The 2024 Colors of the Year with Alisha Taylor Interiors

Explore the 2024 Colors of the Year from our top paint brands and gain inspiration through Alisha Taylor Interiors’ analysis. Discover how we interpret and utilize these hues to create timeless spaces in our luxury custom homes.

Color of the Year
2023 Colors of the Year

Color theory plays a pivotal role in interior design, influencing the mood, atmosphere, and overall aesthetic of a space. By understanding the principles of color theory, we, as interior designers, can effectively manipulate colors to create corresponding or contrasting effects, stimulate specific emotions, and enhance the functionality and visual appeal of a room.

Whether it’s through the selection of a dominant color scheme, the use of complementary accents, or the strategic placement of colors, a deep understanding of color theory empowers designers to transform ordinary spaces into captivating, purposeful, and visually pleasing environments.

The annual “Color of the Year” analysis provided by our luxury paint vendors holds immense significance for us. It equips us with the latest color trends, ensuring that the spaces we design remain both aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge. Delving into the intricacies of color theory, we gain insights into its impact on mood, ambiance, and psychological perception within interior spaces.

The 2024 Colors of the Year

In the unveiling of the “Colors of the Year,” we’ve discovered that several of our preferred paint brands have selected a “Color of the Year” within the blue color family. This choice aligns with one of our signature brand colors at Alisha Taylor Interiors, a medium-dark shade of cyan-blue (similar to Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue HC-155).

Each member of our team has carefully chosen one of the 2024 “Colors of the Year” as our source of inspiration and crafted enticing storyboards around each. Explore the remarkable designs our team has put together below:


Farrow & Ball | Wine Dark Color of the Year
Farrow & Ball | Wine Dark


Emma Mauvais, Business & Logistics Director — “The color blue has always been connected with feelings of peace and tranquility. Within our homes, blue tones can offer a refreshing respite from loud pops of color while still adding flare. Blending a muted blue, like Farrow & Ball’s “Dark Wine”, with organic elements evokes a feeling of groundedness in a space. Incorporating woods, chestnut browns, soft patterns, and pops of gold creates a cohesive and layered look, without compromising the soothing effect of blue tones.”


Farrow & Ball | Wine Dark Storyboard Design


Dunn Edwards | Skipping Stones Color of the Year
Dunn Edwards | Skipping Stones


Rebecca Phillips, Marketing Director “Creating soothing, introspective moments, Dunn Edwards’ ‘Color of the Year’ Skipping Stones, “is a serene and steely blue with hints of green and gray and is meditative & energizing like the sea” (Dunn Edwards, 2023). I paired this deep, rich wall color with a dark, textural tile backsplash, and mood pendant lighting, to set the tone for a unique ambiance. While charcoal cabinets and warm tone accents, such as cognac leather chairs and wood plank ceiling treatments enhance the modern refinement, this bar lounge design makes for the perfect destination for an unforgettable home experience.”

DUNN EDWARDS - Color of the Year Storyboard
Dunn Edwards | Skipping Stones Storyboard Design


Benjamin Moore | Blue Nova Color of the Year
Benjamin Moore | Blue Nova


Mia Schultz, Design Assistant — The shades violet and blue come together in this elevated, sumptuous hue. “Elevate the every day and expand horizons through juxtaposed color that is sure to inspire. With Blue Nova leading the way, depth and intrigue are balanced by an undercurrent of reassurance. This alluring mid-tone features an enchanting duality, capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal” (Benjamin Moore, 2023).

Color of the Year Storyboard Blue Nova
Benjamin Moore | Blue Nova


FARROW & BALL | SELVEDGE NO. 306 Color of the Year


Marti Diehl, Junior Designer — According to Farrow & Ball, “Selvedge is named after the highly prized denim woven on a shuttle loom to produce closed edges. It’s particularly good in low-light spaces, creating a familiar and friendly atmosphere, making it suited to bedrooms or rooms you spend time in, in the evening” (Farrow & Ball, 2023). Using Selvedge for the bookshelves paint color, this particular library design reflects a homey ambiance and creates a sense of calm, perfect for enjoying a good book nestled on the leather sofa in the evening hours.

Farrow & Ball Selvege Color of the Year
Farrow & Ball | Selvege Storyboard Design


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