MODERN SUNSET Furniture Breakdown

An exquisite new build design nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, Modern Sunset is brought to life through the collaborative vision of our interior design team at Alisha Taylor Interiors, esteemed builder, AFT Construction, and renowned architect, Cosan Studio. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting beauty of Arizona, this project artfully melds contemporary aesthetics with the tranquility of sundown. Join us as we unveil the stunning furniture elements that define the Modern Sunset project, an embodiment of contemporary finesse and modern brilliance.

#ModernSunset furniture

In the Modern Sunset project, the contemporary furniture design harmoniously complements the modern materials and finishes, embracing a desert-inspired color palette to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The designers artfully played with desert tones, which perfectly accentuate the natural elements throughout the space. The case goods, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship, feature wood finishes in a rich chestnut shade. This warm and earthy hue adds a touch of elegance while seamlessly blending with the surrounding materials.

Contemporary Design Meets Natural Elements

To enhance the sense of lightness and openness, the upholstery options were thoughtfully chosen in light-colored fabrics. Soft and neutral tones, such as sandy beiges, warm ivories, and pale greys, evoke the tranquility of the desert landscape. These upholstery choices not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also create a visual balance with the wooden elements, striking the perfect harmony between modernity and nature.

Throughout the living spaces, the contemporary furniture design incorporates clean lines, uncluttered forms, and sleek silhouettes, reflecting the modern sensibility of the project. The careful selection of furniture pieces ensures both comfort and functionality, providing an inviting environment where one can relax and appreciate the breathtaking views that surround the home.

In conclusion, the contemporary furniture design in #ModernSunset beautifully marries desert-inspired tones with chestnut wood finishes and light-colored upholstery. The resulting blend of materials and colors effortlessly complements modern architecture, culminating in a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also showcases a deep connection with its natural surroundings.

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