Behind the Design: BELLA VISTA ESTATE

We’re so excited to announce that our Bella Vista Project’s Design Book is complete! The project is now fully designed with exact measurements and drawings carefully illustrated, and ready to officially begin the remodeling process.

We sat down with our Junior Designer, Marti Diehl, to get some insight on what we can look forward to as this remodel progresses!


The client wanted to create a different feeling in their home. They have lived in this home for several years already and done some minor remodeling but had never got it to a point where they felt like it really made them feel comfortable and cozy. They also wanted to change or move some spaces to better meet their needs as a family.


I loved the process we went through to construct a better floor plan in the mudroom, pantry, kitchen, and dining nook spaces. There was a lot of room to work within this home, so we proposed some unique and purposeful spaces that are very custom to their needs as a busy family. For example, there are two pantries in the kitchen: one for the kids and one just for the mom. She’s so excited to have a very pretty space in the kitchen that her kids won’t even have to enter because it’s just for her.


I’m excited about the transformations that will happen in their new kitchen and great room space, as well as the primary bathroom! The kitchen is going to be reoriented to face their newly redone backyard (which is gorgeous). The primary bath will have a total upgrade with a much more open concept, a door to a private patio, a beautiful freestanding bathtub, and even a hidden makeup counter that was very important for our client to have in her space. 

Be sure to check back in for the Bella Vista Project’s progress! We’re so excited to watch this project transform and present our clients with their luxury custom home!  At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our clients and their satisfaction are our top priority, and we make sure to understand your ideal design vision to bring your dream home to life. We take pride in listening to your wants & needs and pay attention to every little detail to deliver the best results. 

Contact us with any questions about what you can expect from hiring Alisha Taylor for your next home project or remodel!

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