How to Choose a Style With an Interior Designer

Choosing an interior design style is a challenging task for even the most experienced homeowner. Your style could mimic a popular trend or be created from scratch based on the specific design elements you enjoy. When it comes to knowing how to choose an interior design style, investing in a trusted interior designer can be an incredibly beneficial choice. Experienced and knowledgeable, your interior designer will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the home interior design style of your dreams.

How to Choose Your Interior Design Style

There are a few different methods you can use to choose your interior design style. From the initial exploration to the step-by-step process of constructing the design, your interior designer is a trusted guide along the way.

Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration can happen anywhere. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are often great starting resources to explore all the luxurious interior design possibilities. You may also find inspiration by wandering into home decor stores, interior designer’s websites, and more. Inspiration may even come from your day-to-day life. You might fall in love with the kitchen design of your neighbor’s home during a friendly dinner party or enjoy the nature-inspired style of your office lobby. Your interior designer may even offer suggestions during your initial meetings that inspire how to choose your interior design style.

Check Out Portfolios

An interior designer’s portfolio is an extensive collection of their finest work. Portfolios can both inspire your style choice and help you decide on the best interior designer for your project. You may be leaning towards a mid-century modern style and discover that a certain interior designer is an extraordinaire in the style. Keep in mind that many interior designers utilize social media to showcase their work, so explore the interior design side of the platforms to help you figure out how to choose your interior design style and the designer who will bring it to life.

Explore Your Home

Take a look around your home. Notice the furniture you’ve chosen and the design elements that currently reside in your space. You may start to see a certain type of style that you’ve been drawn to previously. If the aspects you see currently still seem like a flawless fit for your lifestyle, consider incorporating them into your new style. Invite your interior designer to your home to walk through with their experienced eye and find small details that you may want to carry over into the new design.

Create Your Dream Design with Your Interior Designer

Once you’ve chosen your interior design style, work with your interior designer to start piecing together what you’ll need to complete the project. Let’s look at the next steps you’ll take with your dream team to design your home.

Maximize Your Space

Whether you’re building a brand new custom home or looking to upgrade your existing space, you’ll want a space that works for you. Your interior designer has the expertise to help you decide spaces in your home may need renovations to fit the aesthetic and functionality of your chosen design. Hiring Alisha Taylor to be your interior designer means there’s no need to worry about finding the perfect architect or builder. With her extensive list of contacts, she’ll know just the team to invite to the project that will have your best interest and design style in mind.

Select Your Furniture

Your space has been completed and is ready to be filled with all the furniture and accessories that will make your home uniquely yours. Selecting your furniture is a thrilling step in the process of creating your interior design style. While it can be enticing to purchase all of your furniture at once, let your interior designer help you work through each room to find the perfect pieces. Your interior designer will have a thorough understanding of the best places to purchase the furniture through their exclusive list of vendors that will turn your design style into a reality.

Place the Finishing Touches

After you and your interior designer have completed the layout of your home, it’s time to add the finishing touches! These may come from the initial walk-through of your home or be an all-new selection of decor decided on by you and your interior designer that completes the design style. These small details will complement your chosen style and turn your home into a luxury oasis.

Upgrade Your Design Style with Alisha Taylor

With Alisha Taylor, you can trust that your interior design style dreams will come true. Our fabulous team of professionals will make sure that your home is uniquely designed for you. We’ll analyze all your wants and needs to create the ideal design for your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in how to choose your interior design style.

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