Relieve Custom Home Renovation Stress: Secrets From the Pros

home renovation stress

You are getting ready to take an exciting step as a homeowner — renovating your home. While this is no doubt a thrilling decision, it is likely coupled with nervousness or stress about the sheer size of the project.

A custom luxury home remodel not only transforms a home, but also the lives of the people within it. That’s why it needs to be done right. Poor planning on a home renovation can lead to overwhelm, longer construction time, or dissatisfaction with the final product.

To create the luxury home of your dreams, you need the right information and a team of rockstars to help you bring your vision to life. In this article, you will learn tips to make your renovation as smooth as possible, how to find the right team, and why working with an interior designer like Alisha Taylor can relieve some of your home renovation stress.

Ways To Reduce Home Renovation Stress

1. Be clear with your budget

When it comes to a renovation project, the number one stressor is cost. It’s important to be very clear and honest with our team about your budget and to understand that cost expectations that go into a luxury home renovation.

Once your budget is established, create a list of all the changes you are hoping to make and bring this information to your remodeling partner, contractor, interior designer, and anyone else on your team so that everyone is clear on the budget from the start. Your team can then evaluate your existing home and estimate your full remodel cost.

2. Maintain open communication with the team

Letting a team of almost strangers into your house can be a very vulnerable experience. That’s why it is essential to work with people who you trust and who you feel comfortable with voicing any concerns, questions, or updates.

Our team at Alisha Taylor Interiors knows that trust is the foundation for every client/designer relationship. We spend the early stages of the project getting to know you and your lifestyle in order to start off with open communication. A strong connection makes it easier to stay in frequent contact through every step of the remodel.

3. Create temporary solutions or consider moving

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients is: “Can I live at home during my remodel?”

The answer is YES, as long as you are willing to weather some discomfort and set up temporary spaces within your home as phases of your full renovation get completed..

However, typically for our full remodel projects, we find the clients have more flexibility and comfort moving to a temporary home during the renovation process. Full remodels can take up to a year or more depending on the scope of the project, and living in those conditions for that long isn’t ideal.

4. Maintain a clear schedule

While almost every renovation schedule is disrupted by an unexpected bump in the road, it is essential for the team to be on the same page about what is supposed to be done by when.

A remodel schedule should include dates for the expected completion of each phase of the renovation as well as a project end date. This will reduce confusion and give you confidence that your project is on track. If anything comes up that causes any deadlines to be pushed back, the contractor or designer will communicate the change so that the schedule may be adjusted.

Everyone on the team wants to get the project finished on time, and a detailed schedule will help make sure this happens.

5. Take extra care of yourself

Our homes are where we go to relax and escape the hecticness of the outside world. During a home renovation, your refuge is being disrupted. That’s why it is essential to take extra good care of yourself, your physical health, and your mental well-being.

Oftentimes, being away from the project or limited to a section of the house causes people to stray from their routine. However, it is essential during this time that you continue your habitual acts of self-care. Exercising, eating well, and having people you can lean on are all factors that will reduce your home renovation stress.

How To Select Your Team

One of the most important steps in any home renovation project is assembling a team of seasoned professionals who will get the job done right. Here are the essential players you will need to hire for a successful renovation:

  • General Contractor
  • Tradesmen (painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • Carpenter
  • Interior Designer

You want to make sure your teammates have the experience and expertise needed to bring your dream home to life. With almost 20 years of experience in design, Alisha Taylor and her team have the passion and knowledge to make the remodel process straightforward and fun.

Reduce Stress By Hiring an Interior Designer

It’s no secret that working with an interior designer can reduce home renovation stress and make the journey easier. But how exactly do they fit into the puzzle?

You can think of an interior designer as the “facilitator” of your redesign project. Ideally, they will work hand-in-hand with your builder and all the other members of your team to keep the project moving forward.

They will also work closely with you to talk through any ideas you may have, introduce design concepts for your living spaces, and help with the selection and placement of furniture.

Whatever your luxury custom home renovation desires, a professional interior designer like Alisha Taylor can make the process smoother.

Learn more about Alisha Taylor’s personalized design services.

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