Behind the Design: WINCHESTER ESTATE

Winchester EstateAt Alisha Taylor Interiors, every project has a unique story to tell. The journey from concept to creation is filled with choices that ultimately shape the identity of the home. Our Winchester Estate project tells the narrative where comfort meets tradition with a modern twist. Join us as our junior designer, Marti Diehl, sheds light on the inspiration and elements that breathe life into this homey project!

Drawing Inspiration: Crafting Tradition with a Contemporary Flair

For this project, the guiding factor was a combination of comfort, tradition, and modern aesthetics. The design direction was driven by the client’s desire for a haven that blends timeless elegance with modern functionality. Marti Diehl, Junior Designer, elaborates, “Our clients wanted a seamless harmony between traditional elements and updated features in their luxury new build. We accomplished this by pairing classic brass hardware & lighting with sleek cabinet designs, quartz countertops, and waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring, ensuring not only beauty but also durability.”

Winchester Estate behind the design

A Symphony of Materials and Colors

The #WinchesterEstate’s material and color palette plays with a theme of soft neutral tones distributed with vibrant bursts of texture and color. The flooring, paint, and cabinetry choices establish a soothing foundation, while unexpected pops are discovered throughout the home. For example, the kitchen pantry doors steal the spotlight by using repurposed antique doors combined with fresh metal details to present a fusion of old and new.

Winchester Estate behind the design color palette

A Clients’ Vision: Weaving Dreams into Reality

At the heart of every project are our client’s aspirations. In this case, our clients desired to create a space that celebrated togetherness. Having evolved into the natural hosts for gatherings, they wanted to craft a luxury custom home that transcends the ordinary. This project prioritizes spaces that foster communal experiences. “For example, the great room with its seamless indoor/outdoor living concept pairs beautifully with the basement, home to an indoor sport court—an embodiment of their vision for a home that effortlessly blends recreation and function,” Marti Diehl, junior designer.

The Winchester Estate luxury new build is a testament to the art of fusing tradition and modernity. It showcases how an intricate interaction of design elements & materials can create a space that resonates with elegance, comfort, and a touch of whimsy. This ‘Behind-the-Design’ reveals that every corner of our Winchester Estate project has been meticulously crafted to nurture cherished memories and timeless experiences.

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