SNEAK PEEK: Alisha Taylor Interiors Office

It seems as though our team tripled in size overnight, and it was time for a more functional, customized space. After looking for about a year, I came across this building that was a blank slate, and a perfect fit for the newest additions to our team. Although we still have so much to do to achieve that Alisha Taylor flair, we are excited to show you some sneak peeks and what’s to come for our new Alisha Taylor Interiors Office!

The Design Studio

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, just south of the Entertainment District, we scored the first level of this new development. Our Design Studio entrance acts as our main entrance to our design pit. This is where our junior designers spend their time sourcing, designing & collaborating for all our projects. Our goal in this space is to have a custom built-in shelving unit to host all our project trays & baskets in one spot and give our designers easy access to their current project samples. And we CAN’T WAIT to show you the wallpaper we are installing in this space!

Alisha Taylor’s Office

As we move past the design pit, we arrive at my stunning glass door office! It doesn’t look like much now, but we have big plans for this space, including custom built-ins, unique artwork & gorgeous sconces!

The Kitchenette

Eventually, we will have a custom, beautifully designed kitchenette in this corner of the office to accompany our Marketing Director & Office Manager’s desk. Designs are currently being discussed, and we are so excited to showcase the same materials we spec for our clients, and to have a place to store our yummy office snacks!

The Sample Room

The Sample Room is the library for all our wallpaper, tiles, cabinetry finishes, fabric swatches, manufacturer catalogs, paint samples, and hardware samples. We’ve recently had these built-ins completed, and we couldn’t be more excited to utilize this space!

The Presentation Room

Our Presentation Room is for our lovely clients’ presentation meetings.  We use this secluded space to display their samples, renderings, and storyboards and walk them through every component of their project. We are currently in the works of receiving a new table for this space, so stay tuned for that surprise!


We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to make this space our own, and we can’t wait to show you the Final Reveal as we add the last Alisha Taylor Interiors touches. Subscribe to our Inner Circle newsletters and never miss out on new project & studio updates!

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