What Happens During the Ordering & Procurement Phase of Your Luxury Custom Home Project

ordering and procurement phase

After you’ve approved your new spaces based on our design presentations visualizing the made-to-order furniture pieces, custom pillows and window treatments, and the best rug for each room, we enter the Ordering & Procurement Phase of the design process.

Ordering Your Furniture & Furnishings

We can’t deny that this is the stage where your patience is required. And yes, we’ll admit it’s even hard for us to be patient once we get excited about a gorgeous design! The beautiful pieces you chose to become part of your interiors must be ordered, fabricated, and shipped. We coordinate all the purchase orders, track shipping, and have items shipped to our receiver. Our incredible receivers at Fully Loaded Deliveries meticulously inspect each item, submit images, and carefully store them in their warehouse until installation day. You don’t have to do any of the work!

To keep the ball rolling, we will be in touch with you twice a month with updates. If we are notified of any back-ordered items, we will communicate that to you! And unfortunately, sometimes these gorgeous pieces experience a long journey to our warehouse and may come in with some nicks and dings. But don’t worry! We handle all manufacturing claims and repair/reorder any damaged items, and everything is inspected before it reaches your home.

Ordering & Procurement Phase Timeline

Custom furniture is not made with a magic wand. Talented artisans create your items, sometimes from scratch. It’s a labor of love for everyone, so lead times can change because of these talented human hands making sure they get your furniture or workroom items right! So, it’s important to understand that we share the information that we receive right from the factories and workrooms. This information may not always be perfectly accurate and may change. Updates may not be what you want, but we strive for honesty and transparency in updating you!

Depending on the complexity of your project and the customization of your specific pieces the ordering & procurement phase can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months, up to a year. Our Business & Logistics Director, Emma, will be in contact about what your specific project timeline will be based on your specifics.

Preventing Major Surprises

To avoid surprises at the end of your project, we include all costs including shipping, receiving, delivery, and installation in our proposals before you approve anything! When it comes to budget, it’s important to communicate your needs and realistic expectations. We work hard to establish a budget upfront and include all costs before we start ordering because no one likes surprise expenses.

With all of our interior design services in Scottsdale, we take great care to ensure the process is smooth and fun for clients. We understand the importance of having a well-designed home you can be proud of and we are thrilled to help you bring your dream home to life. If you’re ready to start designing your custom luxury dream home with us, contact us for more information on our process!

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