A Homeowner’s Checklist To Building a New Luxury Home

home building checklist

Building a custom home is an exciting endeavor. The process of bringing your vision to life can feel magical; it’s your home space made by and for you.

While this is a thrilling adventure, a new home build is also a multi-layered process involving many steps and players. But, not to worry! We’ve broken down the process for you.

From years of experience working with clients building and designing new luxury homes, here is a building a house checklist for homeowners. Print this home-building checklist to mark off each step as you progress on this journey.

Home-Building Checklist: Starting Steps

You’ve made the decision to build your new luxury home. But where do you even begin? Here are the first steps to take to get started.

Step 1: Determine your budget

Your first task should be to identify a realistic budget for your project. This number will lay the foundation for everything else, including the location of the lot, the size of the house, and the design features that can be included.

Consult with your financial advisor or a trusted friend to determine how much you’d like to invest in your new luxury home.

Step 2: Set a time frame

Almost every construction project encounters road bumps and unexpected delays. That being said, it is important to have an end goal that you and your team can aim for. Having a clear schedule keeps everyone on the same page. When setbacks do arise, the schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

Step 3: Select and buy your land

If you don’t already own the land you want to build on, work with a real estate agent to identify a plot that would work for your home. Real estate agents can inform you about property prices in the areas you are interested in. They can also help you if you are planning on selling the home after it is completed.

It also can be helpful to consult with an architect during this step so that you can ensure the plot of land you buy fits the needs of your build.

Step 4: Assemble your team

Building a house requires a team of experienced professionals. Choosing the right players is an essential step in your home-building checklist. Here is a list of all the people you need to hire to create your dream team:

  • Home Builder or General Contractor: A professional who can oversee the execution of a home build from start to finish. This person will also be in charge of hiring out subcontractors to perform specialized parts of the construction job, such as electricians and plumbers.
  • Architect: The person in charge of designing the blueprints of the property for all other players to reference during construction.
  • Interior Designer: Once you have the blueprint for the house, an interior designer like Alisha Taylor will work with you to visualize the design for each room in the house — down to the pillows on the living room couch.
  • Landscape Architect: If you have a backyard or front yard, it is helpful to hire a landscape architect who can map out the design of your outdoor area and create a plan for your general contractor to execute.

Home-Building Checklist: Designing Your Luxury Home

Building a home from the ground up is a unique opportunity to design a living space to match your needs. Who knows what you would want in a house better than yourself?

The design portion of the process is especially thrilling. This is a great time to hire an interior designer like Alisha Taylor who can walk with you every step of the way.

Step 5: Collect examples of homes that you do and do not like

Search through Pinterest, social media, or home magazines to find examples of homes that you love. Identify the features that you like, and make a list to bring to your architect and interior designer. Then, as a team, you can decide which of these features are realistic to include in the floor plan of the house.

Knowing what you DON’T want in a home is just as important as knowing what you DO want — so feel free to bring examples that demonstrate what you would like to be left out of your home design.

Step 6: Determine the size and layout of your home

Then, it’s time to determine the master plan for your house. Determining how big you can go is dependent on a number of factors, including the size of your lot and zoning restrictions.

Discuss these factors with your architect, along with how many floors and rooms you want in your custom home.

Step 7: Line out the structure and function of each room

This step will depend not only on space but also on lifestyle. For example, if you have children, you might want an open kitchen concept so that you can chat with family from the living room while you prepare dinner. If you’re a fitness guru, you might want to include a room for a home gym. Work from home? Carve out space for a home office.

Whatever you need your house to do for you, Alisha Taylor can help.

Step 8: Determine your style and design

When working with Alisha Taylor Interiors, we will walk through each room with you and talk about interior design concepts that you are imagining. With this information, we create storyboards and renderings for each room to bring your vision to life

In this step, we will also work with you to pick out materials, such as flooring and countertops, and order products to fill out your home, such as furniture and furnishings.

Home-Building Checklist: Building the Home of Your Dreams

Once you have worked with your architect to create a blueprint of your house, your interior designer has completed 3D renderings of each room, and your general contractor has assembled a building team, it’s time to get to construction.

Step 9: Work with your team through the building process

During this step, it is essential to make sure correct permits are in place and that periodic inspections are scheduled as required by your city and state. These are tasks usually taken care of by your general contractor, but it does not hurt to stay informed of the entire process.

Remember your timeline and check in periodically with your crew to make sure you are on schedule. If something unexpected comes up, the timeline should be adjusted so that all teammates are on the same page.

Lastly, maintain close and open communication with your team. Everyone wants to get this project finished efficiently and on time, and checking in frequently helps this process.

Step 10: Move in!

Finally, the project that you have put so much time and energy into has come to life. Your floors are laid, the electricity is set, and your new dream home is ready to move into. This is your time to have a housewarming party to celebrate and meet your new neighbors.

Complete Your Home-Building Checklist With the Help of Alisha Taylor Interiors

When you’re building a new luxury home, you have the chance to design a space that is uniquely yours. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we are honored to walk you through the steps of a home-building checklist to bring your dream home to life.

Ready to design your new home? Contact us today.

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