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It’s no secret that our time in 2021 has been busy, busy, busy! We have a lot in store for 2022, and couldn’t be more excited for our 2020-2021 projects to start to take shape. Be sure you subscribed to our Inner Circle Newsletter to get monthly updates on our final reveals, behind-the-scenes of our design process, and studio details! In the meantime, we would love to share a few of our favorite blog posts that represent the fun we’ve had in 2021.

How Alisha Taylor Interiors Blends with the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colormix Forecast

After Sherwin-Williams had announced their Colormix Forecast for 2022, we found the collection spoke directly to our team here at Alisha Taylor Interiors. Alisha curated a team that blends beautifully and can grow from the past, embraces the present, and transitions into the future. This Colormix Forecast directly speaks to us and we couldn’t be more excited to start 2022 with curated colors that reflect the team at Alisha Taylor Interiors.

SNEAK PEEK: Alisha Taylor Interiors Office

It seems as though our team tripled in size overnight, and it was time for a more functional, customized space. After looking for about a year, I came across this building that was a blank slate, and a perfect fit for the newest additions to our team. Although we still have so much to do to achieve that Alisha Taylor flair, we are excited to show you some sneak peeks and what’s to come for our new Alisha Taylor Interiors Office!

The Interior Design Process to Expect For Custom Homes

Our goal at Alisha Taylor Interiors is to make each one of our clients feel at home in their living space. Through our personalized design process, we work to create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them. We strive to enhance our clients’ lives by not only creating beautiful interiors for them but by keeping the design process understandable and efficient through a systematic method that allows them to visualize and be excited about their designs.

Our Podcast Interview with AFT Construction

I had the privilege to sit down with Brad Leavitt, with A Finer Touch Construction, to discuss the behind-the-scenes of designing a New Build Project and creating a Dream Team on the AFT Construction Podcast!

Listen in as I give my thoughts on educating and setting expectations with our clients. I explain why embracing the role of an interior designer as a facilitator is more important today than at any other time due to changes in the industry brought on by the turbulent circumstances of the last year and a half. Brad and I unpack the reality that “there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap bid.”

The First Step to the Design Process For Your Custom Home

Before you start picking kitchen cabinet finishes, estimating square footage, or planning your Master Suite bedding, the first step to the design process for your custom home is to select your Dream Team! Your team should have a builder, an architect, a landscape architect, and surprise, surprise, an interior designer!

Thank you for another wonderful year! From everyone at Alisha Taylor Interiors, we hope you have a Happy New Year!






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