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Our #BellaVistaEstate remodel project effortlessly blends traditional charm with elegance

Introducing the stunning transformation of #BellaVistaEstate, where we turned a dated Tuscan-inspired space with disjointed layouts into a masterpiece of open-concept design and traditional charm. The homeowners’ vision was to revitalize their kitchen, maximizing spatial efficiency while implementing classic elements, like hardwood flooring and timeless cabinetry.

As interior designers, our mission is to seamlessly blend a modern open-concept layout with charming details. To achieve this, we reimagined the layout by introducing a larger island as the dynamic centerpiece, which fosters a hub connecting to the great room.

At the homeowner’s request, an exclusive “pretty pantry” was designed for mom’s use only. This delightful pantry, with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper and custom shelving featuring a pop of green, adds a touch of personality and elegance. The rustic window door not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a unique glimpse from the outside – because who says pantries can’t have a little drama?

In the transformative redesign of #BellaVistaEstate’s primary bathroom, we undertook a bold approach to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. We replaced the outdated and bulky tub with a sleek stand-alone counterpart, instantly opening up the space and delivering a sense of modern sophistication. The revamped vanity now stands as a testament to thoughtful design, providing a balance between practicality and beauty.

The #BellaVistaEstate remodel demonstrates a beautiful marriage of contemporary and timeless appeal. The result is a home that meets the demands of modern living and also captivates with its classic charm. Stay tuned to get the exclusive details behind the redesign of this project and what architectural challenges go into a full remodel design!


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