Why You Need Automation Technology in Your Luxury New Build

automated technology

Smart home technology has become such an essential function in custom luxury homes. Automation technology enhances security, improves lifestyle, and offers customization to any design. Although the ability to upgrade an existing home with these advances is possible, we recommend involving your home automation company early in your New Build process. This ensures that your devices are designed to custom fit your specific needs. Linking the devices, systems, and appliances all together will create a connected home for better, easier, and more convenient operations.

Our team at Automated Environments offers professional expertise and systems that allow any part of your home to be automated and put under your control. Home automation such as a security system, home theatre calibration, lighting control, video, and audio distribution, motorized shades, thermostat control, cellular signal boosting systems, etc. are all aspects discussed with Automated Environments when building a custom luxury home. Read on to find out why your custom luxury home needs smart home and automation technology.

Safety & Security

Integrating a security system in the beginning phases of your New Build process can allow for personalized safety. For example, installing technologies that can monitor motion not only by your front door but also along the perimeter of your home gives homeowners that added peace of mind. Smart home technologies are evolving with the ability to remotely control your home’s lights, doors, and security alarms directly from your phone.

Comfort and Convenience

Simple voice controls are evolving to be utilized in a much higher capacity throughout the whole home. Voice control technology can help you to operate your television, light switches, thermostat, and appliances all managed by your voice commands. With more personalization of smart home technology, you can feel more comfortable and safer in your luxury home.

Energy Efficiency

Smart home features include low-energy lighting, energy-reducing power strips, and energy tracking devices, which ensure that energy use is minimal. With features like automating light output and temperature adjustments throughout the day, it is easy to boost conservation in your custom luxury home without giving it a second thought.

Personalization and Flexibility

Home automation technology has abundant scope for customization. For example, the systems can adjust the brightness of the lights, have the curtains drawn at a certain time, or play your favorite podcast while in your bathroom getting ready for the day.

Incorporating automation technologies that match your preferences and suit your lifestyle allows you to be more efficient in your everyday life. Working these features into the beginning stages of your new build project will guarantee proper installation and full customization with each system & device that is integrated into your home. Be sure to check out our home automation partners, Automated Environments, and see all the amazing home automation services that can help to revolutionize your home and life.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our interior design projects are individualized to create a true sense of place, reflecting the desires, personalities, and styles of the clients that put their homes in our hands. Browse our projects or contact us to discuss how we can bring your custom luxury home to life!

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