The Right Way to Clean and Protect Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a beautiful way to dress up your home and give it a luxurious feel. Since this furniture style is so coveted, you’ll want to be mindful of protecting your wood from everyday damage. When picking out your new wood furniture, talk with your interior designer about how to protect wood furniture and the best cleaning methods for the specific type of wood your furniture is made from.

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Working with an interior designer like Alisha Taylor means having the opportunity to learn how to clean wood furniture from an expert. Read on to learn the best way to clean, maintain, and protect your breath-taking new furniture.

Remove Built-Up Dirt

Dust and dirt buildup is normal in every home, so you’ll need to brush over the wood furniture to remove any dirt and dust particles before cleaning your wood. A classic feather duster or slightly damp lint-free cloth is best for removing dust without brushing it back into the air. Without first dusting off your wood furniture, you run the risk of scratching the piece as the particles are pushed across it during the cleaning process.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

With so many furniture cleaning products available, it can be confusing knowing where to start with cleaning your wood furniture. We recommend foregoing the highly chemical-based products and starting with gentle cleansers to clean and maintain your wood furniture. A simple mixture of water and dish soap is ideal for regular cleaning. Dish soap is soft on furniture and is the least likely product to leave behind damage to the finish of your stunning wood. You’ll want to use a damp (not soaked!) cloth to wipe lightly over the wood.

Dry Thoroughly

One of the top mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their wood furniture is oversaturating the wood during the cleaning process. Using a cloth that is too wet or leaving the water to dry on the wood can lead to more stains and damage. Once you’ve finished gently washing your furniture with your soap and water mixture, use a clean, soft cloth to dry your furniture thoroughly.

Maintaining Your Wood Furniture

Decorating your home with wood furniture adds an element of design and stylish flair to your space. We want your furniture to last a lifetime, so we’ve compiled a list of maintenance tips and tricks to keep your glamorous furniture looking brand new.

Protective Decor

Who says you can’t protect your wood furniture and decorate your home at the same time? Work with your interior designer to select unique and functional decor, such as customized coasters and matching placemats, to add an extra design element while protecting your wood furniture from water and heat damage.

Regular Dusting

As mentioned earlier, dust is a top competitor for elements that will damage your gorgeous wood furniture. Knowing this, you can better equip yourself with knowledge on how to protect your wood furniture from scratches. Use your classic feather duster or lint-free cloth regularly to keep your furniture looking brand new and avoid additional damages from dirt buildup.

Stain Prevention

Trying to remove stains from your wood furniture is a pesky task that can be avoided. Once you’ve figured out how to clean your wood furniture, a furniture wax is an excellent solution for protecting your wood from future water stains, scratches, heat marks, and more. Apply the wax carefully, rubbing in the direction of the wood grain for the best results.

Are you already dealing with stains? Luckily, we know just the people who can clean your wood furniture as seamlessly as possible and have your beautiful piece looking brand new! Consult a professional cleaning service to safely remove those pesky stains and avoid any further damage to your stunning wood furniture. They’ll also know just how to protect your wood furniture from future stains and scratches so you can keep your furniture looking flawless.

Build Your Wood Furniture Collection with Alisha Taylor

Though there are plenty of resources for learning how to clean wood furniture, Alisha Taylor has the advanced knowledge to truly help you choose and maintain wood furniture for your forever home. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with all the tools and tips you’ll need to keep your furniture shiny, clean, and stain-free for years to come. Contact us today to start designing your space with the highest quality wood furniture and matching decor.

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