A Thriving Home Market

If you’re looking for a sign to build your dream home, this is it. Now is the time to build, it’s the time to do something for you and to make your dream home a reality.

Valley-wide, luxury homes are selling better than they have in the last 10 years and the new build market is booming!We, as an interior design firm, are ecstatic to watch the luxury market soar as homeowners are looking to elevate their lifestyle with a new home.

An article from the Phoenix Business Journal titled Luxury Custom Come Market Thriving in Rebounding Economy states, “From the traditional hotbeds of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale to more outlying areas, more luxury homes are being built and sold than in the past. It speaks to the growth of the region’s economy and a return to a more normal level of building.”

This new, growing market is the perfect opportunity to make dreams happen. Pinning white, marble counter tops with exposed shelves, wishing your kitchen could look like those pictures should be a thing of past. Meeting with our design firm and having them sketch out the kitchen you’ve always wanted should be the next step in this exciting time.

What’s important is that building a luxury home should not be done without a professional designer’s help. A home is more than just a structure that one would simply occupy. It should be about creating something beautiful that communicates your unique personality, sophistication, and luxury through your home from architectural touches to furnishings.
Styles have changed drastically over the last decade, especially in Arizona. For those able to take advantage of the luxury market right now, building a new custom home gives you the freedom to change up your style, incorporate the newest technology and to invest in real estate that is customized to you.
The current luxury home market is healthy and striving and will continue that way. If you’ve been wanting to build, now is the time!
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