Why You Should Invest in Your Area Rugs

layering area rugs

“If you’re only looking at a finished rug, it’s easy to forget how much craftsmanship is involved,”

— Amir Loloi, Owner and Head Designer of Loloi Rugs.

Investing in high-quality area rugs for your luxury custom home can be a wise decision for several reasons. First, premium area rugs can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any room, instantly transforming the look and feel of your space. They can also help to tie all of your furniture and decor together, creating a cohesive and well-designed look.

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, high-quality area rugs can also be incredibly durable and long-lasting. Unlike cheaper, mass-produced rugs, high-end rugs are often handcrafted using traditional techniques and materials, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

Loloi Rugs, an industry leader in rug design innovation, prides itself on intent with each design because they strive to, “create new, intricate textures that are made to last. And even often illustrate [their] own patterns. Resulting in beautifully-designed rugs that will look great now—and decades from now.”

Investing in a high-quality area rug can actually be a smart financial decision in the long run. Because these rugs are so durable and well-made, they can last for years or even decades with proper care. This means you won’t have to replace them as often as you would a cheaper, lower-quality rug. While investing in an expensive area rug may require a larger upfront investment, the benefits in terms of style, durability, and long-term value can make it well worth the expense.

Why Are Area Rugs Expensive?

High-quality area rugs can be expensive due to a variety of factors. Firstly, the materials used to make the rug can significantly impact the price. For example, hand-knotted rugs made from high-quality wool or silk can be more expensive than machine-made rugs made from synthetic materials. Additionally, the rug size can also affect the price, with larger rugs typically costing more.

Another factor that contributes to the cost of area rugs is the amount of time and skill required to create them. Handmade rugs can take months or even years to complete, with skilled artisans carefully crafting every detail by hand. This level of craftsmanship and attention to detail can drive up the price of the rug.

According to Surya Rugs, a top provider of luxury, high-quality rugs in the interior design industry, “the skill, passion, and diligence required to make rugs and textiles by hand is unparalleled. We [Surya Rugs] strive to honor and preserve the centuries-old traditions and techniques, keeping history alive by continually investing in the well-being and professional growth of 50,000+ artisans.”

Finally, the design and style of the rug can also impact the cost. Unique or intricate patterns, as well as rare or exotic materials, can increase the value of the rug. Overall, the cost of an area rug reflects the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design, making it a worthwhile investment for any home!


Luxury and indulgence can be felt in your everyday life, including in your own home. We will work closely with you in the beginning phases of the design process, and then you can turn it over to us to make your dream home come to life!

Contact us today to begin designing your luxury custom home. 

The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Luxury Homes

energy efficiency

A luxury home can be lovely to look at and live in, but maintaining and running it can come at a high cost. Bigger houses mean more energy consumption, leading to higher bills and a higher impact on the environment. As of 2020, Luxury Dream Homes estimates that luxury home maintenance can cost up to $70,000 a month. Meanwhile, the superrich’s properties have been estimated to emit thousands of tons of carbon emissions yearly, in comparison to the average of about five tons per household.

To avoid these increases, luxury homeowners need to pay more attention to how much energy their homes use, from essential aspects like heating and appliances to other factors such as swimming pools or electric vehicles. There are many ways to cut down on energy at home in smart and efficient ways, reducing the amount on your bills and sparing the environment from even more damage. Here’s why energy efficiency is crucial for luxury homes and some tips to get you started:

Why energy efficiency is important

Energy efficiency may sound like a challenging idea at first. To many, it entails sacrificing some luxuries or buying all sorts of equipment that can be a hassle to install and maintain. However, the benefits of energy efficiency are worth the extra work. Less energy means paying less for the amount you consume, and as all luxury homeowners know, those prices are higher than the average home.

The perks of energy efficiency also extend beyond your home and into your surroundings. Conserving energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which larger homes contribute a lot too. Using renewable energy sources decreases your dependence on fossil fuels as well.

Conserving energy doesn’t have to be difficult; there are many simple ways to adjust your energy use at home. Below are a few ways you can make your luxury home more energy efficient:

How luxury homes can be more energy efficient

Use energy-efficient cooling systems

Cooling is one of the most critical aspects of a luxury home, but they consume a lot of electricity, which is why it’s a crucial area to tackle when attempting to conserve energy.

One of the best ways to minimize electricity consumption is to use energy-efficient cooling systems. This technology ensures that your home isn’t using up more energy than needed while keeping your home at an optimal temperature. An air conditioner like the Mitsubishi SRK13YL can run on auto or timer while using 50% less energy. You don’t need to compromise your air quality to enjoy less energy consumption.

Switch to smart devices

Homes have become increasingly integrated with technology. Many of your home’s usual appliances and fixtures can be switched to smart versions, helping you save energy and making maintaining your house a breeze.

You can switch out your incandescent bulbs for smart LED bulbs, providing more flexibility with lighting your home while conserving energy. These smart bulbs can be motion controlled and turned off automatically when a room is empty or remotely controlled from anywhere inside or outside the house. Lights are also vital for improving your home’s aesthetic. Pair smart lights with dimming and color-changing features with your gorgeous light fixtures when decorating your luxury living room, and you’ll see a big difference in the space’s mood.

Consider renewable energy

Fossil fuels are incredibly detrimental to the environment; the less we depend on them, the better. Using natural energy like the sun and wind can reduce the impact of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, minimizing damage to the earth. Solar panels have become more widespread and are a more sustainable way to power your home. Depending on your location, windmills are a good option to consider. The benefit of using renewable energy is that these resources will not run out, so you can depend on them more comfortably. Additionally, these can increase your property value in the long run.

Making your luxury home more energy efficient has many benefits for homeowners and the earth. Doing your part can make a massive environmental difference, reducing further damage. For more ideas on living and style, please see the rest of the blog here.

Exclusively written for www.alishataylor.com by Anika Campbell

The Benefits of Assembling Your Dream Team for Your New Build

custom home

At our Luxury Dream Home Date Night Event, we discussed what steps to take when building your luxury dream home.

We were honored to have Brady Fenn & Adam Kostis join us for the evening. Brady Fenn, with Fenn Rogers Custom Homes, is a luxury home builder, contractor, and remodeler, specializing in new builds and full remodels. Adam Kostis is the Creative Director at Cosan Studio, a Scottsdale-based architectural firm, executing thoughtful, well-designed projects.

There are so many benefits of assembling your Dream Team at the beginning of your luxury new build project. We suggest selecting your members wisely, doing your homework & trusting your gut. Building a custom home is an exciting & extremely complex venture, and we encourage you to pick the team of professionals that you feel comfortable with, that you trust, and that you will enjoy working with throughout your project.

On a luxury custom home project, you have a builder, an architect, and a professional interior designer, and those three are your core team members. Throughout the entire project, you’ll add a landscape designer in there, you’ll add a cabinet company, and other vendors and your team will get bigger. But it is so important to hire those three critical professionals before you even have an idea on a napkin.

Brady, as a custom home builder, what would you say are some of the benefits of having all those professionals hired on the front end?

Brady Fenn: These three people are essentially who you can trust to build your dream home. If the project is starting to go down the wrong path or getting out of budget, these three people are going to tell you and assist in the process to get it back on track.

As builders, we want to be involved when you first start the plans, because we act as another advocate for the clients to stay on top of the architect and interior designer.  We want to get it to the point where we can start building it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

I think that that’s a big thing that we do as builders. Let us be your advocate to help guide this process. And sometimes we’ll be the bad guys, so that you, the client, don’t necessarily always have to be.

And obviously budget is a huge reason to get us involved early. We generally have a good idea of what things are going to cost, what the market is doing, which materials are delayed, and where we can possibly value engineer and bring up some good ideas of ways to save on cost without sacrificing quality.

Absolutely. Adam, in your experience as a professional architect, a lot of the time you get approached first. So how do you guide clients to get together that dream team at the start of a project?

Adam Kostis: I always like to think that ideas are whimsical. As architects, we’ve got whimsical ideas on paper. And clients, as well, have whimsical ideas for their dream homes. So that nature can spiral and get out of hand if you don’t have a structure within your team, and that team is the three of us. It includes that builder, that interior designer, and that architect. So, without those professionals, your ideas, as clients, are just whimsical.

Putting that pen to paper and making sure that everything is well thought out and methodical, that’s where things become more efficient. And we can start to get you exactly what you want in a faster timeframe working altogether. And time is money.

Another question we get is how can potential clients find that dream team. We know who the awesome builders, architects, and designers are in town because we’re in the field. What would you suggest for a homeowner? Where do they even start? How do they find a great architect, a great builder, and a great designer?

Adam Kostis: Instagram! Lol.

Brady Fenn: That’s a hard question, especially for us, because we don’t do the best job at marketing. We rely on word of mouth and reputation. Talking to someone who’s been through this process is important. And whoever you talk to and feel most comfortable with, within the three of us, whether it’s the architect, builder, or designer, we suggest really leaning on those professionals. There are lots of great builders and professionals out there, and there are different personalities and different fits.

And all have familiarity with the process too. As interior designers, you know how we build and who’s on our team. So you know what you can design and how we’re going to execute it. The same goes for the architect, we know how your process is. That familiarity helps the project flow more smoothly. And as you said, time is money.

It’s all about the Dream Team and getting those team players early in the process to ensure an efficient and beautiful project. Although we would love to say, “hire Alisha Taylor Interiors” – in reality, your dream team members must fit into your vision and expectations of the project, and vice versa. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we don’t just design your custom luxury home details, but we focus on the client experience, bringing joy to building a custom home and alleviating stress.

The first step to starting your design process for your custom home is to select a Dream Team that will contribute to your beautiful, luxury custom home, and provide you with a professional, positive home-building journey.

How to Use Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year in Your Luxury Home

redend point color

Sherwin-Williams introduced Redend Point SW 9081 as the 2023 Color of the Year! We’re excited for this soft and soulful neutral color to dominate the industry’s palettes this year. We found that this expressive color creates a sense of comfort, appreciation, and connection. Our design team has come up with multiple designs to show how we would use Redend Point in a luxury custom home design!

Kitchen Design

In Marti’s inspiration, she used the heartening color as a pop of warmth in a dark, moody kitchen design. The charcoal marble countertop & backsplash slab corresponds with the carbon perimeter cabinetry and grey stone flooring creating a deep monochromatic look. Adding the ‘Color of the Year’ to the large kitchen island and inside the open shelving creates lovely dimension. Because Redend Point is somewhat of an emotional hue, pairing it with such a dark concept with industrial elements creates an intriguing space.

Powder Bath Design

With Yliana’s inspiration, she embraced a light, organic design for this powder bath. The paneling concept covered in Redend Point combined with the chic fixtures & sophisticated wallpaper creates a perfect mixture of traditional & modern elements. The natural cabinetry finish and gold hardware offer lots of warmth and elegance. In this case, the ‘Color of the Year’ is welcoming and refreshed, providing a beautiful, inspiring powder bathroom design.

Girl’s Suite Design

Madi’s inspiration wanted to play with the pink undertones of the Redend Point hue and design a little girl’s suite. While using light elements such as natural wood flooring, white cabinetry, and a simple area rug, the ‘Color of the Year’ acts as an accent on the wall behind the bed. This color will also pull from the whimsical wallpaper near the window seat creating some additional drama in this space.

Our interior design projects are individualized to create a true sense of place, reflecting the desires, personalities, and styles of the clients that put their homes in our hands. We strive to enhance our clients’ lives by not only creating beautiful interiors for them but by keeping the design process understandable and efficient through a systematic method that allows them to visualize and be excited about their designs. Let’s chat about your luxury dream home!

Interior Design is One of the Best ROI Home Improvements

bathroom design

Interior design is one of the best ROI home improvements you can make for your luxury home. Your luxury custom home should not only look amazing, but reflect your personality and style, and it should function in a way that works with how you live your life. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we design with purpose and intention, in addition to great style!

Hiring an interior designer can provide upgraded functionality in your luxury custom home. Livability is key to enjoying a home. Professional interior design can help make the space more purposeful resulting in a house that lives as good as it looks. Interior design without livability is just a look. Instead, a luxury custom home should be a comfortable and stylish experience.

Interior designers also integrate better aesthetics and creative solutions for your home. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our design style is timeless and reflective. When working with us, your design is guaranteed to last through quality materials, creative intentions & personalization, all while being stunningly beautiful.

Is It Worth It to Hire an Interior Designer?

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our goal is to make each one of our clients feel at home in their living space. Through our personalized design process, we work to create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them.

We believe that your home is the one place you can escape to after a long day, a place to host and gather with family and friends, and a place that represents growth, memories, and stability. We do what we do in order to make your home beautiful and livable for the life you want to live within its walls. Below are three ways the benefit of hiring an interior designer outweighs the costs:

  1. Optimizing Your Time

We’ve been in the interior design industry long enough to know that building a home always seems to take a little bit longer than anyone originally anticipated. Delivery trucks always seem to come an hour after your 5-hour time window, and the couch you fell in love with won’t get shipped out for another 6 weeks… after it gets back in stock. We’ve learned to laugh through it all!

Hiring an interior designer takes the stress of time completely off your hands. We handle the entire process for you, so you can focus on the other things happening in your life. Having a professional manage your interior design project saves you time because you’re not worrying about it, we are!

  1. Improving your Home Value

The best part about hiring an interior designer is the happiness you will feel in your beautiful new home after the process is done. You really can’t put a price tag on the enjoyment of a refreshed space that perfectly reflects who you are and supports your lifestyle.

Another plus of hiring an interior designer is that you will experience an increase in your home’s value because we provide smart updates. As interior designers, we will guide you in making the right upgrades when getting a return on your investment.

Knowing the market is essential here! And as interior design professionals, we know the market. We will help you make wise decisions for resale value, but most importantly, we will make you feel happy and comfortable in your new space.

  1. Sticking To a Budget

If you decide to move forward with a design, working with an interior designer can actually save you money. When you first meet with us, we agree to a set budget based on your preferences and our fee structure. We work hard to stay within this budget and create a design that you will love! When trying to design a home on your own, it’s easy to spend carelessly and buy things that don’t fit with your space, wasting money in the long run.

In the luxury spaces where we practice, we help our clients know when to splurge on that exceptional piece for the room. We bring these pieces to you and make professional recommendations. We also tell you where you can save! Overall, we will help you make all the right decisions when it comes to your space so you are spending your money wisely.

As our client, you will also receive insider access to the interior design world. We have trade discounts, partners in moving and shipping, and the inside scoop on material costs that we share with you. With exclusive access to certain vendors, an interior designer will give you reduced pricing on items you won’t find in a retail environment.

Hiring an interior designer may seem daunting, but anyone can benefit from having a professional come in and add beautiful touches to your home or help with the process of building or remodeling. Reach out with any questions you may have about what we believe, what we do, or what you can expect from hiring Alisha Taylor Interiors.

Behind the Design: MODERN SUNSET

kitchen rendering design
#ModernSunset Kitchen Rendering

Join us as we go Behind the Design in our #ModernSunsetProject with Junior Designer, Marti Diehl! This project was architecturally designed by the incredible team at Cosan Studio, and the team currently in the works to make it a reality is A Finer Touch Construction. The anticipation for our #ModernSunsetProject has been growing since our clients first approached us three years ago! To achieve this intense hillside build, there needed to be highly detailed plans, very precise calculations, and careful consideration of the landscape. Marti Diehl has given us the inside scoop on what we can expect from this stunning hillside new build design.

We’re so excited for this project to wrap up in early Spring 2023. Could you explain what inspired the design direction for this new build project? 

Marti: The Modern Sunset project sits on a hillside lot with amazing views and the architect really set the tone by maximizing those views from as many angles as possible. From there the clients favored a simple, contemporary style with a soft, desert-inspired palette that we absolutely love. This style allows the views to be the star of the whole project and really highlights the indoor/outdoor nature of a home like this.

We love that the clients and team really wanted to highlight the mountain views in this design. Because this project has such an interesting site location & layout, could you tell us about the development of this idea?

Marti: Once the lot was picked, the process of figuring out the best placement of the home was the next big challenge. Getting the angles just right to have a perfect view of a mountain range from the kitchen sink or a beautiful rock formation as you walk down the glass-enclosed gallery was important. The architect and builder spent a good amount of time on this! Alisha even went on an early site visit where everyone hiked up from the street to understand the vision and discuss the placement of each space in this home.

During our design process, Alisha Taylor Interiors work closely with our clients to truly understand what their needs, desires, and pain points are. Because no two people are the same, no two homes or reasons to build a luxury home are the same. Why did these clients want to build a luxury custom home? 

Marti: These clients had a second home in Scottsdale that they loved to come spend some time at each year, but decided they wanted to upgrade to something that they could make their own and have more room for their grown kids and grandkids to come visit. A hillside project is never a small undertaking, but they hired the right team of builder, architect, and designer to make it amazing and luxurious!

I know it’s probably difficult to pick just one, but which spaces are you most excited about in this home? 

Marti: The great room and kitchen include an almost entirely glass wall that opens to make the patio, including a gorgeous, zero-edge pool, an extension of the living and entertaining space. It has 180-degree views over the surrounding landscape with city lights twinkling in the distance at night.

To complement that, this space was designed with so much function that will be perfect for our clients to host their family and friends. A spacious kitchen and dining space have tons of seating and a stunning bar nearby. The outdoor living space will be nearly as comfortable as the indoor living space since each one has a fireplace and cushy, upholstered seating for chatting by the pool or watching a game.

We are on the edge of our seats waiting for this project to be completed! Be sure to follow the progress on our social media! If you are ready to build your luxury custom home, we’d love to hear about your project!


rendering design
#ModernSunset Primary Bedroom Rendering
#ModernSunset Primary Suite Rendering

Why Interior Designers Review Your Architectural Plans


“Good design is understanding the story that needs to be told and creating an experience, not just a space.” – In Detail Interiors 

Architectural plans act as the detailed roadmap to executing our new build and remodel projects! They prevent miscommunication and expensive mistakes among the multiple parties involved in the process. We highly suggest the members of your dream team review your architectural floor plans because it allows multiple experts to evaluate and analyze the structure, flow, and design of the project before any dirt is moved.

Our Approach to Reviewing Your Architectural Plans

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, our approach to designing your dream home starts with the architectural layout & functionality, then we move to beautify the space with stunning materials & a cohesive color palette. We work in coordination with your expert architect to create the most functional and efficient architectural plans for your lifestyle!

When starting the design process, we ask about lifestyle, level of luxury, needs & desires, and pain points. We use this information and translate it into architectural plans before any real design begins. The earlier we make those changes on paper, the less stressful and expensive they will be if we were to make them later. An interior designer should review your architectural plans because good design starts from the ground up and we ensure the best layout for your family’s needs. Working in tandem with the structure of the home, interior designers add dimension, character, and interest to a new build design.

Examples of Architectural Edits

A few examples of edits that an interior designer can make to your architectural plans could be relocating walls & doorways to make a room larger, adding floor plugs, moving outlets & switches to reflect the best furniture & artwork layout, repositing windows to allow more natural light, reimaging a bathroom layout to make room for a dressing area, or adding stunning molding detail to take the design to the next level. The architectural review allows your dream team the opportunity to really highlight the full potential of your design while managing the project budget in the most efficient way possible.

Why You Need an Architect AND Interior Designer

An architect’s role is to create functional spaces that meet the needs of our clients and work within the home’s structure. They’ll map out your floor plans to show the necessary rooms and the architectural style of your home. Because their primary focus is on the anatomy of the home, ours is on the finer details, lifestyle, and aesthetic needs of the home. That’s why we recommend hiring both an architect and interior designer as your core team members, in addition to your builder, for your new build project. Be sure to review our post on the benefits of hiring an architect and interior designer!

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we believe that luxury and indulgence can be felt in your everyday life, including in your own home. We will work closely with you in the architectural phase of the design process. While making your home beautiful is our main goal, we also want to make your space functional, livable, and comfortable. We have the expertise to make the dream drafted on paper, your reality!

Our Favorite Luxury Rooms To Design

When asked what our favorite luxury rooms are to design, we name every room because we can’t pick just one! Part of our design process is to gather insight into each of our client’s lifestyles and use that information to formulate a functional and stunning design. Each detail in every room has a story behind it and no two stories are the same! We can go on and on about what we love most about each project we’ve ever designed, but to make it simpler, we’ve broken down why we love designing our favorite luxury rooms and the little tips and tricks we as interior designers do when designing your luxury dream home!


As interior designers, our favorite part of designing kitchens is combining great function and beauty into the space. Our junior designer, Yliana, adds that when developing a luxury, yet personal, kitchen design, “we keep in mind the idea of ‘form follows function’”. She further explains that the purpose of a space is to be at the forefront of our minds, and second comes beauty. “Depending on our client’s needs, we incorporate intentional, functional elements into our kitchen designs. For example, accessible phone charging stations, specialized storage spaces for appliances, or designated, organized drawers for cooking utensils.” [Yliana, Junior Designer]. In the luxury kitchens we design, these elements are functional, yet all play in harmony with the intended design style!

kitchen design favorite

Primary Bathrooms

One of our favorite luxury rooms to design for our clients is their primary bathroom! In luxury custom homes, we have the opportunity to add elements that most common households would not typically include. For example, “In our #ExeterBlvdProject, we’ve designed the morning bar in the primary suite to have a refrigerator used for makeup storage and beverages!” [Yliana, Junior Designer]. Stay tuned on our social media to see this final design come to life! In each of our meetings, we discuss and brainstorm specific functions with clients that they might not initially think of but would love to have in the future. Our junior designer, Madi, adds that “there are so many bells and whistles that we can incorporate to elevate a client’s shower design and experience, such as rain heads, body jets, hand showers, steam showers, and more.”

primary bathroom design favorite

Primary Bedrooms

Primary bedrooms are so personal to each client! We take great care in analyzing what our clients envision for their dream bedroom. Typically, a primary bedroom design evokes a sense of calm through a soft color palette, quality and cozy furniture, and a functional layout. Our favorite part of designing a primary bedroom is the personalization that goes into each detail creating a tranquil space for our clients to end their day.

primary bedroom design favorite

Powder Bathrooms

Powder rooms are one of our favorites to design because the possibilities are endless! These rooms are typically small in overall square footage, so we like to push the boundaries in their designs with bold colors, unique furnishings, and/or high-quality materials. As interior designers, we look at powder bathrooms as an opportunity to input interesting “flooring tile and decorative lighting selections to really stand out.” [Madi, Junior Designer]. Our #GilbertFarmhouse secondary bathroom design called for a unique cabinetry color! This element adds a touch of drama without it being too overwhelming due to its minuscule footprint.

favorite powder bathrooms

Great Rooms

Typically, great rooms are considered one of the most significant spaces to design & furnish in a luxury home due to their sole purpose of gathering people. As designers, we put our efforts into both the building materials and the furniture selection & layout. When discussing our clients’ intended lifestyles, we make sure to reflect that entirely. Every great room must have a focal point, so we love to achieve that by designing beautiful fireplaces as the center of attention and placing furniture with that concept at the forefront.

great room design


Our favorite part of designing home offices is creating an efficient working space that also acts as a comfortable place for conversation. A lot of times, we see that clients forget that their home office can also be an inspiring workspace through painted cabinetry, interesting furniture pieces and ambient lighting. We combined our #DCRanchVilla home office and sitting room concept into one to create a versatile space for these out-of-state clients. By designing custom built-in cabinetry with a laptop desk, and adding a comfy sofa and arm chair, this space can now be both functional and welcoming.

home office design


Check out more of our favorite luxury rooms to design & our portfolio here!

How Much Does a Luxury New Build Cost?

new build project

At our Luxury Dream Home Date Night Event, we discussed how our clients and industry professionals can navigate a luxury custom new build budget. We were honored to have Brady Fenn & Adam Kostis join us for the evening. Brady Fenn, with Fenn Rogers Custom Homes, is a luxury home builder, contractor, and remodeler, specializing in new build projects and full remodels. Adam Kostis is the Creative Director at Cosan Studio, a Scottsdale-based architectural firm, executing thoughtful, well-designed projects. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we are thrilled to have many projects with both Fenn Rogers Custom Homes & Cosan Studios creating efficient, beautiful, and well-thought-out homes for our clients.

The biggest question that we get in this professional field is, “How much is my luxury new build project going to cost?” And my short answer is, “I don’t know. We’ll add it up when it’s all done.” And that’s the case because there are so many unknowns. Brady and Adam are here to educate our readers about what to expect for a luxury new build budget.

As a custom home builder, Brady, how do you field those cost questions when referencing a luxury new build? 

Brady Fenn: The first few questions that we’ll need answered is, “What lot are you building on? What are the restrictions of your lot? Is it a flat lot? Is it easy to build on?” That’s kind of the first indicator to cost. The next indicator depends on your lifestyle. So, answering questions like, “What are you used to? What’s your current home like? Are you going to be building something similar to where they’re living now or is it going to be the next step to luxury?”

A question we like to ask to indicate the level of luxury is, “What appliance package are you used to?” That’s a big one. If it’s LG or it’s Subzero Wolf, then we know what type of client we’re dealing with and that can guide the cost of the project based on those expectations.

Yes, I agree. We navigate our clients’ budgets in the same way by really diving into what are they used to and what kind of lifestyle do they currently live or are expecting to live in their new build. What are you seeing for costs per square foot in this market right now from Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Queen Creek areas?

Brady Fenn: I think for us, we’re a little different kind of builder and the way we do things, but the bottom of what we could do starts at $350/sqft. But honestly, that’s getting harder to do. A year ago, that was a little bit easier to accomplish, but as prices and costs increase, and with so much demand, it’s getting hard to gauge. Ultimately, I would say the cost per square foot is in that $350 range up to even $1,200 a square foot. But with that being said, that cost includes the lot, the pool, and landscape design, whether this is a full turnkey package. There are just so many different variables to drive cost.

So many factors go into the cost of a luxury build. I like to use the analogy, “Well, how much would a car cost?” The response could be the cost of a Hyundai or the cost of an Aston Martin. So as the process goes on and as the designs from the architect and interior designer come in, we gather those little bits of knowledge to help to completely understand that budget and what level of luxury they want. My rule of thumb is to not be afraid of talking about budget and costs. As an interior designer, builder, architect, and especially as a client or homeowner, it’s important to tell your team what your expectations are. As an architect, Adam, how do you approach the conversation of budget with your clients?  

Adam Kostis: The earlier we know [your honest budget] on the front end of things, the better. As architects and interior designers, we value your constraints. Our job solely is to understand your constraints and your wants & needs and be able to assemble them into one package.

We want to push you in the design ability. We want to give you all those bells and whistles within your constraints, but we might have to dial back a little bit as we work through it. And that’s where Brady, your builder, comes in and starts putting numbers to those sticks & bricks and we work together to stay within that budget.

By the end of it, we’ve got something that you’re proud of and fits within your budgetary constraints.

Absolutely. And unfortunately, no one has a magic wand. Costs are costs. If budget isn’t shared, you are leaving a lot of room for headaches and negative outcomes. We all either design or build on any reasonable budget. Just because you have a luxury builder that has done an $800/sqft, doesn’t mean they can’t do the $400/sqft build. It’s just about education, expectations, and communication within your team!


Learn more tips and tricks to building your luxury dream home by listening here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoqtecGal3g


Project Reveal: Chandler Remodel Outdoor Project

outdoor patio with dog

This luxury resort-style outdoor furniture project was an addition to our Chandler Remodel Project! We were thrilled to be able to take this beautiful project further than just the interiors. A lot of people may not know, but interior design can absolutely be extended to outdoor furnishings. In fact, if you’re looking for a fully transformed & completed interior design, you will want your luxury interior designer to furnish your patios, outdoor bars, and lounge areas!

This Resort-Style Backyard

After remodeling and furnishing their main living areas and primary suite, it was important to replicate the layout & function of the outdoors. The overall aesthetic of the outdoor furniture design was luxury & custom oasis. This design color palette played with muted tones and whites to not overshadow the beautifully designed landscape & pool. Our Junior Designer, Marti Diehl, expresses that “from the outdoor fireplace to the enormous crystal clear pool to the abundance of comfortable upholstered seating options, [this project] adds to an overall feeling of peace and tranquility. This backyard is the definition of a private, relaxing retreat, while also having enough space and accommodations to host a really good party!” There were five main outdoor areas to furnish on this floorplan, so our strategy was to allow each space to speak for its own while complimenting one another in design. When selecting outdoor furniture, it is important that they are not just comfortable and appealing options, but also equally durable and weather resistant. We opted for aluminum wood and performance fabrics to battle those scorching Arizona summers, but act as a wonderful entertainment space during those amazing cooler months!

The Bold Casita

The design for the casita called for bold patterns with a neutral color palette to reflect the interior of the main house. It features a main living space with access to a covered patio through glass sliding doors allowing a true indoor-outdoor experience. The casita also provides a dining nook with a built-in bench & a bold patterned backsplash in the kitchenette. In the guest bedroom, the neutral big-ticket items were accessorized with bold patterns and rich colors to make the room balanced. Guests will never want to leave this comfortable & inviting casita!

Building Your Luxury Custom Home Starts with Your Lot

custom home building

At our Luxury Dream Home Date Night Event, we discussed what steps to take when building your luxury dream home. We were honored to have Brady Fenn & Adam Kostis join us for the evening. Brady Fenn, with Fenn Rogers Custom Homes, is a luxury home builder, contractor, and remodeler, specializing in new builds and full remodels. Adam Kostis is the Creative Director at Cosan Studio, a Scottsdale-based architectural firm, executing thoughtful, well-designed projects.

At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we are thrilled to have many projects with both Fenn Rogers Custom Homes & Cosan Studios creating efficient, beautiful, and well-thought-out homes for our clients.

One of the most common questions we get from clients starting their homebuilding journey is, “Where in the world do I start when wanting to build a luxury dream home?” Brady and Adam are here to educate our readers about what that very first step should be.

As an architect, what does Cosan Studio offer for that very first step to building a luxury custom home?

Adam Kostis: Even before coming to us, I think the best thing to do is to do your own research and get a short list of firms that you think are going to gel with in style and what you want for your home. Reach out to the creative director or principal and set up some one-on-one interviews. The journey of building a home is an 8-to-12-month relationship, so really making sure that you’re working with someone you gel well with and can make crucial decisions with is definitely number one on the list. It’s important that you are with someone that you’re happy and comfortable with for a long period of time.

As clients or potential clients are shopping for that custom home lot, what do you do, as architects, to help make that decision?

Adam Kostis: The first thing we do is make sure that you’re buying a lot that’ll give you what you want with your dream home. There are constraints, site forces, and things like setbacks. We want to make sure that we can provide exactly what you want on that lot. So, you don’t want to be buying a lot before you meet with an architect. I think that’s a little bit backward.

You’ll want to come to us, and we’ll do a feasibility study for you. What that entails is that we’ll analyze the site. We’ll draw a bubble diagram of where your house would sit and understand how the house could be laid out to make sure the lot is buildable. So that’s pretty much the initial step.

That’s so helpful because, unfortunately, we’ve seen custom home lots that are almost unbuildable. Our advice is to use your professionals to your advantage. Brady, as a custom home builder, you’ve got a lot of insight into cost. What’s great about that is that you can educate a client by just looking at some dirt. 

Brady Fenn: Yeah, absolutely. That’s something we like to do in the predesign phase. We typically go out and look at lots with potential clients and give them an idea of what the buildability is of the lot. Is it hillside? Is it going to require retaining walls? Are the utilities close? What does the HOA require as far as design guidelines? There are just so many things like that that are hard to understand if you’ve never gone through that process before.

Understanding that the same house can cost a totally different price on a different piece of dirt can guide the purchase of a lot. When building your luxury custom home, it’s important to consult with an architect and a builder before purchasing a lot to prevent unwanted surprises!  

View the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoqtecGal3g


Decorative vs Builder-Grade Lighting for Luxury Custom Home Projects

The beauty of decorative lighting is its ability to transform a room by setting the mood, manipulating the colors throughout the design, and highlighting the architectural features of a space. It might not always seem like it, but lighting is one of the most important elements of a home. A well-lit home draws attention to every detail and showcases the quality & craftsmanship in the design.


Builder-grade lighting that is typically provided by your builder is recessed lighting, also known as can lights, which are used throughout the home as standard, but impactful lighting components. Builders also provide all light switches, including three-way switches with different access points and dimmer switches throughout the project. Because builder-grade lighting does not provide a variety of lighting layers in a space, we as designers, take it a step further by incorporating “decorative lighting” into the lighting plan. These fixtures provide different layers of light that every luxury space craves, while also acting as statement pieces in the entire home.




We like to use large chandeliers in the center of our great room, dining room, and entryway designs to act as the focal point. Chandeliers are great options to use when balancing the scale of a room, just be sure to hang them high enough to not hit anyone in the head!


Kitchens need bright lighting, as well as task lighting, in order to utilize the space in the best way. Hanging a pair of pendants over a large kitchen island will create balance and functionality, and introduce a new element into the design.

Semi-Flush or Flush Mounts

These fixtures are a great option for a room with a lower ceiling by giving the room some edge and a point of view. Flush mounts can serve the function of a chandelier without using too much space.

bathroom flush mount lighting
CHANDLER REMODEL | Circa Lighting – Markos Large Handing Shades in White with Gold

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces really add to the ambiance of a space while serving decorative and task functions. Designing two identical wall sconces flanking a vanity can create accent lighting for such an already large focal point in a space.

bathroom sconces
CHANDLER REMODEL | Circa Lighting – Calliope Tall Bath Light Sconce

Picture Lights

Picture lights are typically placed above a specific element to provide the most direct light and make it a focal point. For example, picture lights placed above a stunning piece of artwork give the scene a three-dimensional feel and highlight the intended textures within the composition.

dining nook picture light
MODERN ELEGANCE | Visual Comfort – Dean 18″ Picture Light

Table & Floor Lamps

Table lamps are small but mighty lighting options that add color and symmetry to a space. When table space is limited, floor lamps are a good option to provide variation in layering within the lighting plan, while still being a source of sufficient illumination.

sitting room floor lamp
DC RANCH VILLA | Circa Lighting – Alander Floor Lamp

Led by owner and Scottsdale interior designer Alisha Taylor, our firm focuses on unique personalization. No two clients are the same, so no two homes are the same either. We strive to enhance our clients’ lives by not only creating beautiful interiors for them but by keeping the design process understandable and efficient through a systematic method that allows them to visualize and be excited about their designs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to begin your journey to creating your luxury dream home.

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