Our Podcast Interview with AFT Construction


I had the privilege to sit down with Brad Leavitt, with A Finer Touch Construction, to discuss the behind-the-scenes of designing a New Build Project and creating a Dream Team on the AFT Construction Podcast!

Listen in as I give my thoughts on educating and setting expectations with our clients. I explain why embracing the role of an interior designer as a facilitator is more important today than at any other time due to changes in the industry brought on by the turbulent circumstances of the last year and a half. Brad and I unpack the reality that “there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap bid.”

We discuss that our biggest challenge right now is simply educating a client on what to expect from the new build process. The market is absolutely bananas, and prices are always changing. The ideal client understands that there’s no set number when it comes to building their custom home. They understand that they are hiring the right team, not a number or a bid.

We really try to be upfront, honest, and transparent with our clients, whether it’s how we design or how we charge, and what the industry looks like. We design custom luxury homes every day, and the client doesn’t. So, when they’re coming to us looking for that right builder or keep talking about bids, we’re not afraid to pump the brakes on that conversation, educate them about trust and reputation in the industry, and how important it is to choose the right builder, not just the cheapest one.

In this podcast, we dive into much more about our processes and systems, our personal aesthetic, and how we are navigating today’s supply chain and the everchanging industry of interior design. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our goal is to make each one of our clients feel at home in their living space. Through our personalized design process, we work to create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them.

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