Expert’s Guide to Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Scottsdale AZ

kitchen remodeling scottsdale az

You’ve finally made the decision — you’re ready to remodel your custom home and turn it into the luxury space of your dreams, starting with the kitchen. With the help of an interior designer like Alisha Taylor, you can bring your ideas to life. The first step to your kitchen remodel in Scottsdale, AZ, is to understand what this process will entail. Our expert guide to kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale can help you get started with creating a luxury space.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process: Step-by-Step

1. Assemble Your Team

Once you’ve decided on a luxury remodel, it’s time to start working with a team of experts. You’ll need an interior designer, contractor, electrician, and other professionals to help get the job done. Working with Alisha Taylor provides you with access to the best contractors, builders, and more in the area. Assemble your team using these contacts and schedule a consultation to discuss your remodel.

Specifically for your kitchen remodel, one of the most important elements of creating a luxury kitchen is to ensure that everything is up to code and completely safe for use. That’s where your team comes in. During your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ, your assembled team will take care of all the necessary permits and work with local inspectors to make sure that your new kitchen is not only gorgeous but also 100% safe.

2. Settle on a Design

The next step in a kitchen remodel in Scottsdale, AZ, is to settle on a design. This will include both the layout and the overall theme that you’ve been envisioning. Meet with Alisha Taylor to determine what style and layout will best suit your lifestyle and preferences.

3. Demolish Old Kitchen

It’s time for demolition! Removal of the old kitchen is the next step in this process. This includes pulling out any cabinets, flooring, and other features that need to be removed before work can begin. Your team will be able to properly and safely dispose of all old materials.

4. Complete Rebuild

Once your old kitchen is demolished, you can start the rebuild! This is when you’ll start to see your vision come to life. Your team will work to install new flooring, build stunning cabinetry, place your chosen countertops, and more.

5. Install Appliances

The next step is installing new fixtures, lighting, and appliances. This is an important step in creating a luxury kitchen. The hardware for your kitchen is an important consideration that can make or break your space. The light fixtures and appliances that you’ve chosen with the help of Alisha Taylor can bring the space together and create the luxury feel you’ve been dreaming of.

6. Add Finishing Touches

No luxury kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale is complete without the finishing touches. Alisha Taylor and her team will hang wall decor, style a centerpiece on your new kitchen island, or skillfully display your wine collection in your new cooler. This is when your dream fully comes to life.

7. Complete a Walk-Through

Finally, perform a final walk-through to complete your project and address any questions. You’ll want to be satisfied with the finished space before moving forward, so take the time to complete this step carefully.

Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ, can take anywhere from a month to several months, depending on the size and scope of the kitchen remodel and the other zones of your full remodel. The first step you’ll take is to schedule an appointment with Alisha Taylor, where she will come out to your home to meet with you about your vision for your kitchen. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your budget, look through design magazines for inspiration, and set out any specific requirements you might have.

Once this initial meeting is done, you’ll be able to work with Alisha Taylor and the general contractor who will oversee the project and bring your remodeling dreams to life. You’ll be able to witness which materials, appliances, fixtures, and finishes go into making your dream kitchen a reality.

Alisha Taylor will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure you know where the process is at and are completely satisfied with each stage of your full remodeling project.

kitchen remodeling scottsdale az

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

The cost of your kitchen remodel will depend on the size and scope of the project and the quality of materials used throughout. Generally, you can expect to spend $100,000 on a luxury kitchen remodel. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just a ballpark figure; the final cost could be higher or lower depending on your specific needs and wants for your kitchen.

The fabulous new kitchen you’ll get in the end will be well worth it. And with Alisha Taylor at the helm, you can count on a remodeling process that goes smoothly and provides you with a luxury kitchen to last a lifetime.

Tips for a Luxury Kitchen Remodeling

Undertaking a kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ, can be a challenging process. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes it can be difficult to know just how to bring those kitchen dreams to life. As you begin your redesign, consider the following tips to help you narrow down your choices and navigate the process.

Decide on a Theme

When you’re starting out on your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ, you should spend some time deciding on a theme. Having a set style can make selecting cabinets, appliances, and furnishings just a little easier.

What do you want your new kitchen to look like? Is it sleek and modern? Or would you prefer an industrial-chic style with lots of steel finishes? Work with our team at Alisha Taylor to go over the different styles and determine which is best.

Choose an Ideal Kitchen Layout

With a kitchen remodel, you have the opportunity to completely redesign your space. So, how do you want the space to function? Do you need a lot of counter space for cooking? Or would you prefer an island in the center where people can gather? Discuss what will work best for your needs with Alisha Taylor and let her create the perfect space.

Select Durable Materials

Once you’ve decided on a kitchen design, it’s time to start looking at materials. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, so make sure that everything is durable and easy to clean. Marble countertops are as luxurious as they come; however, they require a lot of maintenance. Granite countertops are beautiful and durable but may get stained easily.

Browse High-End Appliances

Another place where you can really build on your design is with your appliances — it’s never a bad idea to have the best. Whether you choose high-end stainless steel appliances or are happy to stick with more traditional models, make sure that your new fridge and oven complement your design and layout.

Redesign Your Kitchen With Alisha Taylor

We understand that kitchens are very personal spaces for homeowners, and we aim to make the remodeling process as seamless as possible. At Alisha Taylor Interiors, we understand what it takes to create a luxury kitchen. When you’re ready for your luxury kitchen upgrade within your full remodel project, contact Alisha Taylor for help. We’ll work with you to create the perfect space for your needs.

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