BEHIND THE DESIGN: #ModernMountainside

ModernMountainsideOur West Valley #ModernMountainside design is the perfect blend of modern contemporary architecture and the raw, majestic beauty of the desert mountainside it inhabits. Designed to enhance the natural landscape, this home will integrate into its rugged surroundings while offering the most unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Read on to get the Behind the Design details of our #ModernMountainside project:

#ModernMountainside ‘Worth the Wait’ Features

This design experience begins with a grand entrance that sets the tone for the entire home. As we step into the foyer, we’re immediately greeted by a breathtaking, floor-to-ceiling view of the desert landscape. Our focus was to ensure that the natural beauty of the mountainside was always at the forefront, creating a serene environment from the moment you entered.

Central to the home’s layout is the open-concept kitchen and great room. This space is crafted to foster a warm, inviting hub where family and friends can gather & converse while taking in the amazing view.

The primary bedroom is a private sanctuary, complete with its own outdoor patio space. This feature allows residents to enjoy the tranquil desert mornings & nights in solitude and comfort. Meanwhile, the guest wing is designed for ultimate privacy, ensuring that visitors feel at home while maintaining a sense of separation from the main living areas. A standout feature of this property is its incredible basement, which houses an indoor shooting range and a ‘John Wick-inspired’ lounge.

Additionally, the property is situated on a natural basin, a design element we’ve preserved to maintain the vibrant wildlife of the mountainside. This basin runs through the structure of the home, ensuring that the natural ecosystem remains undisturbed and continues to thrive alongside the modern elegance of the residence.

Design Inspired by Arizona Mountains

ModernMountainside Inspo

ModernMountainside materials

Our #ModernMountainside project is more than a home; it’s an experience, a seamless blend of cutting-edge design and the timeless beauty of nature. Stay tuned as it makes progress in the construction phase, and we begin designing the custom furniture plan!

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