a refreshing new layout or design that will make the best out of your home.

3. Designers can speak the lingo.

No one likes to deal with hiccups or misunderstandings, especially when it comes to the place you come home to every night. Designers can communicate to builders, architects, and subcontractors with drawings, renderings, codes, and certain verbiage that will be easily understood by both parties. Designers will make sure everything you want in your home doesn’t get lost in translation.

4. Designers have the best tools.

Do you know how to work software like Auto CAD and SketchUp to be able to make 3D visualizations of your home?

Probably not. Interior designers are trained in using advanced software and tools to create 3D drawings of your home to ensure that everything is proportional and will fit in the space you are working with. It’s also a great way to put a vision on paper so you, as the client, can get a clear picture of the final outcome.

5. Designers can save you stress.

Like Yanic Simard says, “Designing, building and furnishing a home is a bit like planning a wedding: You don’t realize the incredible number of decisions that need to be made until the process is already underway and the to-do lists start to pile up.”

Just like you’d want a wedding planner to help smooth over the hiccups that are bound to happen with a wedding, an Interior Designer is trained to do just the same. There’s complexities that come with ordering furniture, coordinating installs, and building a home from the ground up. Interior Designers are there to make these crucial moments go according to plan with out any added headaches to the client.

6. Designers think outside the box.

While most of us can click on a picture on Pinterest, order everything in the picture, and set it up exactly the way we saw it, it still might turn out exactly how you envisioned it.

Designers are there to think outside the box! They can take the exact style you’re looking for and make it suitable to the size of your space and add pops of color or certain accessories that you would’ve never thought would look so good in your home.

7. Designers create the magic.

If you wanted your home to just be average, then you could easily do it yourself.

You don’t hire an interior designer to give you average, you hire them to take your breath away with the final product of your home! There’s a reason that HGTV shows draw you in. The final reveal leaves you speechless! The home ends up being breathtaking in every way and you can’t believe they turned the original home into something so beautiful.

I know I said that the magic is only on TV, but hiring the right designer really can give you a sense of living in a fairly tale.

Your home is where you escape from the real world. It’s where you feel safest. It’s where you can relax after a long, hard day. You deserve to make it beautiful. You deserve the wow factor.

You deserve to hire an interior designer.

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