Why Interior Designers Review Your Architectural Plans


“Good design is understanding the story that needs to be told and creating an experience, not just a space.” – In Detail Interiors 

Architectural plans act as the detailed roadmap to executing our new build and remodel projects! They prevent miscommunication and expensive mistakes among the multiple parties involved in the process. We highly suggest the members of your dream team review your architectural floor plans because it allows multiple experts to evaluate and analyze the structure, flow, and design of the project before any dirt is moved.

Our Approach to Reviewing Your Architectural Plans

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our approach to designing your dream home starts with the architectural layout & functionality, then we move to beautify the space with stunning materials & a cohesive color palette. We work in coordination with your expert architect to create the most functional and efficient architectural plans for your lifestyle!

When starting the design process, we ask about lifestyle, level of luxury, needs & desires, and pain points. We use this information and translate it into architectural plans before any real design begins. The earlier we make those changes on paper, the less stressful and expensive they will be if we were to make them later. An interior designer should review your architectural plans because good design starts from the ground up and we ensure the best layout for your family’s needs. Working in tandem with the structure of the home, interior designers add dimension, character, and interest to a new build design.

Examples of Architectural Edits

A few examples of edits that an interior designer can make to your architectural plans could be relocating walls & doorways to make a room larger, adding floor plugs, moving outlets & switches to reflect the best furniture & artwork layout, repositing windows to allow more natural light, reimaging a bathroom layout to make room for a dressing area, or adding stunning molding detail to take the design to the next level. The architectural review allows your dream team the opportunity to really highlight the full potential of your design while managing the project budget in the most efficient way possible.

Why You Need an Architect AND Interior Designer

An architect’s role is to create functional spaces that meet the needs of our clients and work within the home’s structure. They’ll map out your floor plans to show the necessary rooms and the architectural style of your home. Because their primary focus is on the anatomy of the home, ours is on the finer details, lifestyle, and aesthetic needs of the home. That’s why we recommend hiring both an architect and interior designer as your core team members, in addition to your builder, for your new build project. Be sure to review our post on the benefits of hiring an architect and interior designer!

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we believe that luxury and indulgence can be felt in your everyday life, including in your own home. We will work closely with you in the architectural phase of the design process. While making your home beautiful is our main goal, we also want to make your space functional, livable, and comfortable. We have the expertise to make the dream drafted on paper, your reality!

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