Behind the Design: #ModernFrenchHaven

Partnering with luxury builder, Modern Splendor Homes, and the distinguished architectural designer, Cory Black Design, our interior design firm, Alisha Taylor Interiors, is collectively shaping the vision for our #ModernFrenchHaven project, combining our expertise to create a truly exceptional luxury custom home.

Behind the Design Modern French Haven


The design direction for the #ModernFrenchHaven project is inspired by the fusion of classic and modern elements, with a strong influence on timeless French design. The incorporation of curved details and arches plays a central role in shaping the aesthetic, adding a sense of elegance & sophistication to the overall look. Ornamental concepts further enrich the design, offering intricate touches that reveal charm and character.

The French influence was a defining factor for this home, creating a space of refinement and romanticism. By drawing inspiration from French design, #ModernFrenchHaven aims to evoke a feeling of luxury while integrating modern details to ensure a fresh and relevant appeal.

To maintain a cohesive and contemporary feel, a palette of neutral tones will be applied throughout the home. These muted hues create a sense of balance and serenity while allowing for flexibility in personalization. This will result in a design concept that gracefully combines classic beauty with contemporary functionality.

Behind the Design Modern French Haven



We are most excited about the kitchen in this home, which exudes a monochromatic elegance. The French-inspired arches and curved details add depth and character to the kitchen transforming it into a space that stands the test of time. In the design of this space, the inclusion of brass accents plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics. Whether it’s in the form of fixtures, handles, or ornate details, the brass elements not only add a sense of luxury but also contribute to the French-inspired design.

Additionally, the curved hood design is a distinctive feature that further reinforces the French influence within the space. The sweeping lines and graceful curvature of the hood design evoke the architectural motifs often seen in classic French homes. This carefully crafted element serves as a focal point, providing a sense of authenticity to the overall design.

Equally captivating is the mud room. Combining botanical wallpaper and ornate tile flooring creates a captivating visual element. The stunning cabinetry color, complemented by modern pendants and the use of mesh metal on the drawers, adds a layer of interest and sophistication to this space. It’s a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary design.

Behind the Design Modern French Haven

Behind the Design Modern French Haven



The clients behind our #ModernFrenchHaven project are a family with a deep-rooted desire to create a luxury custom home. Their primary motivation was to provide their children with a space where they could cultivate cherished memories. They envisioned a home where laughter, love, and shared experiences would be abundant.

Our clients held a strong belief in the value of an open-door policy. They wanted their home to be a welcoming haven for friends and family, where everyone would feel comfortable and at ease. They aimed for a beautiful and functional living space that seamlessly aligned with their lifestyle and needs. Their vision was to design a home that exuded beauty and made practical sense in its layout and features.

Our clients were keen on relishing the entire process of building their dream home. It was not just about the result for them; they wanted to savor every step of the journey, from conception to completion.


At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we believe that luxury and indulgence can be felt in your everyday life, including in your own home. We work closely with you in the beginning phases of the design process, and then you can turn it over to us to make your dream home come to life. You can expect our lead designer to be in contact with you through the entire design process, to have someone from our studio at every major installation, and at the end of the process, be able to walk into a professionally designed home that meets all your expectations and more.

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