The Design Process: Creating Your Dream Team

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The First Step to Building Your Custom Home is Creating Your Dream Design Team

Hurray! You’ve made the exciting decision to build your dream custom home! Now what?

Before you start picking kitchen cabinet finishes, estimating square footage, or planning your Master Suite bedding, the first step to the design process for your custom home is to select your Dream Team! Your team should have a builder, an architect, a landscape architect, and surprise, surprise, an interior designer!

So, you’re probably wondering, “What does each team member do, and why do I need them?”

To break it down:

  • Your BUILDER is going to oversee the full construction of your home from start to finish. Their services go beyond just building your home; they also handle all the financial matters of the build, communicate with an HOA, and work with the city for inspections.
  • Your ARCHITECT is in charge of outlining your floor plan and will be the artistic eye while creating the exterior style of your home. They are also responsible for following design guidelines set by your HOA & the city, and coordinating permits for the structural and engineering aspects of the plans.
  • Your LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT is going to be necessary when outlining the exterior areas of your home. You’ll need them for patios, gardens, pools, and the aesthetics of all your outdoor living spaces. Many clients involve the landscape architect from the very beginning, while in other projects, the Landscape Architect can be pulled in after plans have been finalized.
  • And, of course, your INTERIOR DESIGNER!!! Your interior designer oversees your space’s flow & overall design from the architect adding their professional eye and input. Once plans are finalized with the architect, your interior designer systematically presents and guides you through every single aesthetic decision as it relates to your interiors. Your designer will communicate all designs in scaled drawings, renderings, and specifications to your builder for construction, and will be there through the construction process to ensure design implementation.

Having these particular experts on your Dream Team at the beginning stages is crucial to a well-managed project. Each expert will be looking into your project from a different vantage point. Although we would love to say, “hire Alisha Taylor Interiors” – in reality, your dream team members must fit into your vision and expectations of the project, and vice versa. The best team of professionals is a team that is proactive, communicative, and available. It is important to have a team that knows each other’s methodology, timing, and style. Having the right team will ensure a supportive and well-developed project for our clients!

We suggest selecting your Dream Team members wisely, doing your homework & trusting your gut. Building a custom home is an exciting & extremely complex venture, and we encourage you to pick the team of professionals you feel comfortable with, trust, and enjoy working with throughout your project.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we don’t just design your custom luxury home details, but we focus on the client experience, bringing joy to building a custom home and alleviating stress. The first step to starting your design process for your custom home is to select a Dream Team that will contribute to your beautiful, luxury custom home, and provide you with a professional, positive home-building journey.

Schedule a consultation with Alisha Taylor Interiors today to begin. Happy Designing!

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