The Taylor Series: Our January Discoveries

As we move into the new year of 2024, we’ve released our January Discoveries —a curated collection of insights, trends, and noteworthy findings that promise to set the tone for a dynamic journey ahead.


January Discoveries Kitchen


Interesting Piece to Read:

THE CREATIVE ACT: The Way of Being by Rick Rubin

Music producer, Rick Rubin, is known for creating a space where artists of all different genres and traditions can hone in on who they really are, and what they offer. He has thought deeply about where creativity comes from and where it doesn’t. He’s learned it’s about your relationship to the world, and that creativity has a place in everyone’s life. The Creative Act is a course of study that illuminates the path of an artist as a road we all can follow.

Episode to Tune Into:

THE INTERIOR COLLECTIVE | When Gap Meets Gucci: Livable Luxury with Brigette Romanek

Quiet Luxury is the buzzword in every marketing campaign and TikTok video these days. But the concept of mixing bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces with quality, everyday items is here to stay. Joining us today is Brigette Romanek, founder, and principal designer of Romanek Design Studio. Brigette built her studio on the foundation that spaces should be fresh and functional, aesthetically provoking, and completely lived in. Tune in as Brigette breaks down how she achieves that livable luxury in every project–from quiet family homes to multi-million-dollar high-profile projects.

Dishes to Devour:


Crafted from a straightforward, homemade dough infused with the aromatic essence of rosemary, this pull-apart bread weaves together layers of butter, garlic, cheese, and herbs. Baked to a glorious golden brown and served in an enticing pull-apart style, this bread captivates with its flaky texture and rich flavors. Anticipate the irresistible allure that wafts through the air as it bakes—truly an undeniable favorite.

Add-to-Cart Finds:

PALECEK Donovan 30″ Barstool in Gold

You’ve most likely noticed this barstool in our #BlueSageEstate & #ModernSunset projects because we were blown away by the quality and unique design. This PALECEK barstool features an antique gold finish metal frame and legs with a fixed upholstered seat and inside backrest. The outside backrest features cane matting, which is available in all PALECEK finishes. If you envision these barstools in your new custom home, reach out to us to start designing your furniture plan! They are sure to make a statement!


In exploring our January Discoveries, we embark on the rest of 2024 enhanced by the insights that will pave the way for a year filled with beautifully designed possibilities.

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