Our Favorite Luxury Rooms To Design

When asked what our favorite luxury rooms are to design, we name every room because we can’t pick just one! Part of our design process is to gather insight into each of our client’s lifestyles and use that information to formulate a functional and stunning design. Each detail in every room has a story behind it and no two stories are the same! We can go on and on about what we love most about each project we’ve ever designed, but to make it simpler, we’ve broken down why we love designing our favorite luxury rooms and the little tips and tricks we as interior designers do when designing your luxury dream home!


As interior designers, our favorite part of designing kitchens is combining great function and beauty into the space. Our junior designer, Yliana, adds that when developing a luxury, yet personal, kitchen design, “we keep in mind the idea of ‘form follows function’”. She further explains that the purpose of a space is to be at the forefront of our minds, and second comes beauty. “Depending on our client’s needs, we incorporate intentional, functional elements into our kitchen designs. For example, accessible phone charging stations, specialized storage spaces for appliances, or designated, organized drawers for cooking utensils.” [Yliana, Junior Designer]. In the luxury kitchens we design, these elements are functional, yet all play in harmony with the intended design style!

kitchen design favorite

Primary Bathrooms

One of our favorite luxury rooms to design for our clients is their primary bathroom! In luxury custom homes, we have the opportunity to add elements that most common households would not typically include. For example, “In our #ExeterBlvdProject, we’ve designed the morning bar in the primary suite to have a refrigerator used for makeup storage and beverages!” [Yliana, Junior Designer]. Stay tuned on our social media to see this final design come to life! In each of our meetings, we discuss and brainstorm specific functions with clients that they might not initially think of but would love to have in the future. Our junior designer, Madi, adds that “there are so many bells and whistles that we can incorporate to elevate a client’s shower design and experience, such as rain heads, body jets, hand showers, steam showers, and more.”

primary bathroom design favorite

Primary Bedrooms

Primary bedrooms are so personal to each client! We take great care in analyzing what our clients envision for their dream bedroom. Typically, a primary bedroom design evokes a sense of calm through a soft color palette, quality and cozy furniture, and a functional layout. Our favorite part of designing a primary bedroom is the personalization that goes into each detail creating a tranquil space for our clients to end their day.

primary bedroom design favorite

Powder Bathrooms

Powder rooms are one of our favorites to design because the possibilities are endless! These rooms are typically small in overall square footage, so we like to push the boundaries in their designs with bold colors, unique furnishings, and/or high-quality materials. As interior designers, we look at powder bathrooms as an opportunity to input interesting “flooring tile and decorative lighting selections to really stand out.” [Madi, Junior Designer]. Our #GilbertFarmhouse secondary bathroom design called for a unique cabinetry color! This element adds a touch of drama without it being too overwhelming due to its minuscule footprint.

favorite powder bathrooms

Great Rooms

Typically, great rooms are considered one of the most significant spaces to design & furnish in a luxury home due to their sole purpose of gathering people. As designers, we put our efforts into both the building materials and the furniture selection & layout. When discussing our clients’ intended lifestyles, we make sure to reflect that entirely. Every great room must have a focal point, so we love to achieve that by designing beautiful fireplaces as the center of attention and placing furniture with that concept at the forefront.

great room design


Our favorite part of designing home offices is creating an efficient working space that also acts as a comfortable place for conversation. A lot of times, we see that clients forget that their home office can also be an inspiring workspace through painted cabinetry, interesting furniture pieces and ambient lighting. We combined our #DCRanchVilla home office and sitting room concept into one to create a versatile space for these out-of-state clients. By designing custom built-in cabinetry with a laptop desk, and adding a comfy sofa and arm chair, this space can now be both functional and welcoming.

home office design


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