Interior Design Home Inspiration: A Complete Guide to Finding Inspiration for Your Luxury Custom Home

by Mia Schultz, Junior Designer


So you want to build a luxury custom home? Congrats! The very first step is finding inspiration to learn and communicate your personal style.  This is a fun and exciting step! It’s important to know what to look for when searching for luxury interior design ideas. There are many great resources for interior design; however, it can become a tad overwhelming at times. Narrowing down your inspiration photos and ideas is what will help your interior designer interpret your needs and desires to create a dream custom home that reflects your style & personality.

In our initial interior design meeting, as designers, we collect & gather your ideas & aesthetics and ask lots of questions about your personal life, technical details on your family’s dynamic, as well as color palettes & influences. Here at Alisha Taylor Interiors, we have a personalized process that helps us accurately interpret and understand your luxury home style!

Tips on Finding Inspiration:

  1. Our most important tip for how to find home inspiration for your luxury custom home is to have fun!
  2. If you like it, tag it, screenshot it, save it! Don’t worry that it’s a picture of a home not in our area, not in your budget, or doesn’t seem in line with other photos you’ve saved.  Your designer will make sense of what you love.
  3. Pinterest serves as an excellent resource for discovering inspiring photos to share with your designer, whether it’s a captivating color palette, eye-catching tiles, or entire home layouts that perfectly represent your style. Collecting these on a Pinterest board and sharing them with your designer will help bring the design patterns that stand out to you. Just Pin it & have fun!
  4. Social media can be another great tool for finding strong concepts of design. We recommend looking up specific style hashtags or referencing other designers that have caught your eye. Instagram is an effective space for designers to share updated work & projects. So feel free to screenshot and share them with us!
  5. Design blogs have a lot of insightful information & can get you thinking about topics & questions to refer to your designer. Research can never hurt! Blogs are also another great place that can showcase stunning designs.
  6. Digging through home décor magazines can be another effective source to find dream home inspiration. Magazines provide insight on the latest trends & resources while providing beautifully finished projects.
  7. Use keywords in your search. Some of our favorite design style keywords include Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional. It also helps to add a color scheme in your search, such as Earthy tones, Blue/greens, Warm whites, and Dark earth tones. Discovering what specific styles best represent you will help narrow down searches to designs you see fit.
Home inspiration photos
Example of Home Inspiration Images

What Information to Share with Your Designer:

  • Information about your current home helps us learn what worked for you in the past, and what you would like to add moving forward. We can translate the traits you enjoyed about your previous home, while also determining what it needs!
  • Think of spaces that lack functionality in your current space. What kind of functions do you need in your new space? Whether it’s a second island, including a study room, or adding more drawers to your closet… the opportunities are endless! As designers, we assess the practicality of your luxury custom home and incorporate features that enhance the ease of daily activities within your home!
  • Learning about your favorite vacation destinations can serve as a rich source of inspiration for your designer, offering cues for creating a luxurious home that mirrors the ambiance, textures, and design elements reflective of your favorite getaways.
  • Exploring the aesthetics of your childhood home can also provide design insight for your interior designer. Reflecting on questions like where you grew up, the distinctive style of your childhood house, and envisioning the ideal lifestyle for your family now allows for a personalized and nostalgic approach. We like to do this to infuse your current home with a sense of familiarity and meaningful design elements.
  • When crafting a custom luxury home, it’s important to factor in your hosting needs, ensuring that the design aligns with your lifestyle. Anticipating the frequency and scale of gatherings you’re expecting to be had in this home, whether for holidays or regular events, allows for the creation of spaces that accommodate a space for welcoming & comfortable social interactions.

Have fun! Remember that this is your dream home, and it will all come together in the end. Having an interior designer means they will spend time with you to discuss the types of spaces and designs you need to create your dream home. Be transparent & allow your designer to fulfill those needs. Inspiration is made to be translated into a new design that best fits your custom luxury home! Understanding your dream home inspiration and bringing it to life is what your interior design team is here for.

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