#BlueSageEstate: Kitchen Detail Reveal

Perfected by luxury architectural firm, Cosan Studio, brought to life by homebuilder, Phoenix Home Builder, and, of course, designed with intent by interior design firm, Alisha Taylor Interiors, #BlueSageEstate stands as a testament to the seamless blend of sophisticated design and practical living.


This exquisite home is not just a house; it’s a dream sanctuary designed to cater to the needs of multi-generational living, while still being the perfect venue for vibrant family gatherings. Let’s take a closer look at the heart of this elegant project: the kitchen, back kitchen, and dining room.

An Architectural Marvel in the Kitchen

The #BlueSageEstate kitchen is the central hub of this impressive home, where the magic of cooking and remarkable architecture come together. The Hastings Medium Pendant lights from Visual Comfort not only provide illumination but also draw the eyes to the barrel ceiling detail. This design detail immediately grabs your attention, showcasing the home’s exceptional architectural craftsmanship.

The kitchen is equipped with high-quality Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances, offering endless possibilities for cooking. The Warehouse District Modular, Rumbled Brick wall treatment by Solstice Stone adds a touch of rustic charm that complements the modern elegance of the Black Tempal Quartz by CeasarStone & Brittanicca Quartz by Cambria Quartz countertops. Every nook and cranny features carefully crafted custom cabinets by Sawmill Cabinets, combining both aesthetics and practicality. In the #BlueSageEstate kitchen, every detail is a work of art, a perfect blend of design and skill that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits!




The Hidden Gem: Unveiling the Back Kitchen

The back kitchen is a hidden gem within the #BlueSageEstate. It is not just beautiful; it is incredibly functional. Tailored to meet the needs of a large, active family, this space is designed to make meal preparation and storage a breeze. Whether it’s a baking day with the kids or a grand feast for a special occasion, the back kitchen is up to the task.

The unique backsplash of Aectonshtri tile by Craftsman Court Ceramics adds a distinctive touch, infusing character into the space while seamlessly harmonizing with the Britannica Warm Quartz countertops by Cambria Quartz and the bold custom cabinetry in Pointed Rock by Dunn Edwards. This thoughtful design complements the main kitchen while giving the back kitchen its own distinctive identity. To complete the look and elevate the ambiance, beautiful Visual Comfort & Rejuvenation sconces have been strategically placed, adding a touch of elegance that enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of this culinary haven.


Dining in Style with a Custom 12-Seat Table

The centerpiece of the #BlueSageEstate’s dining experience is an exquisite custom dining table by Solido designed to comfortably seat 12 guests joined by two Reed Large Chandeliers from Visual Comfort. Set against a backdrop of expansive windows, it provides the dining area with natural light, offering panoramic views of the outdoor living spaces. We’ve also accentuated the gathering space with a stunning 16-frame gallery wall. This feature adds an artistic touch to the dining area and serves as a captivating focal point. The #BlueSageEstate dining room is where the joy of shared meals mingles with the appreciation of fine art, creating a dining experience that is visually captivating.


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