Advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer for Custom Homes

Interior design is a personal concept that is unique to each family. Different considerations should be made to accommodate your lifestyle and needs—Chef’s pantry? Master bathroom spa? Home theater? An interior designer has the foresight and knowledge to consider these luxury components.

Learn why you should hire an interior designer to design your home.

Who Hires Interior Designers?

Clients who hire interior designers tend to have one thing in common: they want a living space that is functional and comfortable while also expressing who they are. They desire a luxurious ambiance but do not have time to invest in doing it themselves. Interior designers can combine industry experience and careful client considerations to create practical and liveable spaces complete with custom pieces and luxury products. With these personal and exclusive touches provided by an interior designer, those who hire interior designers can achieve a living space that is unique to their tastes.

3 Advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer

There are many advantages to hiring a professional interior designer like Alisha Taylor Interiors. Many have assumptions about how exactly an interior designer can help customize their living space. Here is a list of reasons why hiring an interior designer is worth it, especially if you are building a custom home.

Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Many do not realize that interior design is an art and science, and both must be balanced to achieve the perfect living space for each client. Interior designers study for years to get a bachelor’s degree in interior design and bring both knowledge and professionalism to each client they design for.

Beyond decorating knowledge, an interior designer is trained in specialized skills like working with the computer software AutoCAD to provide a client with custom 3D renderings of their design. They can use these renderings to visualize both the limitations and the possibilities within a space.

Using these skills, a professional interior designer evaluates the living space you want to design and works with both the builder and the architect to bring it to life.

Industry Connections

Interior designers have an eye for creating a liveable space; in addition, they can also “speak” the language of design. Interior design is riddled with jargon—having an experienced designer by your side can allow you to decipher the jargon and make informed design decisions. Interior designers also speak the language of industry professionals.

Often, for luxury custom home builds, interior designers are commissioned early in the process to assist architects, builders, and other professionals. They have a network of custom cabinetry companies, luxury light fixture installers, and other professionals to contribute their knowledge. Even more, interior designers have access to vendors in the furniture industry to enrich and expand their design options.

With these considerations, they create intentional designs and communicate plans to professionals to design a home appropriate for your lifestyle.

Time Efficient

Many assume that hiring an interior designer will take out too much of their time. However, the opposite is true.

With the help of an interior designer, you will save time. When attempting to design or furnish a room on your own, you will spend a good amount of time making many decisions about furnishings and what will go where. An interior designer can work directly with the architect and construction professionals to articulate how to complete the desired aesthetic. They will also be able to make a plan of how to achieve these needs. Finally, an interior designer can foresee any obstacles that may come up and fix them without causing the client any headache.

Let Alisha Taylor Interiors Realize Your Living Space

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we offer different interior design services to meet your needs: new builds and remodels and furniture and furnishings. We carefully think through the process from the first meeting to the final touches to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Alisha Taylor has been working in the interior design industry for over 20 years. With designing hundreds of  homes around Arizona, she possesses the expertise and experience to cater to your living space’s needs.

Her clients rave about her ability to visualize a design and provide the exact specifications for each project. The attention to detail and unparalleled knowledge of each step of the construction process makes Alisha Taylor Interiors the premier interior designer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Browse our portfolio of personalized living spaces to get inspired, and contact us today to begin the process of creating your dream home.

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