How Alisha Taylor Interiors Blends with the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colormix Forecast

After Sherwin-Williams had announced their Colormix Forecast for 2022, we found the collection spoke directly to our team here at Alisha Taylor Interiors.

Sherwin-Williams’s 2022 Forecast is a collection of 40 hues separated into four palettes encompassing the acronym “MODE”: Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera. “There is so much more to color than meets the eye. It’s a part of our identity. It moves us. It has the power to change the very essence of everything it touches. Color can set a mood, create a conversation, soothe and ground us. Through color, we navigate our world, understand it more deeply, and lend it our personal touch,” (Sherwin-Williams,, 2021).

“MODE” is inspired by balance and transition, and the thought that all is ever-changing. Sherwin-Williams describes the palettes to be all about warm neutrals, bold metallics, organic greens, and nostalgic reds. The 2022 Colormix Forecast is especially exciting for us because it is a perfect blend of our staffs’ personalities. As each palette was announced, we were shocked by how perfectly our team fits into this collection.



Sherwin-Williams describes their Method palette as, “Nature’s processes, the gentle acts of becoming, show themselves in a collection of organic neutrals and tonal luxury. This palette’s earthiness and rich warmth—with its sepia softness—balance the lush refinement of art deco silhouettes on the radical raw edge of 1980s postmodernism.”

This palette fits our Marketing Director & Office Manager, Rebecca Rudd, so perfectly because she possesses the softness & warmth of neutrals while balancing refinement and structure to complete the modern organic Method palette. Although Rebecca does not design for us, she keeps us grounded and works intentionally on the marketing side of Alisha Taylor Interiors.



Sherwin-Williams describes their Opus palette as, “Color creates movement, composing a unique masterwork of dynamic transitions and stirring rhythms. This palette of dusky deep tones and unexpected accents was created to be a new kind of classical, to set drama and emotion to the art of good style, and to never, ever fade into the background.”

This palette fits our Creative Designer, Justice Cook because she truly has a deep sense of self and enjoys formulating meaningful connections with others. Her darker, edgier side of creative expression plays on the bold & dynamic hues of the Opus palette. She is extremely talented and brings the classical drama of design to the Alisha Taylor Interiors’ team!



Sherwin-Williams describes their Dreamland palette as, “The fullness of living, of existing just as we are, meets the vernal sweetness of bud and bloom, of life-giving energy at the start of a new season. Set yourself adrift in a fantasy realm of pearlescent tones, new-growth greens, and lavish pinks, and tend to a space where fresh ideas flourish.”

This palette seems as though it was personally designed for our newest Junior Designer, Madi McNeal. The soft and romantic tones appeal to her compassionate and bubbly personality while complimenting her peaceful energy. Her youthful perception and darling creativity are the perfect addition to our Alisha Taylor Interiors team!



Sherwin-Williams describes their Ephemera palette as, “Honoring the timelessness of sleek and functional midcentury modern design, this palette is a play on primary color—an evolution of bygone basics from fleetingly familiar to forever loved. Each shade is carefully chosen to evoke the fond remembrance of what once was and the unwavering optimism of what could someday be.”

This palette fits our incredible Junior Designer, Marti Diehl because she offers our team the most wisdom and experience while influencing transitional, modern design. Marti has grown with the Alisha Taylor Interiors’ team for over six years, which plays along with the representation of evolution in the Ephemera palette. Her timeless and functional design has become a signature impression at Alisha Taylor Interiors!



“A way of being, of doing, of embracing the style of the moment. When the life we know becomes something brand-new, we adapt, grow, and settle into an entirely new way of existing. This is your invitation to do so creatively, with intention, in a way only you know how.”

Alisha Taylor, Owner and Design Director, is the perfect blend of all four Colormix Forecast palettes. Her interior designs and lifestyle are driven by intentional actions, unique transitions, energized ideas, and timeless design. Inspired by growth and creativity, Alisha embraces a new way of being while exploring beyond the familiar.

Like “MODE”, Alisha curated a team that blends beautifully and can grow from the past, embraces the present, and transition into the future. This Colormix Forecast directly speaks to us and we couldn’t be more excited to start 2022 with curated colors that reflect the team at Alisha Taylor Interiors.

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