3 Considerations for a Full Remodel on Your Luxury Custom Home

In recent years, the market for luxury homes has seen a shift. Homeowners are now turning their interest to buildings with smart technology features and sustainability credentials. While luxury homes have always evoked awe for their grand and modern aesthetic, these high-end properties are also now more functional, personalized to the residents, and much smarter. After all, what’s more luxurious than a house that has all the features that you need and want? Make sure to keep these steps in mind if you’re considering making some changes in your luxury home.

Professional Consultations

Professional interior designers, contractors, and builders can translate your vision for a luxury home remodel into a reality. Their knowledge and experience allow them to make custom-made touches that can elevate your space and turn it into the true embodiment of luxury — and one that only you can truly call home.

Make sure that you are working with the most suitable pros for the project by asking the right questions during your initial consultation. Consider the services that they can offer and check if those align with your plan for your home. Pore over their work portfolio and review their client testimonials, if need be, so that you can adequately gauge if they’re the right fit for your remodeling project.

Remodeling Costs and Schedules

Though money is usually not an issue for luxury homeowners, you will still need to consider the costs of the services and the products that you may need for the renovation. A lot of people actually miscalculate the costs of their home renovation, so it’s important to set aside an additional budget for shipping fees, taxes, and other unexpected expenses. It’s also advisable to discuss the costs of the labor work and materials with the interior designers, contractors, or builders in advance so that you can avoid any hitches during the whole process.

The home renovation timeline is another important matter that you need to discuss with your team. It is estimated that bathroom remodels can take up to 4.5 weeks, while a full kitchen renovation may take up to four months if you need to fix the walls and the plumbing. To prevent any issues, ask for an estimated timeline before the project starts, and regularly check-in for updates during the whole process. If you have ordered materials from overseas like marble tiles from Italy or silk textiles from China, then you also need to take their shipping timelines into account.

Sustainable and Smart Solutions

Smart and sustainable features bring you a win-win situation: you can upgrade your home to become smarter and more efficient while also improving its value. Enjoy clean technology and retain your home’s aesthetics by setting up solar roof tiles, instead of solar panels. Windows can also be integrated with energy-efficient sensors that adjust its shades and tints based on the current light conditions. Also, consider using solar or geothermal heating systems so that you can heat or cool your home and keep yourself comfortable with the use of green technology.

You’ll definitely be able to relax better, knowing that your smart devices are taking care of all the housework. Considering all the benefits and the convenience that these technologies can bring, it’s not surprising 63 million American houses are estimated to become smart homes by 2022. Personal robots can do a wide range of tasks, from cleaning your rooms every day to monitoring various parts of your home. Home assistants, like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, can switch on your lights and turn on gadgets through voice command. Design3’s smart-home robot CARL, on the other hand, uses its cameras and sensors to guard your pet or to detect possible intruders. As technologies further advance, you can expect that more smart gadgets can be created to suit all of your needs at home.

A full remodel can be a huge task, so take note of all these considerations before you jump into your project.

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