Luxury Bathroom Vanities That Complete The Room

Luxury bathroom vanity.

A luxury bathroom is necessary for elevating any luxury home, and the most defining focal point of every bathroom is the vanity. Selecting the right luxury bathroom vanity to match the overall style and feel of your bathroom and home is essential to creating a harmonious space.

With so many different options, it can be challenging to narrow down the type of bathroom you want to design and what elements are required to bring that design to life. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we pride ourselves on creating effortless, timeless luxury spaces.

This guide will provide you with different luxury vanity styles to complete your bathroom design.

Why Get Luxury Bathroom Vanities?

Bathrooms are often overlooked when renovating and decorating homes because people spend less time in them compared to other areas of the house. Private bathrooms that guests don’t use are at particular risk of being bypassed when styling homes. But a few simple tweaks to these rooms can elevate the overall style significantly.

Luxury bathroom design can help create a cohesive feel within your home, ensuring every room in your house reflects style and class. One of the benefits of bathroom design is that there are typically few elements within these rooms, meaning minor adjustments can make a huge difference.

Opting for a luxury bathroom vanity can instantly transform your bathroom’s look and ensure that you and your guests have a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience when using the most private rooms in your home.

5 Types of Luxury Bathroom Vanities You’ll Love

Consider one of the following luxury bathroom vanity styles as you update your existing bathroom or design a new one.

1. Vanity With Custom Cabinetry 

Vanity with custom cabinetry.

Building a luxury vanity with custom cabinetry is an excellent way to ensure your bathroom design fits your space and creates a cohesive feel with the rest of your home. Whether you have an oversized bathroom or a quarter bath, using custom cabinetry ensures that you maximize your storage functionality.

Elements, including hardware type, wood type, and paint color, all allow for the ultimate customization of your vanity’s appearance, which means you can design the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

2. Curved Front Vanity

Curved front vanities are an excellent way to add contrast and shape to bathrooms that otherwise exclusively use clean, sharp lines. While bathrooms clutter easily and often feature simple designs, a curved vanity is a perfect statement feature to add variation and interest to your bathroom.

Partner a curved vanity with organic materials like wood cabinetry and a carved stone sink to create an effortlessly luxurious design.

3. Flat-Panel Modern Vanity

Flat-panel modern vanity.

A flat-panel modern vanity is a perfect addition to any modern bathroom design. This luxury vanity utilizes clean lines and an understated, organic appearance that adds depth and warmth to modern bathrooms and pairs perfectly with waterfall marble top counters.

If you’re looking to design a modern luxury bathroom that doesn’t compromise function, then adding a flat-panel modern vanity is the way to go.

4. Traditional Double Vanity With Inset Cabinetry

Traditional double vanity with inset cabinetry.

Double vanities are practical for couples and families that need extra storage space and want to avoid getting in each other’s way while getting ready. These vanities are just as attractive as they are functional, and selecting a traditional double vanity with inset cabinetry ensures your bathroom has all the necessary storage space without the appearance of clutter.

White-on-white cabinetry and countertops are a classic choice for creating an airy, bright bathroom design.

5. Contemporary Wood Vanity With Vessel Sinks

Contemporary wood vanity with vessel sinks.

A contemporary wood vanity with vessel sinks is perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere at home. Opt for a dark wood finish for the cabinets, and top it off with a granite or white marble countertop.

The warm, earthy atmosphere of the wood provides a balanced feel, while the raised sink elevates the overall design.

Remodeling bathrooms can be both fun and challenging because of the limited space and limitless possibilities, and there are endless options for selecting a luxury bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

Work With Alisha Taylor Interiors for Luxury Bathroom Design

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our design focuses on your desires and lifestyle needs. We work closely with you to help design a home you love and bring your vision to life. With years of experience designing luxury bathrooms, we can help you select a stunning vanity that will complement the overall design of your bathroom.

Take a look at our work and reach out today to see how our team can help you design the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

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