Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas to Fall in Love With

For most of the home designing process, analyzing how the layout and style of your home can best meet your needs and desires is of the utmost importance. However, when designing a guest bedroom, reframing your thought process to consider the needs of your guests and what would make them most comfortable is essential. 

Creating an inviting and functional space where your guests feel at home should be at the forefront of your mind when designing your guest bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. 

In this article, we’ll suggest some modern guest bedroom ideas to make designing a stylish and functional guest room possible. 

7 Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas for 2023

Below are the seven top ideas for designing a modern guest bedroom in 2023.

1. Shiplap Accent Wall

A light-colored shiplap accent wall creates an elevated and inviting look in guest bedroom interior designs. This modern stylistic choice provides the room with depth and interest and is highly customizable, matching a wide range of design styles. 

In addition to adding visual interest, a vertical shiplap accent wall can add height to a room and is a common design technique used to help rooms with low ceilings feel larger. 


2. Play With Textures

Guest bedrooms offer significant freedom because you can avoid much of the clutter you may be forced to contend with in your primary bedroom. Playing with textures is the perfect way to add visual interest and dimension to your guest bedroom without relying heavily on patterns or bold colors. 

You can add texture to your guest room through various methods, from textured wallpaper to playing with different materials in the furniture and decor. However, the easiest and quickest way to add contrasting textures to your room is by using bedding like quilts, pillows, and throws with contrasting materials.

3. Add a Stunning Chandelier

A chandelier can instantly transform a simple, modern guest bed into a luxurious statement room. These accent lights come in many styles, materials, and sizes, so you can easily find one to match your design style. 

Our expert design team at Alisha Taylor can help you choose the right chandelier to fit your guest bedroom.

4. Use Unique Nightstands

If you want to keep your guest bedroom minimal and sleek, opting for unique nightstands like these adds intrigue to the room and takes your design to the next level.

The right nightstands will draw the eye without sacrificing functionality for your guests. Opt for nightstands with unique textures, materials, and shapes while ensuring guests have a place to set their things when they go to bed. 

5. Include a Seating Area

Including a seating area in one corner of your guest room offers your guests a place to sit where they can enjoy their coffee while watching the sunrise or lounge and read while they unwind from a long day. 

Like chandeliers and nightstands, accent chairs are available in virtually every style, so you can have fun creating a small seating space that matches your taste. 

6. Use Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic interior design is focused on combining the inside world with the outside one, incorporating natural materials like living plants. Biophilic design has gained popularity after being reported to promote productivity and improve mental and physical health

By incorporating biophilic interior design elements into your guest bedroom, you can create a calm and inviting space for your guests to relax.

7. Use Tasteful Wallpaper

While bold wallpaper has been gaining traction in the interior design world, it can define a room in a way that might not be ideal for a guest room. Opting for a minimalistic wallpaper ensures your guest bedroom is neutral and comfortable enough for all your guests to feel at home.

When you style your guest bedroom with tasteful wallpaper, you can create a transitional design, which blends modern and traditional design styles for maximum flexibility over the remainder of your design choices. 

As you consider which of the above design ideas you want to implement in your guest bedroom, remember to think about your guests and keep them at the forefront of your mind. 

Work With Alisha Taylor Interiors for Your Modern Guest Bedroom

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we strive to provide our clients with expert guidance while helping to bring their design ideas to life. 

Take a look at our previous design work and reach out to us today for help designing your modern guest bedroom.


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