Behind the Design: DC RANCH VILLA

We can see the end of the tunnel on our DC Ranch Villa project! As the last of the furniture pieces arrive, we are anticipating the full design taking shape. We are currently in the Order Placement, Inspection, and Installation phase of the project. Since COVID hit, furniture manufacturers and shipping companies have experienced major delays resulting in late deliveries for our clients. Although we had to push this project back due to this obstacle, we are still so excited to see it all come together!

Our Creative Designer, Justice Cook, gave us the inside scoop on what inspired the DC Ranch Villa design, and what we can expect from this project as it wraps up!

The Homeowners

Our clients were an absolute delight to work with! They had bought a beautiful two-story Spanish Style home to act as their “getaway” home in Phoenix, featuring large windows, dark floors, and a beautiful layout. To complement the already stunning property, our clients reached out to Alisha Taylor Interiors to fill the space with beautiful & quality pieces and do some light remodeling, predominantly in the Primary Suite.

The Inspiration for the Design

Coming from Ohio and looking to have a home away from the grey weather of Columbus, the empty nesters still wanted to make the house hospitable for their adult kids for when they came to visit. The husband wanted to have a designated spot in the front room to read and watch the sunset as well as a study area in the Primary Suite. We wanted to still pay homage to the original Spanish-like style yet incorporate the beautiful soft pastels of the Arizona landscape and pallet to bring something unique to the homeowners. They were used to a more mid-west style and wanted something different than that, so our biggest anchor for the design and selections was “Desert Sunset”. For furniture pieces on the first floor, we focused on calming and warm, yet youthful colors, warmer woods, and textural pieces like wicker accent chairs and oxidized legs on furniture pieces. We added some fuzzy fabrics like fur, linens, boucle, and tribal print rugs to bring it to life. For the second floor, we used blues and purples to give the space a gender-neutral, yet soft and light ambiance.

Our Favorite Part

Our favorite part of this project was seeing it all come together after the inevitable messiness of the creative process! It’s incredible to have a general idea of a look and have it evolve as you get into the details of what it takes to capture that look and feel.

Some Advice from Us to You

From a creative standpoint, we find the best thing you can do is start with one or two fundamental pieces in the room that capture the ultimate feel you’re going for and use that as the foundation to find all the other elements of the room. That helps keep the design from going in a direction it wasn’t intended. It’s a balance of structure and creativity that brings a solid furniture package together. When designing a space with custom & unique pieces, there are many components to consider when ordering. From the simple wood finish on a table to the type of stitch design on a sofa seam, it all is considered and every furniture piece demands intense attention to detail.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we believe that your home is the one place you can escape to after a long day, a place to host and gather with family and friends, and a place that represents growth, memories, and stability. We do what we do in order to make your home beautiful and livable for the life you want to live within its walls.

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